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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Broken Glass, PART THREE and I am loosing it...

I'm apologise to Aquila, because your roll here is slightly minor in quantity. Unfortunately, i had pushed past a thousand words too quickly, and didn't want this to drag on. You are in Part Four as well, but again, large in quality and not in quantity. I feel really bad: like i'm abusing your character. :'( So i've made it my mission to make sure you have your own full part later on in this Fanfiction. I'm sorry if some people think i'm concentrating too hard on Israel and Skylara, because they have over powered part two, three and currently half of part four, but i should get back to Jodi and Skyril soon, since most of you liked that fighting type of scene.
Oh, someone also pointed out that we haven't actually seen Skulduggery yet in this piece. I assure you he'll pop up every now and again, i'm just trying to fit him in around the story line at the moment x

Skylara Wolfbane laughed. “A shapeshifter that can only turn into a cat, eagle and fox? Sorry, I’ll think you’ll be fine without me.”
“Sky, come on. I have no idea how powerful she is.” Israel said, keeping one hand pressed against the door to keep it open.
Still trying to stop giggling, Skylara Wolfbane straightened. “Fine. But you’ve got to let me drive your Van.”
Israel flinched. “My Van?” He said, almost shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“No way. I’m so driving your car.”
“Not my Silver Ford Van!”
Skylara smiled. “Well then. I guess this means I’m not coming.”
She tried to slam the door, but Israel forced it open. “Skylara,” He said. “This is serious.”
“We all have to make noble sacrifices, Israel.” She whispered, still laughing.
In defeat, Israel folded his arms across his chest and sighed. “You’re so childish.” He said.
“I’m aware.” Skylara said, sweeping her long brown hair behind her ears and tightening her army boots. She strengthened the buckle on her jeans, and wrapped her black jacket tighter around her waist. “So, where is she?”

Israel’s van parked nearby a river, Skylara, still grinning, got out of the driver’s side, and Israel did the same on the passenger side. They both looked up towards the Midnight Hotel as levels of gleaming windows caught the moonlight and sparkled into bewildered eyes. “Think he’ll have a room free?” Skylara muttered as they both walked in with their small drag-along suitcases.
“It doesn’t matter about the room – we just need to know if he’s going to England at all, and soon.” Israel muttered, striding across the lobby, waiting in the cue behind a girl with a black layered pixie bob.
“Are you still sulking?” Skylara teased. Israel ignored her, and focused on the girl in front. Israel noticed that she had six rainbow clips scattered across her hair, and that she smelt a lot like cookie dough.
“Hey Anton,” The girl greeted, with a thick Londoner’s accent. “You off to Britain at all this week?”
“Yes,” Anton smiled. “First Paris, then Hawii, and then England. South Coast I believe. Remember Jodi, you’re always welcome here.”
Israel thought he saw the girl called Jodi smile a little brighter. “Next time you’re off to Hawii, maybe I’ll bring a swimsuit.”
Anton laughed, handing her a key. “Room seven. Second floor. Just like always.”
She walked to the Elevator, but instead took the stairs. Skylara started to talk to Anton Shudder. “Do you have another room? And we’ll check out in England, if that’s okay.”

They had been handed the key for Room nine, and he wondered who was staying in room eight. The key hadn’t been missing off its hook when Anton had reached over to grab key nine, so surely someone shouldn’t be in there, should they? And if someone wasn’t in there, why didn’t Anton Shudder give them Key eight instead?
“You look confused.” Skylara muttered as she swung the door open to their room.
“It’s nothing.” Israel said. “Do you think anyone is in room eight?”
Skylara stared at him as if he was mad. “Seriously? You want to know if-” but before she could finish, the door to room eight bent and splintered, as a Vampire rushed out into the darkened hallway. Immediately, door seven unlatched, as Jodi stepped out, wide eyed at the creature as it glared at her.
“Caelan,” She said slowly. “Where’s your serum?”
Instead of answering, he pounced for her, and she spun, throwing him off balance. Skylara unlatched her crossbow from her belt and loaded a bow with a red point into it. Israel already knew that it was poisonous: enemies would be dead within the minute if they were hit. He nodded, as it raced through the air, but Jodi reached out and burned it within her palm. “What the hell are you doing?” She screamed. “You don’t have to kill him!”
However, the Vampire raced for Jodi, throwing her to the floor, trying to bite into her neck. She kicked him in the gut as Israel raced to help her, but as he grabbed his shotgun, Jodi grabbed the barrel. “Don’t.” She whispered, the edge of her mouth cut and bleeding. “You don’t have to.”
Instead Israel threw a punch to Caelan stomach, and he regained his balance and raced for Skylara instead, who fumbled to load another bow. Jodi caught the edge of Caelan’s torn clothing, ripping the edge of his jacket pocket. A vile fell into her hand and she charged for Caelan, knocking him against the wall. She pushed the tip of it into Caelan’s neck, and watched the gleaming liquid push into his bloodstream. Israel noticed that he was starting to look more human now, his eyes weren’t so red, his teeth weren’t like shinning pins in the darkness, and he relaxed slightly, sinking down to the floor, out cold.
Jodi had double over, the same way, onto her back, breathing deeply. “I can’t deal with injections,” She muttered in shallow breaths. “Yet that’s the fourth one I’ve had to do.” Skylara thought she saw a smile play at her lips slightly as she helped her up while she stated this.
Anton Shudder rushed down the hallway. “Is everyone okay?”
“I think Janie is a bit faint.” Skylara said.
“Jodi,” Both Shudder and Israel muttered quickly.
Jodi slowly tried to stand alone, but tumbled against Shudder. “Like last time, right?” Jodi joked, but nobody laughed. She sat down and leaned against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest. The ground shook slightly as The Midnight Hotel moved to Paris, but no one bothered to point it out. Shudder handed Jodi a glass of water, who took it with both shaky hands wrapped around it. Jodi kept her eyes shut as they moved Caelan into his room again. Skylara slid down and sat next to Jodi as Jodi leaned on her slightly, but neither of them said anything. Not for a while. “I can’t wait to go home,” Jodi muttered. “I hate my job.”
“What do you work in?” Skylara asked.
“Antiques.” Jodi muttered, sipping her drink.
“Can’t be all bad,” Skylara muttered.
“Sure, the work bit is fine. I hate it when people get in the way of things, of what I’m doing. Some people just don’t understand.”
Skylara twisted the thought through her mind. “I could understand.”
Jodi smiled. “England. 24hours to go. I could’ve got a plane home. That would have been so much quicker.”
Nodding, Skylara kicked her legs out and rested them on top of her little brown suitcase. “Tell me about it,”

Israel Esylium knocked on the door of a small cottage on the English Coastal Line. “How’dya find this place again?” Skylara asked.
“Out of sheer awesomeness.” Israel muttered, taking a moment to stare at the ocean.
“Seriously? Come on.”
“Google. It’s a wonderful thing.”
Skylara rolled her eyes, pushing the door open. “Knock knock. Who’s there, I really don’t care, just come out as you’re real self please?”
A little tabby cat walked out by the front door, rubbing her head against Israel’s leg. The tabby purred slightly, and Skylara bent down and glared at the cat. “Really? That’s the best you can do?”
Skylara hissed at the cat as it rushed back inside into the darkened pit. There was a lot of shuffling, and footsteps began to echo off the floorboards. A girl with long brown hair and brown oak eyes stepped out into their line of vision. “Hi,” The girl said, slightly shy.
“Aquila,” Israel muttered, quickly checking the future for the right step. “We need to ask you something, about a type of metal discovered on one of the mining farm’s your Dad owned. Do you remember it?”
“I’m sorry,” Aquila said, shaking her head. “I can’t help you.”
“Please,” Israel said. “It may not be a great family moment to look back upon, but I need you to trust me when I say that we really need to know what this metal could do. We need you, to trust us.”
Aquila nodded, and Skylara butted in. “Can you seriously not change with your clothes on?”
“You Bitch,” Aquila breathed, clenching her fists. Aquila blushed in rage, and pushed past them both, charging down to the beach.
Israel knocked himself out of the third situation. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Aquila said, shaking her head.
“But you can make a difference, Aquila. It’s not about making history: it’s about whether or not you’re brave enough to re-write it.” He nudged Skylara with his elbow. “Don’t say it,” He whispered, smiling as Skylara stared at him in anger, quick to reply.
“I hate you.”
“I’m aware.”

Okay, again. Aquila: you'll get your own piece. There will be more conflict between Jodi and Skyril soon, and Skulduggery might make a appearance in part five? six? something like that.
xD keep reading <3


  1. can't wait for the next part!


    Awesome! i love it so bad! i seriously am sitting here reading it going "oh my gosh, that's my character. its-its MY character in HER story and she used him perfectly! *girlish scream* i LOVE IT!

    lol epic rant over.

    Aquila nodded, and Skylara butted in. “Can you seriously not change with your clothes on?”
    “You Bitch,” Aquila breathed, clenching her fists. Aquila blushed in rage, and pushed past them both, charging down to the beach.
    Israel knocked himself out of the third situation. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Aquila said, shaking her head.

    XD i was reading it and then she went "bitch" and im all like wah? and then i realised u had used his power! :D

    btw What happened to the color scheme? i was ok with the other one. im alrite with this one 2, tho.


  3. With the last colour scheme, i don't know, blue's my favourite colour and this seems more lively :) soooo glad you like how i posed your character, there's a funny little convo with Israel and Skylara in part 4 i think for you to enjoy xD


  4. Oh my goodness, that was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    So sorry I didn't read your stuff earlier. :/

    This was AWESOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don't worry Skyril ;) and thanks muchly!!!! :P there will be more, i swear xD