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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lack of Inspiration...

Okay, due to School killing my inspiration, i'm going to copy what ~Hellboy~ has also done. Write below your character description, and i might pick up the Apple Bite later on, lets see how this goes first though, shall we?
For example, i'm putting my character in, 'Jodi Harte'. She's a con artists, and a orphan. But let's see what you come up with :)
Bye for now,


  1. hey lenka! is it sorta weird that i want to in your story, after i couldn't fit you into my story? its ok if you don't want to put me in. i think that Sarthacus Bolt did the bloggers in the story thing first, then Dragona pine, hmmm or maybe its the other way around. i don't care i just like the idea :) here's my bio

    NAME:Bridget Whiplash
    AGE:looks to be about 15, true age 153 years old
    HAIR COLOR:Brown
    EYE COLOR:Gray-green most of the time, red when angry
    PERSONALITY:Tall and with a presence Bridget is probably the most ruthless person out side the gaol, be glad she's a good guy.
    POWERS: Vampire, uses serums to control the "bad behavior"
    OTHER WEAPONS:uses a bull whip most of the time but likes guns and can make a bomb out of ANY-THING
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:tall and powerfully built, nails are long and sharp as are her teeth. loves green and purple and wears them together
    sometimes, most often wears black.

  2. sure of course i'll fit you in! anyway, it was my fault trying to enter the next day xD
    I know, it's like the 'coolest story thing' to do now - everyone wants to write it, and the rest just want to be in it <3 x

  3. hey lenka can i join?
    Name: Skylara Wolfbane
    power: Shapeshifter- can turn into any human or animal. Favorite shape is a large grey wolf with yellow eyes.

    Description: Tall, Brown hair, silver eyes, wears jeans,army boots and a snazzy black jacket.
    Personality: Funny,nice,often sarcastic and witty.
    Wepon of choice: dosn't normally have a weapon, just normally uses her teeth/claws and other animal abilities to kick ass. but sometimes uses a crossbow.
    chosen path: adept

  4. See if you'd like to use my character as well:

    Name: Aguila Felis
    Age: 17,looks like 17
    Description: Long, brown hair, brown eyes, 1,65m
    Clothes: Normal
    Gender: Female
    Magic: shape-shifter (into cat, eagle and fox), some weak elemental magic
    Favourite weapons: bow and arrow, sword
    Character: friendly, pacific, sometimes pigheaded
    History: discovered her abilities accidentally and trained herself in secret without knowing about the magic things existing
    Job: pupil
    Likes: archery, reading, chocolate, biology lessons, peace and calm
    Dislikes: noise, conflicts, crimes, horror lterature and movies, being afraid, having a bad consciens

  5. Aright awesome!

    Name: Skyril Oblivion
    Age: 76 looks 16
    Description: Shoulder length deep black hair with dark purple streaks, average height, slender but not super skinny
    Clothes: loves scarves generally wears black clothes with miscellaneous dark purple additions (like gloves or socks or a scarf)
    Gender: Female
    Chosen path: Adept
    Job: freelance, works for whomever she thinks is right
    Power: Able to make people temporarily blind depending on how many people and how long focused
    Weapons: Lots of small knives and daggers, particularly likes finger knives
    Personality: Sweet, proud, kinda weird, loves rain, doesn't like dogs much

  6. Ok, Lizzy, Skyril, Aguila, and Geckogirl - you're all in! :) i'm going to wait for a little while longer because there are no boys here! xD

  7. XD here i am:

    Name: Israel Elysium

    Age: 60

    Description: Looks 25 years old, short brown hair (slightly curly) and a small brown beard+stubble (looks like he hasn’t shaved in a fair while), startling green eyes, dark brown jacket below his knees. Wears a gun holster on a leg strap.

    Weaponry: One double barrel sawn-off shotgun ( that every bullet is followed by a wave of blue energy.

    Chosen path of magic: Adept

    Power: When concentrating, can see the thousands of different possibilities of the next few minutes. meaning that then he can choose the best "path" into the future and take it. eg. a gun to his head, he can see the many outcomes of the situation and choose exactly which one is best. he knocks the gun away from him, disarming his opponent. sometimes the difference between success and failure is the fact that his foot moved forward half a second too late, or his hand is a fraction off from the right place. That is why there are so many different futures. But he sees all the details and chooses the right one. NOTE: only works for max. five minutes. He cant see any further than that.

    XD gud on u lenka!

  8. yay! oh god i feel special :D if anyone else posts after this, i'll add you further along the story, promise.
    Congrats, Hellyboy, Lizzy, Skyril, Aguila and Gekogirl, you are all in!

    I'll try to write it out tonight with any luck xD thanks for entering your characters <3

  9. Heya Leka Im righting a fanfiction and Ill fit you into the next part I write.

    Name:Nicolette Croga

    Age:28 looks in early teens

    Gender: Female

    Description: medium brown hair with copper red and blonde highlights hazel eyes soft pretty face thin figure slight muscles

    Magic: Strong elemental good with guns and sword but amazing with her daggers she can hit things from far distances and never misses

    Personality: Nice freindly funny and caring only agressive when annoyed or attacked


  10. sure Nicollete! you'll jump in maybe a little while after everyone else, but you'll come in before the fighting scene in the middle xD