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Saturday, 25 September 2010

BG: PART SIX and Bio-Rama fun!!!

Special shout-out to the Bio-Rama page! Do you see my banner at the top of this page? hold ctrl and click on the banner, and you'll be at bio-rama! here, you can post OCs, borrow characters, and i don't know, marvel at spelling mistakes :D Because i rock, and in a great mood, i'm giving you part six early! So here you go:

“Well,” Jodi said, still standing in the doorway. “I take it you’re not here for a cuppa then, huh?”
Within seconds, Skyril leaped for Jodi, as they both spiralled for the floor limp like rag dolls. It all happened very quickly- Skyril threw a punch across Jodi’s face, and Jodi kicked her off almost instantly. Israel jumped in, shoving Jodi to the floor as she tried to stand again, and then wrapping both arms around Skyril’s waist to keep her hands pinned to her sides. “Skyril,” Israel yelled. “What the hell is your problem?”
“Jodi Harte is a wanted Con Artist.” Skyril yelled, staring at Jodi as she looked up while she kneeled on the floor. “She’s never been caught, and the world was never told. Not even the magical community know, except the Elders of each Sanctuary. For 63 years, she’s gotten away from it. Now, she can’t hide any longer.”
Jodi’s jaw dropped slightly. Valkyrie passed her the scrap of paper, which had meant to go to this address. And Jodi laughed, turning it around so everyone could see the mash of letters.
You’re dead.
Still, Jodi laughed, holding one hand on her stomach due to the great pain that twisted inside her as laughter left her lips. “What’s this?” Jodi said through her smile. “Your draft of this year’s Christmas Card, Skyril?”
Skyril tried to fight Israel’s hold, but he kept her locked into the position. “Jodi, somebody wants to kill you,” Israel muttered.
“I’m not surprised.” She said simply, shrugging it off while she stood. “I have 88million pounds to give back. I’ve conned 76 people, only fourteen being random attacks. The rest were large businesses you’ll never hear about because they never got their planned funding money. Not many people like me. I’m certain all 76 people would kill me if they knew who I was. Problem is, you have no idea if they’re coming, which one will pull the trigger, who will turn the knife in my back.” Jodi dusted off her blouse and skirt, and slipped her brown pumps back on. “Face it: Skyril could kill me tomorrow if she wanted too. A vampire could come in and kill me and the man upstairs. Some mortal teens could pour petrol through the post box in the door and throw a lighter in during the night. I could get shot tomorrow while some guy tried to steal my bag. This is London, people, it ain’t perfect.”
Skyril jolted out of Israel’s grasp, tackling Jodi again. This time Jodi kneeled on the floor, and stared up at her. Skyril stood, awkwardly in front of her. “You keep kicking me down,” Jodi whispered. “Maybe this time, I’ll just stay here. Maybe you’d like that. Wouldn’t you?”
Jodi stared at the floor again, hands folded on her lap. Israel could see her whispering something, in Spanish, he guessed. Then she rose, standing in front of Skyril, and Jodi didn’t look at her. She just turned, and walked over to a bowl on the kitchen counter, plugged in a electric whisk and didn’t even flinch when Skylara tapped her on the shoulder.
“Jodi,” Skylara said. “This is serious.”
Ignoring the world, Jodi just stared at the bowl, whisk in hand. Valkyrie’s phone buzzed, and she picked it up “What?” Valkyrie shrieked. Fletcher glared up at her.
“Val, what’s the matter?”
“Fletch, some man just broke into China’s library. He wants something. We have to go.” Valkyrie stared up at Israel, apologetically. “Sorry,” She whispered, as they both disappeared.
Jodi started whisking, making Skylara jump slightly. Quickly, Jodi spun round, red in face, angry. The force of her turn yanked the plug out of the wall, and the whisk stopped spinning. “You think I want to be told this? You think I’m going to wake up tomorrow, open my bedroom door and smile because I have three people watching me? You seriously think I’m going to bounce off the walls in joy, or clamber straight behind you when the pizza guy knocks on the door?”
“Actually,” Skyril said, finding her voice again. “Yes.”

Slouched on the sofa, Jodi sat, reading a worn copy of Macbeth. Earlier, the phone had rung, and Skylara had rushed forward, knocking the phone out of Jodi’s hands and pressing it to her own ear. It had only been a local that Jodi was good friends with, and Jodi was still sulking about the incident. She threw the copy to the side so it landed on her coffee table. Groaning, she stared at Israel.
“What?” He said.
“I was just thinking- how many pretty’s do I need to put before ‘please’ to get you all to leave?” Jodi said, trying on an over-the-top smile.
Israel smiled slightly. “You see, I thought you were going to be a really boring person, turns out you’ve got a sense of humour.”
“It’s like a sixth sense,” She joked quietly, laughing under her breath. She shivered, frowning. “Can I at least walk outside with somebody?”

Jodi and Israel walked across to the park, as she talked about Macbeth. Israel watched some children laughing to themselves, pretending to be rockets. Jodi smiled as a little boy walked up to her, handing her a daisy. “You look really pretty again,” The boy muttered slightly, giggling, then running off while dribbling slightly. Jodi didn’t explain who he was. All she said was how anyone could rewrite Macbeth, and put it in a different aspect. Like, what if Lady Macbeth killed King Duncan and Macbeth never knew? What if King Duncan was stabbed by whomever they were at war with and Macbeth was accused of helping the murderer accomplish his task? And would each story end the same at all?
Israel would nod, letting Jodi talk. Then someone gasped as two shots rang out, the first hitting the boy who gave Jodi the daisy and the second hitting Jodi in the chest. Jodi doubled over, trying to cover up the hole in her chest as blood began to run across her palms. The shot had skidded past her heart, ripping the edge of it. She was dying quickly. “Help me,” She whispered as her head smacked against the ground, leaves scattering across her face.

“No.” Israel said quickly, trying to hide the sweat that was pouring down his face. Jodi frowned, standing up in a rush. “Wait, where are you going?”
“To the Bathroom for God’s sake. Why, fancy coming too?” She slammed the door loudly, twisting the lock. She washed her face, then sat on the lid of the toilet, knees under chin, and her arms draped across her legs, trying hard to stop strangers from pulling her sanity apart.

I know, a total sappy ending, but i cba to please you much more. So, get ready for part seven, most probably should be up tomorrow, if your lucky...


  1. Alright! 1st comment! I really like your character, Lenka! I like the dynamics of the charaters involved. Excellent writing! I must have more! :D

  2. Really great writing again, you miss are an extremely commendable writer i hope to obtain a portion of the skill that you hold so dearly :D

  3. hmm, the ending ain't bad, i kinda like it really. you should see some of my endings, they stink.

    i think its like a little fad= :D

  4. :) Thank you everyone! xD Lizzy, The ending i'm threatening to change, purely because it's a little tacky to cut off with, but then again, a lot of books end chapters like that- really dramatically i mean so i'm still on the fence about it.

    Kallista: I've already got chapter eight and nine written, i'm just waiting for people to read part 7 first before i get them confused xD so yes, there will definitely be more :)

    Alexzz- Wow, one of the best (and well grammatically written :D) compliments i've had =) I've done other blogs, which other people just put 'gd' or 'kl' as a answer. But you ALREADY have talent- i love your character! I'm going to have a lot of fun with him in my story ... ^-^

  5. bahahaha! im not so sure but thank you very much, i try when i can, unfortunately i havent been able to lately :(

    Im trying to start a book, but i just cant seem to actually start it, writer's block you see...

    thanks again, i cannot wait to see what you, a writer of such great caliber, can produce with my character

    good luck, i hope for more great writing!!!

  6. xD Thanks so much xxx and i'm sure you'll get through your writer's block. I get it all the time, but i often type a random word into google images just to see what links i can make with items ;)