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Friday, 24 September 2010

BG part FIVE, and congrats!

See what you guys can do with a little bit of team work? Not so hard, was it? Now i keep my promises, so here you are, PART FIVE! Now, here we go xD

“Skyril,” Jodi said, shaking her head. “Why don’t we take this outside?”
Skyril Oblivion looked around at each of the people currently in the Midnight Hotel Lobby area. Each person glared at her like an outcast of the pact. “Don’t any of you know who she is?” Skyril said helplessly.
Anton Shudder stepped forward, in front of Jodi. “Jodi Harte is the one that produced the funding to make this safe haven real for those that still need it. I won’t her leave while you still stand.”
“Nor I,” Caelan said, taking his place next to Anton. Jodi should’ve been smiling about this, but her heart smashed against her rib cage in the fear that either of them could be hurt within the second Skyril decided to take action.
Jodi quickly swung her bag onto her back, and unlatched her Sai-swords from her belt. “Shudder,” She said quietly, considering how long it would take to get to the door. “I am no longer a guest to you,” And then she bolted for the exit, squinting her eyes so Skyril wouldn’t have the chance to blind her.
She stepped out into the foggy mist that cornered England. She was home. Jodi kept running, hearing Skyril right behind her. She used the air to propel into the sky and onto the top of a baker’s store. Skyril cursed, running alongside the baker’s shop, watching as Jodi leaped between the gaps to land on top of the M&S store, then to land on a out of business Woolworths. Skyril got shoved out of the way by teens and their parents, little children and buggies. When she looked up again, she had lost her.

“Skulduggery,” Israel muttered down the phone. “Did that strange purple blast hit Ireland?”
“Yes,” Skulduggery muttered. “The mortals didn’t even remember it though. The Sanctuary here don’t even care. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, that’s what they’re talking about here. Well, at least they didn’t care until they received a letter this morning.”
Skylara snatched the phone out of Israel’s grasp. “Excuse me? What did it say?” She barked down the phone, her hand twitching, flying immediately to her crossbow.
“It wasn’t addressed to the Sanctuary, but the address leads to an apartment in London I believe. Valkyrie and Fletcher are about to go with a freelance girl they called in. I’m supposed to check out some new files from China this afternoon.”
“Well, me and Israel are here in London already. Get them to meet us as Baker’s Street, if they can.”
The phone line clicked off, and in a blink of an eye, Israel spotted three people that had appeared out of nowhere in the distance. The first had hair like an electric porcupine; the second was still holding the other’s hand, with thin black hair and a Ghastly Bespoke Tailored jacket and boots. The third also had long black hair, but streaked with purple. Her leather jacket was black with a thin purple belt, and her trousers were black as well. Her boots were the same, with purple laces tying a knot at the top of the knee-high length leather. The three people rounded the corner, and walked to Israel and Skylara.
“Skyril Oblivion,” The purple-and-black accomplice said, holding out her hand.
“This is Skylara,” Israel said, shaking Skyril’s hand. “And I’m Israel. Valkyrie, Fletcher, which block of apartments is it?”

They walked to a small block of apartments, and Skylara noticed that Skyril kept very quiet as they walked. “So,” Skylara said, trying to make conversation. “What have you done in your lifetime?”
“Shut-up,” Skyril said. “You can’t flatter yourself with the past, child.”
“Jesus, sorry. Just trying to get to know you, okay?”
“Not really.”
“Well fine then. But when you try to talk to me, I ain’t gonna listen.”
Skyril shrugged. “Fine by me.”
Skylara tried to hide her rage, as they pressed a button for room 23. “Hello?” A man answered. “Who’s there?”
“Hi,” Israel said into the microphone. “We’re trying to find the person in room fourteen, but they’re aren’t answering. We called ahead, and we think they’re disconnected from the front door. Could you let us in?” The man grunted, and a slight buzzing noise filled their ears. “Thank-you,” And Israel opened the door slowly.
They walked up two sets of stairs, dwindled down the hallway and found room fourteen. Skylara Wolfbane knocked on the door, and they were a rush of footsteps on the opposite side. The door opened, and there stood a girl that smelt slightly like
cookie dough...

K, so what do you all think? last line was to test your memory a little bit there :)


  1. Holy shit!!!! Your writing is simply AMAZING!!!!!

    ~I really feel like shit now, cause my prologue, i could have done sooooooooo much better and thats the worst when you know you couldve done better..~

    Anyway, if you would like to include my character, Necros, into this fan-fic i would be ecstatic, that a writer of your caliber would do me the honor of using a character i created

    The bio is on lizzy's bio-rama, and feel free to check out the prologue on my blog, im saddened by the length and quality of it, but it will do for now (i think i will edit it later, hopefully yielding bearable results)

    Yours faithfully,
    Alexzz (aka Necros)

  2. lizzy have you taken a look at my prologue i wanna see if its acceptable... im still gonna fix it up tho

  3. ....

    i hate it when people swear...even if they are good writers...*Glare*

    awesome! ARGH! cant remember who smells like cookie dough! dammitdammitdammit!

    cant wait for the next part!

  4. mwahahaha: Hellboy, i suggest re-reading part 3 ;)

    thanks so much again Lizzy! xD

    And sure Alexzz, I'll add you in with your own part like Aquila, and you'll just pop up every now and again like Nicolette :D

    Part Six should be up soon, i promise :P :)