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Monday, 13 September 2010

Broken Glass PART ONE

Okay, this part only introduces Skyril and Jodi (which is me, i know, tacky. Trust me, i'm not the lead role.) Mainly because i needed Skyril to help introduce Jodi's history to spark the story off. It's a bit long, sorry!, but it's got... words, i guess xD

Jodi Harte sat down in the centre of the cafe shop. She had spent hours dismantling each camera the previous night so none of the glassy covered eyes watched her as she sipped her iced tea slowly. Jodi smiled at a young boy who walked past, and who attempted to get her phone number.

Laughing, Jodi had simply jotted down random numbers on a napkin and wrote her cover name for the next six minutes – Emily – in large loopy writing. She even dotted the ‘I’ with a heart. Foolishly grinning, the boy left, forgetting to even give his own name. Jodi rolled her eyes slowly at the clock.

Five minutes past twelve. Her victim should’ve turned up by now.

Jodi kicked her legs up on the chair opposite, and stirred her drink with a white plastic spoon mechanically. A girl walked over to Jodi’s table, and yanked the chair out beneath Jodi’s feet. Jodi looked up, ready to yell at the little brat, when she recognised the gleaming mist of purple shadow in the girls eyes. Still stirring her tea, Jodi smiled as the girl sat down.

“Skyril Oblivion.” Jodi said: a small greeting. “You’re looking a conspicuous as ever.”

Skyril didn’t flinch. “Who’s next then?”

“No one you need to worry about.” Skyril pulled a purple streak of her glossy black hair behind her ear, as Jodi continued. “So, what have you done with my co-worker this time? Tied him up in the Janitors closet? Put him in a blind daze like the last and left him in the elevator? Oh oh, pick me, maybe you misplaced him in the boot of your car again.”

“That was one time,” Skyril muttered.

Jodi just shrugged. “One time too many.”

“Jodi, you’re coming with me. You’ve conned seventy-six innocent people. You owe over 88 million pounds, and six lives.”

All Jodi did was blink once. “Okay then,” Jodi whispered, staring at her tea. “Put me in handcuffs. I’d love to see you convince everyone here that I littered again.”

“Gladly,” Skyril said. And suddenly every head in the cafe slammed down onto the tables they had been sitting at. Jodi went slightly pale. “It’s funny what you can do with practice.”

Rising from her seat, Jodi finished the last sip of her tea. “That’s funny you should say that,” She murmured, grabbing a napkin, and throwing it into Skyril’s face. “I’d love to show you what I’ve learnt.”

If Jodi was correct, Skyril would be distracted for a few milliseconds, and that gave her enough time to light a flame in each hand. Skyril jumped up, ripping her gloves off, and the finger knives caught the light in the sparks of Jodi’s flame. Jodi laughed, throwing a fireball at Skyril, but she dodged and the table behind her set alight. Jodi clicked her fingers, and three more tables burst into flames.

“Stop! There are innocent people here.” Skyril exclaimed.

“Well if you would just stand still I wouldn’t have to burn the cafe down.” Jodi pushed at the air and Skyril stumbled, and Jodi threw another fireball at Skyril. Skyril ducked in time, and grabbed six daggers from her pocket. “I like this cafe Skyril.” Jodi said, and clicked her fingers again so each flame went out. “So just leave me alone, okay?”

Skyril threw the daggers at Jodi, with a wave of the air, Jodi threw them to the side. “I can’t do that when you’re destroying happiness Jodi.” Skyril gritted her teeth slightly.

Jodi was wishing that she hadn’t chosen to wear her white thin heeled shoes and tight skinny jeans that morning. “Happiness? Give me a definition, Skyril. Last I checked, money doesn’t buy you happiness- it isn’t a symbol of happiness either. What’s you answer? Love? We live forever, Skyril, does this look like happiness to you?”

She pointed to mother and child with their heads against the table-top. Their eyes were wide open, and Jodi found the sight revolting, even if they were only in a daze.

“I can’t let you get away.” Skyril said, brushing down a crease in her black blouse. She traced the stitching of the purple belt slowly, and looked up to meet Jodi’s gaze. “Besides-”

Both Jodi and Skyril fell to their knees as their ears began to ring. Skyril could hear a high shriek within the mixed sounds. People were screaming. And it was over as soon as it had begun. Skyril felt like she had a headache, and she was sure Jodi felt the same. She quickly grabbed a knife to take advantage.

But when Skyril Oblivion looked up, Jodi Harte had disappeared.

Okay, what did you think? I'll try posting again after i get back from Martial Arts (don't give me that look. and yes, I AM a girl: FYI). So yes, if you're not in the next part, don't worry, i'm trying to give everyone a whole background, instead of a couple of lines every chapter <3>

Ta xxx


  1. cool! I do karate and im a girl, and 3 other girls are in my class to

  2. awesome xD there's one other girl in my class, and the rest are all guys :P x

  3. XD that's amazing! awesome writing ftw!

    ahhh, so now i understand Skyril's power. :D got to post my own story now!


  5. Hellboy your story was immense xD loved it, FTW!!

  6. Wooow that's REALLY awesome!
    It's great! I want mooore!!

    Sorry for only just reading it. :[

  7. that's fine ;) at first, i thought of letting Jodi and you be friends and stuff, and Skyril never knowing about Jodi being a con artist, but it didn't feel right... i needed a fight scene to spark it off ^_^ :]