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Sunday, 26 September 2010

BG: PART SEVEN and Meet Aquila

Hey Aquila: it's you turn to shine! We're just jumping around from place to place in this story line, so get used to it! And do not just skip this chapter because you're not it in, god dammit, you don't read a book and skip chapters cos you don't like the scenery! Get used to it!

I had watched a peaceful world walk past my window since the time I could push my toy box to the wall to clamber up onto the window ledge. Perhaps I should’ve known better. Maybe, I should’ve seen it coming.
Looking again at this world from the same window isn’t as clear as you’d think. I can see now, without the toy box, out over the beach, the waves that crash against the shore while a couple holding hands turn to each other to share a kiss on the pier. The lighthouse shines a golden light throughout the sky, like a set of eyes just watching. They even blink.
Once, I had seen a mother and daughter, laughing, taking pictures of the lights that swallowed the darkened scenery. The daughter was, at a guess, nineteen, yet when they left the beach and were about to cross the road I saw the daughter reach her hand out to grab her mother’s. And as if it were that simple, the Mother just smiled, and handed the daughter the camera while she squeezed tighter on her child’s grasp. Maybe, it truly was that simple. I guess I was too scared to try.
It’s easy to explain why I never knew about magic. My Parent’s threw themselves into their work, leaving me to struggle behind. They developed a business that helped supply food to Third World Countries, without it creating a hole in the bank of the government. Often, they would travel to hundreds of places, so they weren’t home a awful lot. I got used to it after a year, when I turned 16. They weren’t home for my Birthday. Even before the business, I remember opening my presents and going out with friends while both of my parents rushed to their studies to update the ‘office’. But my 16th Birthday was different. Because it was the first Birthday they didn’t miss on purpose. Weeks later, I didn’t expect anyone to come home, and for once, I was right.
I’m not trying to say it was their fault. I’m not going to scream and point to photo’s yelling ‘She’s the mother that didn’t care. He’s the Father who forgot’ because in reality, they did care, they never forgot. But the only excuse was that there was someone who needed help more than me. And it’s hard to point out when you lost the pieces to that jigsaw, because there’s always a gap in memory of when my Mother slapped me: when I argued that at least those people out there are being loved.
Looking out over the beach, I see a few teens, all smoking with their hoodies on and their faces hidden. Some laugh, as they grab another cigarette, and one stands aside, without a lighter. In his empty hand, he clicks his fingers, creating a flame instead to light the cigarette. He turns back to his friends, who didn’t even see anything at all.
I shut the curtains quickly, because it’s not the peaceful world I have always watched. Then again, that world was never there, it’s just what I wanted to find, not what I truly saw. I peek once more through the curtains, watching the boy. I wonder how old he really is, if any of his friends are like him. I try to imagine that this guy used his power like a comfort zone, trying hard to believe that he was not alone. But instead he smiles, and I think for a second it’s in my direction. I blink, watching him, as he waves again. I wave back, and I can’t tell if he’s smiling or not. Then, a girl with bright blonde curls bounces into his arms instead. Of course it wasn’t me he was looking at. No one even saw what preferred to be something else than what it should be.
I discovered my powers by accident. Someone tried to break into the house, and I hid under the bed in my Parent’s room. Again, they hadn’t come back, and it was a week before my 17th birthday. When the man looked under the bed, he saw my eyes, and he just laughed. “Kitty wanna come out to play?” He asked. In a flash, I was reaching for him, a paw striking his face, claws digging into the grime and dirt he wore.
Magic, to me, only became something because I was scared. Because I was desperate to listen to fairytales. Because magic has always been something I can run away with, not run away from. Magic will never leave me, never mind how little I know, how little I can do. Magic, to me, is the key to existence, it’s the safety line that has no end, it’s the ladder to cloud nine.
I stare at the blonde girl, who grabs a cigarette too. She does what her –by a second guess – boyfriend did. She turns, clicks her fingers to make a flame, then lights the cigarette. The boy wraps an arm around her, and they wave to the rest of the guys, and continue to walk down the shores of the Beach.
This world isn’t peaceful. It’s just full of people with secrets.

Ok, next up, Necros will get a mention, and Jodi has also jumped onto Necros's storyline just so we don't have characters that jump in and out with no link to the plot xD okay? Now Necros might not actually speak until part nine or ten, but hey, you're in this story, so be happy!
xD peace ☮


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    I love the story, Lenka! It is so beautifully written. I want to hear more about Aquila and what happens to her. Thanks for posting this. How soon can you write the next part? :)

  2. I too love the writing, you paint such a clear picture! haha its fine that i dont talk, he shouldn't talk much anyway, he should just gesture and only say words if they're worth saying, nothing redundant haha

    but again great, great,great writing!

  3. Ur write Kallista, beautifully written. couldnt say it better myself.
    I loved it. especially the last line.

    'This world isn’t peaceful. It’s just full of people with secrets.'

    ^Pure genius^

    Ive got so many writing ideas write now, so this just adds to them, i guess. Maybe we could all do a little backstory fanfic. like an 'origins.'

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