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Monday, 27 September 2010

BG: Part EIGHT!!!! and er, you know, stuff happens.

Oh, hi! This is mega long- sorry - but it should keep you entertained for a while. I'm doing another shout out, but this time to Hellboy and Alexzz's blogs.
Hellboy, i'm typing here cos you need to update faster! Goddammit, get on with it already! I'm way too excited to wait around for the next part!
Alexzz, you're here for the pure reason of O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L-I-T-Y because after flicking through the recently updated blogs of other people with strange names i don't know, i'm beginning to realise how many stupid people are writing about Vampires with glitter skin *shivers* like i said, keep it original: Why the hell do you think my Character is a Con-Artist? Don't see many of them, and hey, if you're lucky you never will...
Now, after a dramatic pause, on to the story:

*Dramatic pause*

Skyril sat outside Jodi’s room, and she was angry about the whole position almost as much as Jodi was herself. She shifted, leaning against the door, arms folded across her chest. “This is stupid,” Skyril muttered. “This girl is a criminal, why can’t we just take her to your precious Sanctuary anyway?”
“Because it’s not exactly safe there,” Skylara muttered, getting used to her surroundings. There was a copy of Romeo and Juliet on the kitchen counter, and a pair of boots resting against the apartment door. This could’ve been anyone’s home. “I mean, everyone breaks in. It sucks.”
“What sucks?” Israel asked, staring up from the TV.
“Our Santuary. Everyone can get in, people blow it up, others just attack, it’s not special or secret or anything.” Israel nodded in agreement, as Skyril opened the door a fraction to peek into Jodi’s room.
Israel and Skylara stared at her. “I think I saw something move. I’ll go in.”
“I’ll come,” Skylara said.
“Alone.” Skyril muttered, revealing a dagger and stepping into the room.
Israel slammed into Skyril before she could puncture Jodi’s chest with a dagger. A simple tool that remained deadly in the sparks of the sun that rested outside the window. “Are you nuts!” Jodi screamed, jumping out of bed, still wearing her jeans and teal turtleneck jumper from the previous day. “I had almost conned her, you idiot,” Jodi finished, revealing a Sai Sword under her pillow. “I ain’t no heavy sleeper.”
Skyril jumped up, quickly blinding Israel. His hand struck out blindly, but gripped Skyril’s wrist. Skyril saw his vision, and she pulled away, pressing her fingers against her temples. “It isn’t true,” Skyril muttered. “It can’t be.” And that was all she said before she collapsed to the floor.

“Do you think she’s alright?” Skylara asked.
“No,” Jodi muttered, leaning against her bedroom door. “I’m not really in the mood for being sympathetic though, either.”
The world was burning through the thickening shadows, flames raced through them, and only one man stood to watch. Another turned her head, rainbow clips loosening, watching the half of the world that rested in darkness, and that would never wake up.
“You see, what I think your problem is,” Skylara muttered. “Is that you need a hobby.”
Jodi tried hard to stop herself from laughing. “Right. Let’s go collect stamps.”
“That’s not what I meant-”
“Football cards?”
“No, I mean-”
“Oooh! I know: Keyrings!”
“No, Jodi, seriously...”
Jodi glared at her, until a smile broke across her own face. “Plant pots!” She giggled in delight. “Raspberries, bags, shoes, books! Or even...”
Skylara smiled. “Go ahead. Enlighten yourself with creativity.”
“Money.” Jodi said, triumphant. “Duh, and I already do that. Want to play a game?” Skylara rolled her eyes. “Hey, you said it, not me.” Jodi muttered, pulling a pack of cards from her pocket, shuffling them.
“Fine!” Skylara yelled, throwing her hands up in the air, as Jodi smiled, gesturing to the kitchen counter.

The man laughed as you would with a joke. “Don’t you see,” he said, pointing to figures that burned and tried to run before the ground slipped out from under them, throwing them into graves. “This world is perfect. And we will always be the ones in control of it.”

Skylara sat on a stool while Jodi shuffled, flying cards through the air. “How much do you bet?” Jodi asked, eyes gleaming. Skylara placed a pound coin on the table and Jodi smiled, letting six cards land in front of her, two rows, three columns. Each with the face of the cards pressed against the table. Jodi tucked the rest of her cards into her back pocket. “Pick a card, any card,” She said. “Just don’t show me your card, and always remember it. I’ll tell you what it is.”
She picked out a card, the centre one on the top row.
“Queen of Spades.” Jodi muttered, and Skylara just stared at her.
“How the hell did you do that?” Skylara muttered turning the card to face her. “You’re just an elemental.”
Jodi shrugged, sweeping the cards into her palm, and grabbing the rest of the pack. “I’ll make it harder,” She said, finished shuffling, and then lay the whole pack onto the table in a mash of cards placed in a awkward line.

“I have no idea what this world is,” The girl muttered, fixing another rainbow clip into place. She turned, her valliant blue eyes like sparkling jewels dancing in her
sockets. Jodi Harte was crying. “Why am I still here?”

“Ace of hearts.”
“8 of Clubs.”
“4 of diamonds.”
“2 of hearts.”
“9 of hearts.”
“Jack of Spades.”
“Queen of Clubs.”
“6 of diamonds.”
Jodi listed each card Skylara picked up perfectly, and she always shuffled them after each turn. She let Skylara shuffle after the fourth go, to prove that she wasn’t changing the pack around, or making a certain card stand out.
“I don’t get it,” Skylara said, leaning back. “I give up.”
Jodi scooped up Seven pounds in 50p pieces, then six pound coins, three £10 notes, one £20 note and nine £5 notes. Jodi shrugged, placing the pack of cards into her back pocket. “I didn’t use magic. I never use magic while conning. It ruins the fun.”
“Then what did you do?”
Still smiling, Jodi pointed behind Skylara. Skylara turned, only to see her reflection in a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Skylara grinned as Jodi bowed as she stood, and put Skylara’s cash into her front pocket. “You are really good,” Skylara said, as Israel stepped out of the bedroom.

“You’re not the first. This is just like one of the muti-universes Jodi. A boy, named Necros, came to a world like this, where demons and angels fought in a battle to prove which side provided more effect on the clashing lives of the mortal humans. Necros favoured the angels, and stumbled back into his original world. However, he discovered that even angels have their faults, as realised that the demons were being conned to be made out as the tricksters of the game. When he realised the truth, he saw his own world, and now maybe you’ll see what he saw too.”

“Skyril’s got a pulse.” Israel said. “But she keeps shaking. I guess when I touched her she saw a vision I couldn’t see, and the force of it just made her head spin.” He noticed the cards in Jodi’s pocket. “What have you two been up to?”
"Nothing,” They both chimed.

Jodi kicked a rock on the ground. “What should I be looking for exactly?”
“The truth. The power of your own self. You’ll see it one day, it’s just a shame that you won’t ever remember this.”

“Hey, should I make Toad in the Hole or Chicken Tikka Masala?” Jodi asked, flicking through cook books.
Skylara grabbed a deserts cookbook. “Chocolate brownies sound good.”
“I don’t remember that being an option,” Jodi said, as Skylara pushed her gently like a play fight. “But yes. Sounds good to me.”

The man placed one finger on Jodi’s forehead, and she fell backwards, spiralling downwards, until there was just eternal darkness of shadows that clung to her, ripping her apart. Jodi was screaming, as the shadows cut her open, and let themselves in, sealing her body behind. Her body hit the wooden floor limp, as now a child that looked like Jodi, only six years of age, opened her eyes as darkness clouded over, then faded over into her pupils. One blue eye remained darker than the other, and her right eye, the shadowed one, would look over and often get the better of her. When the child, who still looked like Jodi, raised a hand to her mouth, she started to scream.

Skyril sat bolt upright in the bedroom, shrieking. She had seen it. She had seen the past and not the future: she had only seen the beginning. Israel rushed in, tried to seduce her with an injection, but she kicked his hand so the needle was flung to the other side of the room. Jodi looked pale as the needle lay at her feet, and she tried to stare at Skyril to keep her attention off the vile of liquid.
Jodi’s eyes glimmered, but Skyril could see how the right eye only sparkled in the darkness, not in the purity of the light. Still Skyril was screaming, and she pressed both hands to her mouth, but instead each shriek was torn away from her throat: she couldn’t stop.
Skylara transformed into Bridget Whiplash: Bridget was twice as strong as Skylara could be in her own form. And Bridget would’ve known what to do, Skylara thought to herself as she tried to hold Skyril down. Israel grabbed another needle from his coat pocket, took advantage and plunged the point into Skyril’s neck. For the next few seconds, Skyril screamed, and then faded into unconsciousness.
Israel looked up to the doorway where Jodi had been standing, and Jodi swayed backwards, falling, crumbling to the floor and hitting the back of her head against the kitchen counter. While metres away, Skyril was drowning in her own visions.

Mwahahaha, sorry Alexzz, i had to bind story lines together, but i want to be clear: My character has never lived in the other dimension, and saw a different one that looked similar to the one you went to. Clear? Good? No? Then shut up.

Now, off to Martical Arts, and will MAYBE post when i get back at Eight. So yes, enjoy! :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

BG: PART SEVEN and Meet Aquila

Hey Aquila: it's you turn to shine! We're just jumping around from place to place in this story line, so get used to it! And do not just skip this chapter because you're not it in, god dammit, you don't read a book and skip chapters cos you don't like the scenery! Get used to it!

I had watched a peaceful world walk past my window since the time I could push my toy box to the wall to clamber up onto the window ledge. Perhaps I should’ve known better. Maybe, I should’ve seen it coming.
Looking again at this world from the same window isn’t as clear as you’d think. I can see now, without the toy box, out over the beach, the waves that crash against the shore while a couple holding hands turn to each other to share a kiss on the pier. The lighthouse shines a golden light throughout the sky, like a set of eyes just watching. They even blink.
Once, I had seen a mother and daughter, laughing, taking pictures of the lights that swallowed the darkened scenery. The daughter was, at a guess, nineteen, yet when they left the beach and were about to cross the road I saw the daughter reach her hand out to grab her mother’s. And as if it were that simple, the Mother just smiled, and handed the daughter the camera while she squeezed tighter on her child’s grasp. Maybe, it truly was that simple. I guess I was too scared to try.
It’s easy to explain why I never knew about magic. My Parent’s threw themselves into their work, leaving me to struggle behind. They developed a business that helped supply food to Third World Countries, without it creating a hole in the bank of the government. Often, they would travel to hundreds of places, so they weren’t home a awful lot. I got used to it after a year, when I turned 16. They weren’t home for my Birthday. Even before the business, I remember opening my presents and going out with friends while both of my parents rushed to their studies to update the ‘office’. But my 16th Birthday was different. Because it was the first Birthday they didn’t miss on purpose. Weeks later, I didn’t expect anyone to come home, and for once, I was right.
I’m not trying to say it was their fault. I’m not going to scream and point to photo’s yelling ‘She’s the mother that didn’t care. He’s the Father who forgot’ because in reality, they did care, they never forgot. But the only excuse was that there was someone who needed help more than me. And it’s hard to point out when you lost the pieces to that jigsaw, because there’s always a gap in memory of when my Mother slapped me: when I argued that at least those people out there are being loved.
Looking out over the beach, I see a few teens, all smoking with their hoodies on and their faces hidden. Some laugh, as they grab another cigarette, and one stands aside, without a lighter. In his empty hand, he clicks his fingers, creating a flame instead to light the cigarette. He turns back to his friends, who didn’t even see anything at all.
I shut the curtains quickly, because it’s not the peaceful world I have always watched. Then again, that world was never there, it’s just what I wanted to find, not what I truly saw. I peek once more through the curtains, watching the boy. I wonder how old he really is, if any of his friends are like him. I try to imagine that this guy used his power like a comfort zone, trying hard to believe that he was not alone. But instead he smiles, and I think for a second it’s in my direction. I blink, watching him, as he waves again. I wave back, and I can’t tell if he’s smiling or not. Then, a girl with bright blonde curls bounces into his arms instead. Of course it wasn’t me he was looking at. No one even saw what preferred to be something else than what it should be.
I discovered my powers by accident. Someone tried to break into the house, and I hid under the bed in my Parent’s room. Again, they hadn’t come back, and it was a week before my 17th birthday. When the man looked under the bed, he saw my eyes, and he just laughed. “Kitty wanna come out to play?” He asked. In a flash, I was reaching for him, a paw striking his face, claws digging into the grime and dirt he wore.
Magic, to me, only became something because I was scared. Because I was desperate to listen to fairytales. Because magic has always been something I can run away with, not run away from. Magic will never leave me, never mind how little I know, how little I can do. Magic, to me, is the key to existence, it’s the safety line that has no end, it’s the ladder to cloud nine.
I stare at the blonde girl, who grabs a cigarette too. She does what her –by a second guess – boyfriend did. She turns, clicks her fingers to make a flame, then lights the cigarette. The boy wraps an arm around her, and they wave to the rest of the guys, and continue to walk down the shores of the Beach.
This world isn’t peaceful. It’s just full of people with secrets.

Ok, next up, Necros will get a mention, and Jodi has also jumped onto Necros's storyline just so we don't have characters that jump in and out with no link to the plot xD okay? Now Necros might not actually speak until part nine or ten, but hey, you're in this story, so be happy!
xD peace ☮

Saturday, 25 September 2010

BG: PART SIX and Bio-Rama fun!!!

Special shout-out to the Bio-Rama page! Do you see my banner at the top of this page? hold ctrl and click on the banner, and you'll be at bio-rama! here, you can post OCs, borrow characters, and i don't know, marvel at spelling mistakes :D Because i rock, and in a great mood, i'm giving you part six early! So here you go:

“Well,” Jodi said, still standing in the doorway. “I take it you’re not here for a cuppa then, huh?”
Within seconds, Skyril leaped for Jodi, as they both spiralled for the floor limp like rag dolls. It all happened very quickly- Skyril threw a punch across Jodi’s face, and Jodi kicked her off almost instantly. Israel jumped in, shoving Jodi to the floor as she tried to stand again, and then wrapping both arms around Skyril’s waist to keep her hands pinned to her sides. “Skyril,” Israel yelled. “What the hell is your problem?”
“Jodi Harte is a wanted Con Artist.” Skyril yelled, staring at Jodi as she looked up while she kneeled on the floor. “She’s never been caught, and the world was never told. Not even the magical community know, except the Elders of each Sanctuary. For 63 years, she’s gotten away from it. Now, she can’t hide any longer.”
Jodi’s jaw dropped slightly. Valkyrie passed her the scrap of paper, which had meant to go to this address. And Jodi laughed, turning it around so everyone could see the mash of letters.
You’re dead.
Still, Jodi laughed, holding one hand on her stomach due to the great pain that twisted inside her as laughter left her lips. “What’s this?” Jodi said through her smile. “Your draft of this year’s Christmas Card, Skyril?”
Skyril tried to fight Israel’s hold, but he kept her locked into the position. “Jodi, somebody wants to kill you,” Israel muttered.
“I’m not surprised.” She said simply, shrugging it off while she stood. “I have 88million pounds to give back. I’ve conned 76 people, only fourteen being random attacks. The rest were large businesses you’ll never hear about because they never got their planned funding money. Not many people like me. I’m certain all 76 people would kill me if they knew who I was. Problem is, you have no idea if they’re coming, which one will pull the trigger, who will turn the knife in my back.” Jodi dusted off her blouse and skirt, and slipped her brown pumps back on. “Face it: Skyril could kill me tomorrow if she wanted too. A vampire could come in and kill me and the man upstairs. Some mortal teens could pour petrol through the post box in the door and throw a lighter in during the night. I could get shot tomorrow while some guy tried to steal my bag. This is London, people, it ain’t perfect.”
Skyril jolted out of Israel’s grasp, tackling Jodi again. This time Jodi kneeled on the floor, and stared up at her. Skyril stood, awkwardly in front of her. “You keep kicking me down,” Jodi whispered. “Maybe this time, I’ll just stay here. Maybe you’d like that. Wouldn’t you?”
Jodi stared at the floor again, hands folded on her lap. Israel could see her whispering something, in Spanish, he guessed. Then she rose, standing in front of Skyril, and Jodi didn’t look at her. She just turned, and walked over to a bowl on the kitchen counter, plugged in a electric whisk and didn’t even flinch when Skylara tapped her on the shoulder.
“Jodi,” Skylara said. “This is serious.”
Ignoring the world, Jodi just stared at the bowl, whisk in hand. Valkyrie’s phone buzzed, and she picked it up “What?” Valkyrie shrieked. Fletcher glared up at her.
“Val, what’s the matter?”
“Fletch, some man just broke into China’s library. He wants something. We have to go.” Valkyrie stared up at Israel, apologetically. “Sorry,” She whispered, as they both disappeared.
Jodi started whisking, making Skylara jump slightly. Quickly, Jodi spun round, red in face, angry. The force of her turn yanked the plug out of the wall, and the whisk stopped spinning. “You think I want to be told this? You think I’m going to wake up tomorrow, open my bedroom door and smile because I have three people watching me? You seriously think I’m going to bounce off the walls in joy, or clamber straight behind you when the pizza guy knocks on the door?”
“Actually,” Skyril said, finding her voice again. “Yes.”

Slouched on the sofa, Jodi sat, reading a worn copy of Macbeth. Earlier, the phone had rung, and Skylara had rushed forward, knocking the phone out of Jodi’s hands and pressing it to her own ear. It had only been a local that Jodi was good friends with, and Jodi was still sulking about the incident. She threw the copy to the side so it landed on her coffee table. Groaning, she stared at Israel.
“What?” He said.
“I was just thinking- how many pretty’s do I need to put before ‘please’ to get you all to leave?” Jodi said, trying on an over-the-top smile.
Israel smiled slightly. “You see, I thought you were going to be a really boring person, turns out you’ve got a sense of humour.”
“It’s like a sixth sense,” She joked quietly, laughing under her breath. She shivered, frowning. “Can I at least walk outside with somebody?”

Jodi and Israel walked across to the park, as she talked about Macbeth. Israel watched some children laughing to themselves, pretending to be rockets. Jodi smiled as a little boy walked up to her, handing her a daisy. “You look really pretty again,” The boy muttered slightly, giggling, then running off while dribbling slightly. Jodi didn’t explain who he was. All she said was how anyone could rewrite Macbeth, and put it in a different aspect. Like, what if Lady Macbeth killed King Duncan and Macbeth never knew? What if King Duncan was stabbed by whomever they were at war with and Macbeth was accused of helping the murderer accomplish his task? And would each story end the same at all?
Israel would nod, letting Jodi talk. Then someone gasped as two shots rang out, the first hitting the boy who gave Jodi the daisy and the second hitting Jodi in the chest. Jodi doubled over, trying to cover up the hole in her chest as blood began to run across her palms. The shot had skidded past her heart, ripping the edge of it. She was dying quickly. “Help me,” She whispered as her head smacked against the ground, leaves scattering across her face.

“No.” Israel said quickly, trying to hide the sweat that was pouring down his face. Jodi frowned, standing up in a rush. “Wait, where are you going?”
“To the Bathroom for God’s sake. Why, fancy coming too?” She slammed the door loudly, twisting the lock. She washed her face, then sat on the lid of the toilet, knees under chin, and her arms draped across her legs, trying hard to stop strangers from pulling her sanity apart.

I know, a total sappy ending, but i cba to please you much more. So, get ready for part seven, most probably should be up tomorrow, if your lucky...

Friday, 24 September 2010

BG part FIVE, and congrats!

See what you guys can do with a little bit of team work? Not so hard, was it? Now i keep my promises, so here you are, PART FIVE! Now, here we go xD

“Skyril,” Jodi said, shaking her head. “Why don’t we take this outside?”
Skyril Oblivion looked around at each of the people currently in the Midnight Hotel Lobby area. Each person glared at her like an outcast of the pact. “Don’t any of you know who she is?” Skyril said helplessly.
Anton Shudder stepped forward, in front of Jodi. “Jodi Harte is the one that produced the funding to make this safe haven real for those that still need it. I won’t her leave while you still stand.”
“Nor I,” Caelan said, taking his place next to Anton. Jodi should’ve been smiling about this, but her heart smashed against her rib cage in the fear that either of them could be hurt within the second Skyril decided to take action.
Jodi quickly swung her bag onto her back, and unlatched her Sai-swords from her belt. “Shudder,” She said quietly, considering how long it would take to get to the door. “I am no longer a guest to you,” And then she bolted for the exit, squinting her eyes so Skyril wouldn’t have the chance to blind her.
She stepped out into the foggy mist that cornered England. She was home. Jodi kept running, hearing Skyril right behind her. She used the air to propel into the sky and onto the top of a baker’s store. Skyril cursed, running alongside the baker’s shop, watching as Jodi leaped between the gaps to land on top of the M&S store, then to land on a out of business Woolworths. Skyril got shoved out of the way by teens and their parents, little children and buggies. When she looked up again, she had lost her.

“Skulduggery,” Israel muttered down the phone. “Did that strange purple blast hit Ireland?”
“Yes,” Skulduggery muttered. “The mortals didn’t even remember it though. The Sanctuary here don’t even care. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, that’s what they’re talking about here. Well, at least they didn’t care until they received a letter this morning.”
Skylara snatched the phone out of Israel’s grasp. “Excuse me? What did it say?” She barked down the phone, her hand twitching, flying immediately to her crossbow.
“It wasn’t addressed to the Sanctuary, but the address leads to an apartment in London I believe. Valkyrie and Fletcher are about to go with a freelance girl they called in. I’m supposed to check out some new files from China this afternoon.”
“Well, me and Israel are here in London already. Get them to meet us as Baker’s Street, if they can.”
The phone line clicked off, and in a blink of an eye, Israel spotted three people that had appeared out of nowhere in the distance. The first had hair like an electric porcupine; the second was still holding the other’s hand, with thin black hair and a Ghastly Bespoke Tailored jacket and boots. The third also had long black hair, but streaked with purple. Her leather jacket was black with a thin purple belt, and her trousers were black as well. Her boots were the same, with purple laces tying a knot at the top of the knee-high length leather. The three people rounded the corner, and walked to Israel and Skylara.
“Skyril Oblivion,” The purple-and-black accomplice said, holding out her hand.
“This is Skylara,” Israel said, shaking Skyril’s hand. “And I’m Israel. Valkyrie, Fletcher, which block of apartments is it?”

They walked to a small block of apartments, and Skylara noticed that Skyril kept very quiet as they walked. “So,” Skylara said, trying to make conversation. “What have you done in your lifetime?”
“Shut-up,” Skyril said. “You can’t flatter yourself with the past, child.”
“Jesus, sorry. Just trying to get to know you, okay?”
“Not really.”
“Well fine then. But when you try to talk to me, I ain’t gonna listen.”
Skyril shrugged. “Fine by me.”
Skylara tried to hide her rage, as they pressed a button for room 23. “Hello?” A man answered. “Who’s there?”
“Hi,” Israel said into the microphone. “We’re trying to find the person in room fourteen, but they’re aren’t answering. We called ahead, and we think they’re disconnected from the front door. Could you let us in?” The man grunted, and a slight buzzing noise filled their ears. “Thank-you,” And Israel opened the door slowly.
They walked up two sets of stairs, dwindled down the hallway and found room fourteen. Skylara Wolfbane knocked on the door, and they were a rush of footsteps on the opposite side. The door opened, and there stood a girl that smelt slightly like
cookie dough...

K, so what do you all think? last line was to test your memory a little bit there :)

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bg, PART FOUR and dammit, where are my followers???

Okay people, we're going to play a game. Next to this column on the right, is a list of followers. currently, there are only FOUR FOLLOWERS. Now i know at least seven of you read this. I received seven OCs, and currently, i'm beginning to wonder- do you want your character to die horribly? Would you like me to edit around, and kill them off for you?
Now, here are the rules. You either comment, or you follow. The prize: Part five! I want either at least 7 followers or 7 comments from 7 DIFFERENT people (yes, you're not getting away that easily :))and i don't count when i comment. It so simple. So either invite or make sure all those people who sent me a OC follow, because i don't bend out of rules too quickly xD

Aquila certainly was new at her magical ability. Every now and again, her hands would shake, and Skylara would arch an eyebrow. Aquila was trying hard not to transform uncontrollably.
“The metal was supposedly magic. Industructible. More powerful than Lord Vile’s armour.” Aquila whispered over the bubbling kettle. “People tried to hide its existence, claiming if it fell into the wrong hands they would never be beaten by any means of magic. The metal was named Project X as if they were trying to point out an undergoing investigation. Nothing could destroy it.
“But, word got out, and someone sent a large shipment further north of here. They tried to claim the metal back, but it wasn’t found again. No one used it, there wasn’t an attack, then three days ago a purple blast of energy swarmed the cities, and now people think that it was related to the metal. In fact, you’re the second person to come and ask me about it.”
Israel’s head snapped up from the journals Aquila had given him about the discovery. “What?”
“Oh, I turned him away, said I didn’t know anything, and he said he’d come back and fucking kill me. Not the nicest guy really.”
Skylara was ready to leap across the table to strangle Aquila for her ignorance. But instead, a hand reached out for her and kept her in a headlock, pointing a razor to her neck.
“Howdy,” Billy Ray Sanguine said, stepping out of the darkness. “Now, where exactly did this shipment go to little darlin’, or I’ll kill this fancy adept ‘ere.”
Suddenly, the front door was kicked open, and a thin girl who looked in her early teens walked in. Her face was extremely beautiful, and even Aquila could see her copper red and blonde highlights that swarmed throughout the waves in her brown hair. In each hand she held four daggers, all catching the spark in her sly smile. “Billy honey,” The girl said, taking a step forward. “Mind telling me what’cha up to?”
“Nic,” He said, as his smile dropped. “You’ll kill her if you throw ‘em, you know you will.”
“Actually,” The girl said, smiling a little wider. “I didn’t know that at all.”
She threw two of the daggers, the first hitting Billy-Ray’s leg, and the second piercing through his shoulder. He let go of Skylara and dropped to the floor, without even a scream to accompany it. “Name is Nicolette Croga,” The girl said, bowing. “Elemental, if you will. I saw him come in, thought you could use some help.”
“I don’t need your help,” Aquila said, folding her arms across her chest. “I want you all out of my house! Now!”

Nicolette Croga shoved Billy-Ray – still unconscious – into the back off her red Porsche. He banged his head against the opposing window, and Nicolette didn’t care. She locked the back doors, and turned to Israel and Skylara. “I’m sorry you got kicked out,” Nicolette said.
“I think we have everything,” Skylara said.
“But what if someone else wants Aquila?” Israel butted in quickly.
Skylara sighed. “Maybe she’ll throw a fit and they’ll run away from her moaning. We can’t save everyone, Israel. There are thousands of others who need saving. That want to be saved. We have to go.”
“Skylara is right,” Nicolette said, opening the driver’s door to her Porsche. “But I’ve got to get this Texan off to his cell. Trust me, you guys will do fine.” With a smile, Nicolette shuffled into her seat, and slammed the door. She rolled a darkened window down. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there when you need me.” And then she pushed her foot on the accelerator, speeding off down the dusty roads.
“Ouch,” Skylara said. “We just made a friend.”
“I know,” Israel said.
“We don’t often make friends.”
“I get that.”
“Did you hear me? We’ve made a friend.”
“I’m right next to you, Skylara.”
“This never happens. You know this never happens.”
Israel grunted. “Well, here we are.”
There was a long pause. “Maybe we should test her for heroine or something.”
“Skylara,” Israel muttered. “Let it go.”
She clenched her hands into fists. “I can’t believe it,”
“Maybe you’re the one on heroine.”
“This is like opposite day. We just made a friend.”
“Yeah, I got that.”
“But we’re not likeable, Israel,”
Israel turned to her. “Thanks Skylara, I knew that you knew the truth.”
“What truth?”
“That I am great.”
“What? I never said that!”
“You don’t have to say it anymore Skylara, I know, I am awesome.”
“Your ego,” Skylara said, trying hard not to yell. “And your thick head get on like a house on fire.” She finished, smug, and turned away.
It was a good job that Israel had seen that coming in twenty different directions.

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Broken Glass, PART THREE and I am loosing it...

I'm apologise to Aquila, because your roll here is slightly minor in quantity. Unfortunately, i had pushed past a thousand words too quickly, and didn't want this to drag on. You are in Part Four as well, but again, large in quality and not in quantity. I feel really bad: like i'm abusing your character. :'( So i've made it my mission to make sure you have your own full part later on in this Fanfiction. I'm sorry if some people think i'm concentrating too hard on Israel and Skylara, because they have over powered part two, three and currently half of part four, but i should get back to Jodi and Skyril soon, since most of you liked that fighting type of scene.
Oh, someone also pointed out that we haven't actually seen Skulduggery yet in this piece. I assure you he'll pop up every now and again, i'm just trying to fit him in around the story line at the moment x

Skylara Wolfbane laughed. “A shapeshifter that can only turn into a cat, eagle and fox? Sorry, I’ll think you’ll be fine without me.”
“Sky, come on. I have no idea how powerful she is.” Israel said, keeping one hand pressed against the door to keep it open.
Still trying to stop giggling, Skylara Wolfbane straightened. “Fine. But you’ve got to let me drive your Van.”
Israel flinched. “My Van?” He said, almost shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“No way. I’m so driving your car.”
“Not my Silver Ford Van!”
Skylara smiled. “Well then. I guess this means I’m not coming.”
She tried to slam the door, but Israel forced it open. “Skylara,” He said. “This is serious.”
“We all have to make noble sacrifices, Israel.” She whispered, still laughing.
In defeat, Israel folded his arms across his chest and sighed. “You’re so childish.” He said.
“I’m aware.” Skylara said, sweeping her long brown hair behind her ears and tightening her army boots. She strengthened the buckle on her jeans, and wrapped her black jacket tighter around her waist. “So, where is she?”

Israel’s van parked nearby a river, Skylara, still grinning, got out of the driver’s side, and Israel did the same on the passenger side. They both looked up towards the Midnight Hotel as levels of gleaming windows caught the moonlight and sparkled into bewildered eyes. “Think he’ll have a room free?” Skylara muttered as they both walked in with their small drag-along suitcases.
“It doesn’t matter about the room – we just need to know if he’s going to England at all, and soon.” Israel muttered, striding across the lobby, waiting in the cue behind a girl with a black layered pixie bob.
“Are you still sulking?” Skylara teased. Israel ignored her, and focused on the girl in front. Israel noticed that she had six rainbow clips scattered across her hair, and that she smelt a lot like cookie dough.
“Hey Anton,” The girl greeted, with a thick Londoner’s accent. “You off to Britain at all this week?”
“Yes,” Anton smiled. “First Paris, then Hawii, and then England. South Coast I believe. Remember Jodi, you’re always welcome here.”
Israel thought he saw the girl called Jodi smile a little brighter. “Next time you’re off to Hawii, maybe I’ll bring a swimsuit.”
Anton laughed, handing her a key. “Room seven. Second floor. Just like always.”
She walked to the Elevator, but instead took the stairs. Skylara started to talk to Anton Shudder. “Do you have another room? And we’ll check out in England, if that’s okay.”

They had been handed the key for Room nine, and he wondered who was staying in room eight. The key hadn’t been missing off its hook when Anton had reached over to grab key nine, so surely someone shouldn’t be in there, should they? And if someone wasn’t in there, why didn’t Anton Shudder give them Key eight instead?
“You look confused.” Skylara muttered as she swung the door open to their room.
“It’s nothing.” Israel said. “Do you think anyone is in room eight?”
Skylara stared at him as if he was mad. “Seriously? You want to know if-” but before she could finish, the door to room eight bent and splintered, as a Vampire rushed out into the darkened hallway. Immediately, door seven unlatched, as Jodi stepped out, wide eyed at the creature as it glared at her.
“Caelan,” She said slowly. “Where’s your serum?”
Instead of answering, he pounced for her, and she spun, throwing him off balance. Skylara unlatched her crossbow from her belt and loaded a bow with a red point into it. Israel already knew that it was poisonous: enemies would be dead within the minute if they were hit. He nodded, as it raced through the air, but Jodi reached out and burned it within her palm. “What the hell are you doing?” She screamed. “You don’t have to kill him!”
However, the Vampire raced for Jodi, throwing her to the floor, trying to bite into her neck. She kicked him in the gut as Israel raced to help her, but as he grabbed his shotgun, Jodi grabbed the barrel. “Don’t.” She whispered, the edge of her mouth cut and bleeding. “You don’t have to.”
Instead Israel threw a punch to Caelan stomach, and he regained his balance and raced for Skylara instead, who fumbled to load another bow. Jodi caught the edge of Caelan’s torn clothing, ripping the edge of his jacket pocket. A vile fell into her hand and she charged for Caelan, knocking him against the wall. She pushed the tip of it into Caelan’s neck, and watched the gleaming liquid push into his bloodstream. Israel noticed that he was starting to look more human now, his eyes weren’t so red, his teeth weren’t like shinning pins in the darkness, and he relaxed slightly, sinking down to the floor, out cold.
Jodi had double over, the same way, onto her back, breathing deeply. “I can’t deal with injections,” She muttered in shallow breaths. “Yet that’s the fourth one I’ve had to do.” Skylara thought she saw a smile play at her lips slightly as she helped her up while she stated this.
Anton Shudder rushed down the hallway. “Is everyone okay?”
“I think Janie is a bit faint.” Skylara said.
“Jodi,” Both Shudder and Israel muttered quickly.
Jodi slowly tried to stand alone, but tumbled against Shudder. “Like last time, right?” Jodi joked, but nobody laughed. She sat down and leaned against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest. The ground shook slightly as The Midnight Hotel moved to Paris, but no one bothered to point it out. Shudder handed Jodi a glass of water, who took it with both shaky hands wrapped around it. Jodi kept her eyes shut as they moved Caelan into his room again. Skylara slid down and sat next to Jodi as Jodi leaned on her slightly, but neither of them said anything. Not for a while. “I can’t wait to go home,” Jodi muttered. “I hate my job.”
“What do you work in?” Skylara asked.
“Antiques.” Jodi muttered, sipping her drink.
“Can’t be all bad,” Skylara muttered.
“Sure, the work bit is fine. I hate it when people get in the way of things, of what I’m doing. Some people just don’t understand.”
Skylara twisted the thought through her mind. “I could understand.”
Jodi smiled. “England. 24hours to go. I could’ve got a plane home. That would have been so much quicker.”
Nodding, Skylara kicked her legs out and rested them on top of her little brown suitcase. “Tell me about it,”

Israel Esylium knocked on the door of a small cottage on the English Coastal Line. “How’dya find this place again?” Skylara asked.
“Out of sheer awesomeness.” Israel muttered, taking a moment to stare at the ocean.
“Seriously? Come on.”
“Google. It’s a wonderful thing.”
Skylara rolled her eyes, pushing the door open. “Knock knock. Who’s there, I really don’t care, just come out as you’re real self please?”
A little tabby cat walked out by the front door, rubbing her head against Israel’s leg. The tabby purred slightly, and Skylara bent down and glared at the cat. “Really? That’s the best you can do?”
Skylara hissed at the cat as it rushed back inside into the darkened pit. There was a lot of shuffling, and footsteps began to echo off the floorboards. A girl with long brown hair and brown oak eyes stepped out into their line of vision. “Hi,” The girl said, slightly shy.
“Aquila,” Israel muttered, quickly checking the future for the right step. “We need to ask you something, about a type of metal discovered on one of the mining farm’s your Dad owned. Do you remember it?”
“I’m sorry,” Aquila said, shaking her head. “I can’t help you.”
“Please,” Israel said. “It may not be a great family moment to look back upon, but I need you to trust me when I say that we really need to know what this metal could do. We need you, to trust us.”
Aquila nodded, and Skylara butted in. “Can you seriously not change with your clothes on?”
“You Bitch,” Aquila breathed, clenching her fists. Aquila blushed in rage, and pushed past them both, charging down to the beach.
Israel knocked himself out of the third situation. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Aquila said, shaking her head.
“But you can make a difference, Aquila. It’s not about making history: it’s about whether or not you’re brave enough to re-write it.” He nudged Skylara with his elbow. “Don’t say it,” He whispered, smiling as Skylara stared at him in anger, quick to reply.
“I hate you.”
“I’m aware.”

Okay, again. Aquila: you'll get your own piece. There will be more conflict between Jodi and Skyril soon, and Skulduggery might make a appearance in part five? six? something like that.
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Broken Glass, PART TWO...

Somehow, i made this longer than the first part... o.0 not sure why, but hey. another part. so, this introduces Israel (Hellboy) and Bridget (Lizzy). It also mentions Skylara (Gekogirl) and Aquila (Aquila ;) p.s: i think you make a spelling mistake when you posted, you spelt it Aguila. if you meant Aguila let me know and i'll change it). So yes, Aquila and Gekogirl you'll be IN part three, and everyone will all meet and maybe beat the hell out of each other in part four... stay tuned! :P

Israel Elysium woke up and glanced at his clock. 07:59 am. He heard the door at the front of the shop rattle and shake with the pounding of someone knocking. Israel quickly threw on a pair of jeans and his favourite dark brown jacket that stopped below his knees. He left the gun and holster on his bedside table; it was probably just the postman arriving early again. The postman usually came at half past eight, but sometimes he was early. Who was to argue with that?
Israel opened the door, and the sound of a shot rang out. Israel clutched his chest in agony, as blood seeped through his fingers.
He sat upright in bed, concentrating hard on what should’ve been his death. 07:59 am. The knocking on the door was ringing out through his eardrums, and this time- the third scenario he had seen - he didn’t even bother to get dressed out of his flannel tee and shorts. He grabbed his double barrel swan-off shotgun off his bedside table, loaded two bullets into the holder, and slowly creped downstairs. Israel crouched by the door, and guessed the angle that would take a direct hit to the shoulder, and fired a single shot. He then aimed his second bullet at the man’s leg. Israel squeezed the trigger, and heard the man scream in pain.
Swinging the door open, Israel kicked the man’s left hand so that the gun fell out of his grasp. He then threw a punch across the man’s jaw, the attacker fell to his knees, and Israel grabbed the collar of the man’s jacket and pushed him up against the tattered brick wall. “Who sent you?” Israel demanded.
He didn’t reply, and Israel hit him in the gut. If he hadn’t been propped up against the wall, he would’ve collapsed. “What’s your name?” Israel said, changing pace.
“James Volt...” The man muttered.
“Who sent you?”
James had grime layered through his greasy black hair, his eyes were almost closed and his lips were covered in a lick layer of blood. Israel tried to be patience with the man, and asked again. There was still no reply. This was as far as Israel had gotten to see in his future, and he had no way of knowing how this would end. “Who sent you!” He yelled, and yet again, the man didn’t reply.
“Monetti...” He whispered. “Mon...etti...” And then the man’s head rolled forward, and Israel Elysium let him fall to the ground while he scrambled for air.
And then, a scream knocked him off his feet, as he rolled onto the floor, he noticed black shadows of energy around James Volt. “No,” Israel muttered, trying to fight the pounding waves that crushed him against the Earth. “No.”
Israel reached out for James, and his fingers burnt against the darkness. James Volt’s body became a thousand crackling of black sparks, and Israel had to cover his eyes to force his way through the blinding light.
All that was left of Volt was a large clump of metal, with hairpins used to connect thin wires together, and Israel assumed that inside the orb was the bomb that had killed James. In fact, Israel knew a girl who could help him out with that.
And then the waves of energy stopped. And Israel lay pressed against the ground, trying hard to escape the screaming that ran over in his head.

Bridget Whiplash was dressed in a small black summer dress with stripy green tights and purple boots when she opened the door to her Underground Basement. Israel looked at her cloudy grey and green sparked eyes, and was pleased that on this visit they weren’t burning red. She offered him a smile, which flashed off all her pointed teeth, and he didn’t return it. With vampires, Israel still wasn’t sure how to trust them. But Bridget was the most ruthless out of the lot of her kind, and thank god, she hadn’t turned anyone.
“Not here for a chat then are you?” Bridget muttered with a sigh. “You want to know about that strange energy blast earlier, don’t you?” Israel nodded. “I can’t help. I was knocked out by the power of it. When I woke up, I had torn apart my chambers, and didn’t even remember it. Come in.”
Israel did so, and slammed the metal orb on the kitchen table. Bridget had been right: there were scratch marks across the counter top. “This look familiar to you?”
Bridget shrugged, picking up the orb. “I made something like this when I was fourteen,” She said, smiling. “Didn’t work first time round. Someone thought it would be fun to try and set it off again. She was sent to an asylum, and didn’t even remember magic after the coma. Shame.”
“So that’s it?”
“What’s it?” Bridget said, still tinkering with the orb.
“One lovely story about a girl you used to know and not even a little bit of relevance to our situation?”
Bridget grinned, snapping the orb in two, revealing a bubbling mass of black candle wax in the bottom half of the orb. In the top was a small piece of powder with a small sheet of glass over the metal to stop the powder coming out. “You Mr Elysium, have been carrying round a active light bomb. If the person with it in their possession lies, the glass breaks and the powder react with the candle wax. It’s black because it’s a bamboo candle- poisonous to the touch. Whatever he told you, he sure as hell was telling the truth.”
“Your sure?”
“Israel,” She said, with a grin. “I would have burst into a thousand flames right now if I were lying. I’ll have it dismantled completely within the week, if you’d like.”
It took him a moment to think. Or rather, to concentrate to look into the best answer for the nicest outcome. “Sure,” He said, taking option eight. “I’ll do a little digging on it. Any ideas where it could be from?”
Of course he already knew the answer. “Southern side of England. This metal was found there about a few hundred of years ago. Aquila Felis may be able to help; I think her father was one of the people who worked in a local factory. She should be able to give some details that could help. Oh and Israel?”
“Yup,” He said, halfway out the door.
“Be careful. Take Skylara with you, and call Skulduggery for back-up. I don’t know much about Aquila, but she’s a shape shifter like Sky.” Israel nodded, making his exit. “Oh, and Israel, Aquila is new at her magic, remember that. Israel?”
But Israel Elysium was already gone.

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Broken Glass PART ONE

Okay, this part only introduces Skyril and Jodi (which is me, i know, tacky. Trust me, i'm not the lead role.) Mainly because i needed Skyril to help introduce Jodi's history to spark the story off. It's a bit long, sorry!, but it's got... words, i guess xD

Jodi Harte sat down in the centre of the cafe shop. She had spent hours dismantling each camera the previous night so none of the glassy covered eyes watched her as she sipped her iced tea slowly. Jodi smiled at a young boy who walked past, and who attempted to get her phone number.

Laughing, Jodi had simply jotted down random numbers on a napkin and wrote her cover name for the next six minutes – Emily – in large loopy writing. She even dotted the ‘I’ with a heart. Foolishly grinning, the boy left, forgetting to even give his own name. Jodi rolled her eyes slowly at the clock.

Five minutes past twelve. Her victim should’ve turned up by now.

Jodi kicked her legs up on the chair opposite, and stirred her drink with a white plastic spoon mechanically. A girl walked over to Jodi’s table, and yanked the chair out beneath Jodi’s feet. Jodi looked up, ready to yell at the little brat, when she recognised the gleaming mist of purple shadow in the girls eyes. Still stirring her tea, Jodi smiled as the girl sat down.

“Skyril Oblivion.” Jodi said: a small greeting. “You’re looking a conspicuous as ever.”

Skyril didn’t flinch. “Who’s next then?”

“No one you need to worry about.” Skyril pulled a purple streak of her glossy black hair behind her ear, as Jodi continued. “So, what have you done with my co-worker this time? Tied him up in the Janitors closet? Put him in a blind daze like the last and left him in the elevator? Oh oh, pick me, maybe you misplaced him in the boot of your car again.”

“That was one time,” Skyril muttered.

Jodi just shrugged. “One time too many.”

“Jodi, you’re coming with me. You’ve conned seventy-six innocent people. You owe over 88 million pounds, and six lives.”

All Jodi did was blink once. “Okay then,” Jodi whispered, staring at her tea. “Put me in handcuffs. I’d love to see you convince everyone here that I littered again.”

“Gladly,” Skyril said. And suddenly every head in the cafe slammed down onto the tables they had been sitting at. Jodi went slightly pale. “It’s funny what you can do with practice.”

Rising from her seat, Jodi finished the last sip of her tea. “That’s funny you should say that,” She murmured, grabbing a napkin, and throwing it into Skyril’s face. “I’d love to show you what I’ve learnt.”

If Jodi was correct, Skyril would be distracted for a few milliseconds, and that gave her enough time to light a flame in each hand. Skyril jumped up, ripping her gloves off, and the finger knives caught the light in the sparks of Jodi’s flame. Jodi laughed, throwing a fireball at Skyril, but she dodged and the table behind her set alight. Jodi clicked her fingers, and three more tables burst into flames.

“Stop! There are innocent people here.” Skyril exclaimed.

“Well if you would just stand still I wouldn’t have to burn the cafe down.” Jodi pushed at the air and Skyril stumbled, and Jodi threw another fireball at Skyril. Skyril ducked in time, and grabbed six daggers from her pocket. “I like this cafe Skyril.” Jodi said, and clicked her fingers again so each flame went out. “So just leave me alone, okay?”

Skyril threw the daggers at Jodi, with a wave of the air, Jodi threw them to the side. “I can’t do that when you’re destroying happiness Jodi.” Skyril gritted her teeth slightly.

Jodi was wishing that she hadn’t chosen to wear her white thin heeled shoes and tight skinny jeans that morning. “Happiness? Give me a definition, Skyril. Last I checked, money doesn’t buy you happiness- it isn’t a symbol of happiness either. What’s you answer? Love? We live forever, Skyril, does this look like happiness to you?”

She pointed to mother and child with their heads against the table-top. Their eyes were wide open, and Jodi found the sight revolting, even if they were only in a daze.

“I can’t let you get away.” Skyril said, brushing down a crease in her black blouse. She traced the stitching of the purple belt slowly, and looked up to meet Jodi’s gaze. “Besides-”

Both Jodi and Skyril fell to their knees as their ears began to ring. Skyril could hear a high shriek within the mixed sounds. People were screaming. And it was over as soon as it had begun. Skyril felt like she had a headache, and she was sure Jodi felt the same. She quickly grabbed a knife to take advantage.

But when Skyril Oblivion looked up, Jodi Harte had disappeared.

Okay, what did you think? I'll try posting again after i get back from Martial Arts (don't give me that look. and yes, I AM a girl: FYI). So yes, if you're not in the next part, don't worry, i'm trying to give everyone a whole background, instead of a couple of lines every chapter <3>

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Lack of Inspiration...

Okay, due to School killing my inspiration, i'm going to copy what ~Hellboy~ has also done. Write below your character description, and i might pick up the Apple Bite later on, lets see how this goes first though, shall we?
For example, i'm putting my character in, 'Jodi Harte'. She's a con artists, and a orphan. But let's see what you come up with :)
Bye for now,

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The Apple Bite. Part three

Aqua raced out of the block of apartments, her silver gun slipped beneath her shirt. Her bullets were hidden beneath the hollow of her belt, and if she had to – which she hoped she wouldn’t – she would kill them. Easily.

She rushed next door, and knocked three times on the window pane. The door flew open and a woman with bouncy brown curls rushed out to find her daughter standing in state. “Are you OK? Was it a man with sunglasses on?” Sandy – the real ­­Sandy Lite – wrapped her arms around her child who was shaking with fear.

“Mami,” Aqua cried. “They’re coming. Like you said. They’re coming for me.”

Sandy rushed her inside. “Have a shower quickly. I’ll pack for you.”

“And the car?”

Staring at her daughter, Sandy felt like screaming. “It’s round the back. Richard will pull it out onto the curb for you.” Aqua nodded and raced upstairs, trying hard not to waste any time.

Sandy pulled out a mini black pull-along suitcase with a single passport balanced on the top. For months, Sandy had packed and repacked the suitcase, waiting for the time her daughter would need her. She opened it anyway, checking everything was there. Clothes, shoes, a purse with over £30,000 stuffed inside, all the things someone would need on a normal journey: not a run-away journey.

It had been considered a lot whether or not she should pack a gun. But she’d only get caught by the officers when her bag went through (customs?). But Aqua had come up with the plan to use one of the fake-foam stomachs they use in Hollywood movie to make the audience believe the actress was pregnant. Aqua would hide the gun beneath the foam, so that when an officer searched in her pockets or in her shoes, no items would be found. Who would think that any pregnant woman would try to do such a thing?

Sipping the bag up, Sandy placed the foam strap on top of the bag along with the passport. Richard stepped into the room. “What’s going on?” He asked. Richard wasn’t Aqua’s father, he knew that. But he was a Step-dad, which meant he didn’t know Aqua before she changed. He never knew different.

Sandy printed a brave smile across her face. “Aqua’s going on holiday to see some of her friends. Can you pull her car out from around the back?”

“The old Chevy truck? I though you wanted her to get out of that death trap?”

Laughing, Sandy brushed it off. She had said that, but only because it was her duty to protect her child. But it was also her responsibility to listen to what her child wanted too. “Yup. But she’s agreed, when she gets back she’ll take it to the dump and will let us buy a new one.”

A smile sparked Richard’s face as he turned around. “I think we saw it coming.”

When he shut the door, Aqua stepped in, her head bowed and hair dripping. She was wearing a pink baby-doll top with boyfriend jeans and white pumps. “He doesn’t like me, does he?” She said, reaching for the blow dryer.

I sighed. “He likes you, he just doesn’t like how you disappear at particular times.”

“Because I’m a vampire, right?” Aqua snapped. Sandy nodded reluctantly. Sighing, Aqua strapped the foam piece across her stomach, took her gun out of her back pocket and pushed it in between the foam and her vest. It was tight, but Aqua didn’t care, all it meant was that the gun wouldn’t slip. She felt the fake bump, it was hard, but it didn’t show any sign of the gun. Aqua unstrapped the bump, and shoved it into her bag.

“I’ll put it on in the car.” Aqua explained. “We can’t have Richard finding out.” Richard didn’t know about magic. And it was better that way. He didn’t posses the power, and Sandy had checked the future: there was no way any of that would change.

Aqua blow-dried her hair. When she had finished, she turned to her Mother

“Mami,” Aqua cried. “I’m so sorry.”

Sandy buried her daughter beneath her arms as she cried. “Go to Dublin. Find Skulduggery Pleasant and his friends. They’ll protect you.”

“Aqua! Sandy! Car’s ready.” Richard called, and Aqua snapped into character, brushed the tears off her face and snatched her suitcase from the edge of the bed and gripped her passport tightly.

“Bye.” Aqua said, bolting for the stairs. When Sandy came downstairs, Aqua was already strapped into the car. “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” She called.

“Take your time.” Richard replied.

And with a smile painted on her lips, Aqua drove off into the night. She pretended there wasn’t a dying man in the apartment she passed. She pretended she didn’t know him. And when she looked back, she pretended that her mother wasn’t crying for a monster.

But she did not pretend that she had stolen the silver chain with her Mother and Father’s- her real Father’s – wedding rings linked to it. Because that was all she had to prove that there was someone before she became Aqua.

The Apple Bite. Part two

Ok, quite short bit coming up, but still, here we go:

Before he could she leaned over and bit into his neck.


Billy-Ray Sanguine had knocked on a simple dressed house neck to a block of apartments. The Apartments were the only building that had been smothered with graffiti, while the rest of the bungalows were picture perfect homes with dark curtains drawn to hide the secrets each neighbour kept from the ordinary streets.

He knocked again, and fixed his sunglasses onto the top of his nose to be sure they didn’t fall down.

A woman with wavy brown hair opened the door. Her denim jeans were ripped at the knees, but her floral blue top was stunning. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, I think you might.” Sanguine smiled. “You Sandy Lite by any chance?”

The woman hesitated, but shook her head. “That crazy bat? Next door. In the apartments. She’s a freak to nature you know. Why would someone like you want anything like her?”

Smiling, Sanguine shoved his hands in his pockets. “She’s got an overdue library book I kinda need, so chick, which room is hers?”

The woman shrugged. “107? 106? I don’t know, I just live here.”

She hadn’t been far off the mark. Billy-Ray Sanguine found Sandy at 109, and sunk through the floor when he heard footsteps. When he heard the door open and shut again, he rose through the floor behind Sandy and put her in a head lock.

“Hey chick,” He greeted. “Mind helping me out?”

The Apple Bite. Part one.

>Okay, I've made one. I called it The Apple Bite purely because my mind has been blow by Mortal Coil so far, that i can't come up with a catchy name.

Sandy Lite threw the crystal ball at the wall, as it shattered against the brick. “I’ll tell you none of the sort.” She said simply, and waved her hand in the air gently as a purple mug flew into her hand. She sipped it slowly, and sat down at her kitchen table, as if the stranger did not stand centimetres behind her.

“Now you see littl’ lady, I don’t like ya very much,” He grabbed her left wrist, and jerked her upwards from the table, staring into her eyes. “But I’ve gotta deal. In fact, I’m feeling rather generous. How’s about you tell me where the Vampire is, and I might not kill ya.”
She sipped her coffee again. “So if I tell you, you’ll leave me in great peace?”
“But if I don’t..."
“I kill you.”
“Yes, but you won’t have received any spiritual benefits. So back to the crux of the matter: if I don’t, I die, and you leave here as clueless as you were when you entered. Correct?”
The stranger shook his head. “No, that ain’t what I mean at all.”
“But it’s correct.”
“It really isn’t.”
“Oh but it is.” Victorious, she let a smile lift her lips. “Besides, what use is she to you?”
He lifted a razor to her lips and pushed it in so it rested on the edge of her teeth. “I don’t gotta answer to no punk. What’s my business is my business. Now, just be a good girl, and tell me where the Vampire lady is. The one everyone is talking about. Oh and if you try to talk I’ll slice your face off.”
Rolling her eyes, Sandy traced words into the air. They became alight with a orange haze around each letter.
Remove your razor from my mouth. Or at least tell me why you want this girl so badly.
Sighing, the man loosened his grip on the razor, and laughed. “She’s supposed to be the connection to Darquesse, and I need her to take me to the point where it all unfolds.”
“No, I want to put up a flippin’ tent and watch you idiot.” He pressed the razor in deeper, but Sandy kept her teeth clamped together. “Just tell me where the hell she is. What her name is.Something.”
Name, easy. It’s Aqua Lace. Location, even easier.
“Well?” The man pushed. “What is it?”
Billy-Ray, his head snapped upwards at his name. How did she know his name?
She’s standing... she’s standing...
“Well!” He cried. “Spit it out!”
She’s standing right in front of you.
It took a moment for Sanguine to realise that she had really given him the information. And the evidence was in the sound of plastic snapping. “What the fu-”
Sandy bit into the razor, and it’s holder had broken lose. In her teeth, she held the blades, and Sanguine held the thin piece of plastic in his pale hand. Leaping for him, Sandy threw the rest of the coffee at his sunglasses, some of the liquid seeping through into his empty eye sockets. The pain felt like the fire was creasing through him, and he stepped back, blind.
She knocked him over, spitting out the rest of the razor into the palm of her hand. Billy-Ray was lying on his stomach, his hands pinned beneath him, Sandy pushing all of her weight onto his back. “It’s doesn’t feel too good,” She said, pressing the razor between his lips. “When you’re on the other side, huh?”
“Sandy-” He spat out before the blades cut his tongue.
“My name,” She said, smiling. “Is Aqua."
She pushed the razor tip into her own mouth and chewed it. After a few seconds, she swallowed. Aqua Lace took place, and felt the ground shift. Billy-Ray Sanguine was trying to escape.
Before he could she leaned over him and bit into his neck.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Okay, so you know that today is Mortal-Coil-Release-Date Eve, right? AKA: the night everyone starts camping outside of waterstones and whsmiths. If you didn't you need shooting... But i bet you didn't know that today's my first blogging day!
*Crowd applause*
Thank-you, thank-you.

Well, first, a bit of background on what my blogger will behold... Fanfiction, regular fiction, notes, pictures... bla bla bla, you get the idea.

Peace out, Lenka xxx