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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Broken Glass, PART TWO...

Somehow, i made this longer than the first part... o.0 not sure why, but hey. another part. so, this introduces Israel (Hellboy) and Bridget (Lizzy). It also mentions Skylara (Gekogirl) and Aquila (Aquila ;) p.s: i think you make a spelling mistake when you posted, you spelt it Aguila. if you meant Aguila let me know and i'll change it). So yes, Aquila and Gekogirl you'll be IN part three, and everyone will all meet and maybe beat the hell out of each other in part four... stay tuned! :P

Israel Elysium woke up and glanced at his clock. 07:59 am. He heard the door at the front of the shop rattle and shake with the pounding of someone knocking. Israel quickly threw on a pair of jeans and his favourite dark brown jacket that stopped below his knees. He left the gun and holster on his bedside table; it was probably just the postman arriving early again. The postman usually came at half past eight, but sometimes he was early. Who was to argue with that?
Israel opened the door, and the sound of a shot rang out. Israel clutched his chest in agony, as blood seeped through his fingers.
He sat upright in bed, concentrating hard on what should’ve been his death. 07:59 am. The knocking on the door was ringing out through his eardrums, and this time- the third scenario he had seen - he didn’t even bother to get dressed out of his flannel tee and shorts. He grabbed his double barrel swan-off shotgun off his bedside table, loaded two bullets into the holder, and slowly creped downstairs. Israel crouched by the door, and guessed the angle that would take a direct hit to the shoulder, and fired a single shot. He then aimed his second bullet at the man’s leg. Israel squeezed the trigger, and heard the man scream in pain.
Swinging the door open, Israel kicked the man’s left hand so that the gun fell out of his grasp. He then threw a punch across the man’s jaw, the attacker fell to his knees, and Israel grabbed the collar of the man’s jacket and pushed him up against the tattered brick wall. “Who sent you?” Israel demanded.
He didn’t reply, and Israel hit him in the gut. If he hadn’t been propped up against the wall, he would’ve collapsed. “What’s your name?” Israel said, changing pace.
“James Volt...” The man muttered.
“Who sent you?”
James had grime layered through his greasy black hair, his eyes were almost closed and his lips were covered in a lick layer of blood. Israel tried to be patience with the man, and asked again. There was still no reply. This was as far as Israel had gotten to see in his future, and he had no way of knowing how this would end. “Who sent you!” He yelled, and yet again, the man didn’t reply.
“Monetti...” He whispered. “Mon...etti...” And then the man’s head rolled forward, and Israel Elysium let him fall to the ground while he scrambled for air.
And then, a scream knocked him off his feet, as he rolled onto the floor, he noticed black shadows of energy around James Volt. “No,” Israel muttered, trying to fight the pounding waves that crushed him against the Earth. “No.”
Israel reached out for James, and his fingers burnt against the darkness. James Volt’s body became a thousand crackling of black sparks, and Israel had to cover his eyes to force his way through the blinding light.
All that was left of Volt was a large clump of metal, with hairpins used to connect thin wires together, and Israel assumed that inside the orb was the bomb that had killed James. In fact, Israel knew a girl who could help him out with that.
And then the waves of energy stopped. And Israel lay pressed against the ground, trying hard to escape the screaming that ran over in his head.

Bridget Whiplash was dressed in a small black summer dress with stripy green tights and purple boots when she opened the door to her Underground Basement. Israel looked at her cloudy grey and green sparked eyes, and was pleased that on this visit they weren’t burning red. She offered him a smile, which flashed off all her pointed teeth, and he didn’t return it. With vampires, Israel still wasn’t sure how to trust them. But Bridget was the most ruthless out of the lot of her kind, and thank god, she hadn’t turned anyone.
“Not here for a chat then are you?” Bridget muttered with a sigh. “You want to know about that strange energy blast earlier, don’t you?” Israel nodded. “I can’t help. I was knocked out by the power of it. When I woke up, I had torn apart my chambers, and didn’t even remember it. Come in.”
Israel did so, and slammed the metal orb on the kitchen table. Bridget had been right: there were scratch marks across the counter top. “This look familiar to you?”
Bridget shrugged, picking up the orb. “I made something like this when I was fourteen,” She said, smiling. “Didn’t work first time round. Someone thought it would be fun to try and set it off again. She was sent to an asylum, and didn’t even remember magic after the coma. Shame.”
“So that’s it?”
“What’s it?” Bridget said, still tinkering with the orb.
“One lovely story about a girl you used to know and not even a little bit of relevance to our situation?”
Bridget grinned, snapping the orb in two, revealing a bubbling mass of black candle wax in the bottom half of the orb. In the top was a small piece of powder with a small sheet of glass over the metal to stop the powder coming out. “You Mr Elysium, have been carrying round a active light bomb. If the person with it in their possession lies, the glass breaks and the powder react with the candle wax. It’s black because it’s a bamboo candle- poisonous to the touch. Whatever he told you, he sure as hell was telling the truth.”
“Your sure?”
“Israel,” She said, with a grin. “I would have burst into a thousand flames right now if I were lying. I’ll have it dismantled completely within the week, if you’d like.”
It took him a moment to think. Or rather, to concentrate to look into the best answer for the nicest outcome. “Sure,” He said, taking option eight. “I’ll do a little digging on it. Any ideas where it could be from?”
Of course he already knew the answer. “Southern side of England. This metal was found there about a few hundred of years ago. Aquila Felis may be able to help; I think her father was one of the people who worked in a local factory. She should be able to give some details that could help. Oh and Israel?”
“Yup,” He said, halfway out the door.
“Be careful. Take Skylara with you, and call Skulduggery for back-up. I don’t know much about Aquila, but she’s a shape shifter like Sky.” Israel nodded, making his exit. “Oh, and Israel, Aquila is new at her magic, remember that. Israel?”
But Israel Elysium was already gone.

xD what'dya think? plus, i am so bloody tired, it's 9:38pm here in the UK, and yet i'm knackered. I think School's getting to me... Well, maybe i'll have part three up tomorrow.... oooooh, and i have school pictures :( *exaggerated clap* because i am soooo vain i stay up half the night trying to look 'pretty' -NOT xD


  1. OMG! i love it! write more soon!

  2. lol! sure, i only have two more characters to introduce (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) and then we can get on with the story line! lol <3



    u described my power perfectly, u gave me a cool entry to the story and u made me visit Bridgit! XD XD XD XD XD XD

    :D so happy literally jumping out of my seat. 10 oclock at night and i am enjoying this story so darn much! :D


  4. ^correction. I know im not the main character. i understand that i wont be a major part. XD just excited, is all.

  5. XD trust me, i adored writing this bit. It confused my sister (who was reading over my shoulder!-nosy thing) while i wrote it, and she loves your character now. She says it reminds her of the movie 'Next' with Nic.Cage in. And she's watched that movie ALOT :)

    XD XD XD

  6. * EPIC GRUMBLE * ARGH! I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT! ARGH! I made this character up, never even HEARING about that movie, and then BAM! "ooh, he's like nic. cage in next, right?" *grumble grumble lol grumble grumble*

    i swear, ive never watched that movie, and i created it on my own.
    *sigh* no-one even cares, do they?

    LOL its ok. i get that alot. i just stand there looking at the person with a blank expression, trying not to burst a blood vessel. eventually, they just move away, perplexed. then finally i can yell out my rage to a wall or couch or something. lol...


  7. I know, i assure you, Nic Cage was the LAST person on my mind when i wrote your character. I blame my Sis-she's put it in my head :@ :@:@:@:@

    xD so, which one got it, the wall or the couch??? i take mine out on the pillow :)

  8. Lol the couch was way too easy-5 minutes work with a chainsaw. So the wall took most of it. Now everytime u pass by my house there is an extra 'window' showing off the bathroom. Or hole. I wouldn't really call it a window...

  9. ah, so you have a back door now then? :)