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Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Apple Bite. Part one.

>Okay, I've made one. I called it The Apple Bite purely because my mind has been blow by Mortal Coil so far, that i can't come up with a catchy name.

Sandy Lite threw the crystal ball at the wall, as it shattered against the brick. “I’ll tell you none of the sort.” She said simply, and waved her hand in the air gently as a purple mug flew into her hand. She sipped it slowly, and sat down at her kitchen table, as if the stranger did not stand centimetres behind her.

“Now you see littl’ lady, I don’t like ya very much,” He grabbed her left wrist, and jerked her upwards from the table, staring into her eyes. “But I’ve gotta deal. In fact, I’m feeling rather generous. How’s about you tell me where the Vampire is, and I might not kill ya.”
She sipped her coffee again. “So if I tell you, you’ll leave me in great peace?”
“But if I don’t..."
“I kill you.”
“Yes, but you won’t have received any spiritual benefits. So back to the crux of the matter: if I don’t, I die, and you leave here as clueless as you were when you entered. Correct?”
The stranger shook his head. “No, that ain’t what I mean at all.”
“But it’s correct.”
“It really isn’t.”
“Oh but it is.” Victorious, she let a smile lift her lips. “Besides, what use is she to you?”
He lifted a razor to her lips and pushed it in so it rested on the edge of her teeth. “I don’t gotta answer to no punk. What’s my business is my business. Now, just be a good girl, and tell me where the Vampire lady is. The one everyone is talking about. Oh and if you try to talk I’ll slice your face off.”
Rolling her eyes, Sandy traced words into the air. They became alight with a orange haze around each letter.
Remove your razor from my mouth. Or at least tell me why you want this girl so badly.
Sighing, the man loosened his grip on the razor, and laughed. “She’s supposed to be the connection to Darquesse, and I need her to take me to the point where it all unfolds.”
“No, I want to put up a flippin’ tent and watch you idiot.” He pressed the razor in deeper, but Sandy kept her teeth clamped together. “Just tell me where the hell she is. What her name is.Something.”
Name, easy. It’s Aqua Lace. Location, even easier.
“Well?” The man pushed. “What is it?”
Billy-Ray, his head snapped upwards at his name. How did she know his name?
She’s standing... she’s standing...
“Well!” He cried. “Spit it out!”
She’s standing right in front of you.
It took a moment for Sanguine to realise that she had really given him the information. And the evidence was in the sound of plastic snapping. “What the fu-”
Sandy bit into the razor, and it’s holder had broken lose. In her teeth, she held the blades, and Sanguine held the thin piece of plastic in his pale hand. Leaping for him, Sandy threw the rest of the coffee at his sunglasses, some of the liquid seeping through into his empty eye sockets. The pain felt like the fire was creasing through him, and he stepped back, blind.
She knocked him over, spitting out the rest of the razor into the palm of her hand. Billy-Ray was lying on his stomach, his hands pinned beneath him, Sandy pushing all of her weight onto his back. “It’s doesn’t feel too good,” She said, pressing the razor between his lips. “When you’re on the other side, huh?”
“Sandy-” He spat out before the blades cut his tongue.
“My name,” She said, smiling. “Is Aqua."
She pushed the razor tip into her own mouth and chewed it. After a few seconds, she swallowed. Aqua Lace took place, and felt the ground shift. Billy-Ray Sanguine was trying to escape.
Before he could she leaned over him and bit into his neck.

Well, what do you think? Comment if you like. I'll do more when i pick my blown-mind off the walls.MortalCoilRocks!

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