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Monday, 27 September 2010

BG: Part EIGHT!!!! and er, you know, stuff happens.

Oh, hi! This is mega long- sorry - but it should keep you entertained for a while. I'm doing another shout out, but this time to Hellboy and Alexzz's blogs.
Hellboy, i'm typing here cos you need to update faster! Goddammit, get on with it already! I'm way too excited to wait around for the next part!
Alexzz, you're here for the pure reason of O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L-I-T-Y because after flicking through the recently updated blogs of other people with strange names i don't know, i'm beginning to realise how many stupid people are writing about Vampires with glitter skin *shivers* like i said, keep it original: Why the hell do you think my Character is a Con-Artist? Don't see many of them, and hey, if you're lucky you never will...
Now, after a dramatic pause, on to the story:

*Dramatic pause*

Skyril sat outside Jodi’s room, and she was angry about the whole position almost as much as Jodi was herself. She shifted, leaning against the door, arms folded across her chest. “This is stupid,” Skyril muttered. “This girl is a criminal, why can’t we just take her to your precious Sanctuary anyway?”
“Because it’s not exactly safe there,” Skylara muttered, getting used to her surroundings. There was a copy of Romeo and Juliet on the kitchen counter, and a pair of boots resting against the apartment door. This could’ve been anyone’s home. “I mean, everyone breaks in. It sucks.”
“What sucks?” Israel asked, staring up from the TV.
“Our Santuary. Everyone can get in, people blow it up, others just attack, it’s not special or secret or anything.” Israel nodded in agreement, as Skyril opened the door a fraction to peek into Jodi’s room.
Israel and Skylara stared at her. “I think I saw something move. I’ll go in.”
“I’ll come,” Skylara said.
“Alone.” Skyril muttered, revealing a dagger and stepping into the room.
Israel slammed into Skyril before she could puncture Jodi’s chest with a dagger. A simple tool that remained deadly in the sparks of the sun that rested outside the window. “Are you nuts!” Jodi screamed, jumping out of bed, still wearing her jeans and teal turtleneck jumper from the previous day. “I had almost conned her, you idiot,” Jodi finished, revealing a Sai Sword under her pillow. “I ain’t no heavy sleeper.”
Skyril jumped up, quickly blinding Israel. His hand struck out blindly, but gripped Skyril’s wrist. Skyril saw his vision, and she pulled away, pressing her fingers against her temples. “It isn’t true,” Skyril muttered. “It can’t be.” And that was all she said before she collapsed to the floor.

“Do you think she’s alright?” Skylara asked.
“No,” Jodi muttered, leaning against her bedroom door. “I’m not really in the mood for being sympathetic though, either.”
The world was burning through the thickening shadows, flames raced through them, and only one man stood to watch. Another turned her head, rainbow clips loosening, watching the half of the world that rested in darkness, and that would never wake up.
“You see, what I think your problem is,” Skylara muttered. “Is that you need a hobby.”
Jodi tried hard to stop herself from laughing. “Right. Let’s go collect stamps.”
“That’s not what I meant-”
“Football cards?”
“No, I mean-”
“Oooh! I know: Keyrings!”
“No, Jodi, seriously...”
Jodi glared at her, until a smile broke across her own face. “Plant pots!” She giggled in delight. “Raspberries, bags, shoes, books! Or even...”
Skylara smiled. “Go ahead. Enlighten yourself with creativity.”
“Money.” Jodi said, triumphant. “Duh, and I already do that. Want to play a game?” Skylara rolled her eyes. “Hey, you said it, not me.” Jodi muttered, pulling a pack of cards from her pocket, shuffling them.
“Fine!” Skylara yelled, throwing her hands up in the air, as Jodi smiled, gesturing to the kitchen counter.

The man laughed as you would with a joke. “Don’t you see,” he said, pointing to figures that burned and tried to run before the ground slipped out from under them, throwing them into graves. “This world is perfect. And we will always be the ones in control of it.”

Skylara sat on a stool while Jodi shuffled, flying cards through the air. “How much do you bet?” Jodi asked, eyes gleaming. Skylara placed a pound coin on the table and Jodi smiled, letting six cards land in front of her, two rows, three columns. Each with the face of the cards pressed against the table. Jodi tucked the rest of her cards into her back pocket. “Pick a card, any card,” She said. “Just don’t show me your card, and always remember it. I’ll tell you what it is.”
She picked out a card, the centre one on the top row.
“Queen of Spades.” Jodi muttered, and Skylara just stared at her.
“How the hell did you do that?” Skylara muttered turning the card to face her. “You’re just an elemental.”
Jodi shrugged, sweeping the cards into her palm, and grabbing the rest of the pack. “I’ll make it harder,” She said, finished shuffling, and then lay the whole pack onto the table in a mash of cards placed in a awkward line.

“I have no idea what this world is,” The girl muttered, fixing another rainbow clip into place. She turned, her valliant blue eyes like sparkling jewels dancing in her
sockets. Jodi Harte was crying. “Why am I still here?”

“Ace of hearts.”
“8 of Clubs.”
“4 of diamonds.”
“2 of hearts.”
“9 of hearts.”
“Jack of Spades.”
“Queen of Clubs.”
“6 of diamonds.”
Jodi listed each card Skylara picked up perfectly, and she always shuffled them after each turn. She let Skylara shuffle after the fourth go, to prove that she wasn’t changing the pack around, or making a certain card stand out.
“I don’t get it,” Skylara said, leaning back. “I give up.”
Jodi scooped up Seven pounds in 50p pieces, then six pound coins, three £10 notes, one £20 note and nine £5 notes. Jodi shrugged, placing the pack of cards into her back pocket. “I didn’t use magic. I never use magic while conning. It ruins the fun.”
“Then what did you do?”
Still smiling, Jodi pointed behind Skylara. Skylara turned, only to see her reflection in a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Skylara grinned as Jodi bowed as she stood, and put Skylara’s cash into her front pocket. “You are really good,” Skylara said, as Israel stepped out of the bedroom.

“You’re not the first. This is just like one of the muti-universes Jodi. A boy, named Necros, came to a world like this, where demons and angels fought in a battle to prove which side provided more effect on the clashing lives of the mortal humans. Necros favoured the angels, and stumbled back into his original world. However, he discovered that even angels have their faults, as realised that the demons were being conned to be made out as the tricksters of the game. When he realised the truth, he saw his own world, and now maybe you’ll see what he saw too.”

“Skyril’s got a pulse.” Israel said. “But she keeps shaking. I guess when I touched her she saw a vision I couldn’t see, and the force of it just made her head spin.” He noticed the cards in Jodi’s pocket. “What have you two been up to?”
"Nothing,” They both chimed.

Jodi kicked a rock on the ground. “What should I be looking for exactly?”
“The truth. The power of your own self. You’ll see it one day, it’s just a shame that you won’t ever remember this.”

“Hey, should I make Toad in the Hole or Chicken Tikka Masala?” Jodi asked, flicking through cook books.
Skylara grabbed a deserts cookbook. “Chocolate brownies sound good.”
“I don’t remember that being an option,” Jodi said, as Skylara pushed her gently like a play fight. “But yes. Sounds good to me.”

The man placed one finger on Jodi’s forehead, and she fell backwards, spiralling downwards, until there was just eternal darkness of shadows that clung to her, ripping her apart. Jodi was screaming, as the shadows cut her open, and let themselves in, sealing her body behind. Her body hit the wooden floor limp, as now a child that looked like Jodi, only six years of age, opened her eyes as darkness clouded over, then faded over into her pupils. One blue eye remained darker than the other, and her right eye, the shadowed one, would look over and often get the better of her. When the child, who still looked like Jodi, raised a hand to her mouth, she started to scream.

Skyril sat bolt upright in the bedroom, shrieking. She had seen it. She had seen the past and not the future: she had only seen the beginning. Israel rushed in, tried to seduce her with an injection, but she kicked his hand so the needle was flung to the other side of the room. Jodi looked pale as the needle lay at her feet, and she tried to stare at Skyril to keep her attention off the vile of liquid.
Jodi’s eyes glimmered, but Skyril could see how the right eye only sparkled in the darkness, not in the purity of the light. Still Skyril was screaming, and she pressed both hands to her mouth, but instead each shriek was torn away from her throat: she couldn’t stop.
Skylara transformed into Bridget Whiplash: Bridget was twice as strong as Skylara could be in her own form. And Bridget would’ve known what to do, Skylara thought to herself as she tried to hold Skyril down. Israel grabbed another needle from his coat pocket, took advantage and plunged the point into Skyril’s neck. For the next few seconds, Skyril screamed, and then faded into unconsciousness.
Israel looked up to the doorway where Jodi had been standing, and Jodi swayed backwards, falling, crumbling to the floor and hitting the back of her head against the kitchen counter. While metres away, Skyril was drowning in her own visions.

Mwahahaha, sorry Alexzz, i had to bind story lines together, but i want to be clear: My character has never lived in the other dimension, and saw a different one that looked similar to the one you went to. Clear? Good? No? Then shut up.

Now, off to Martical Arts, and will MAYBE post when i get back at Eight. So yes, enjoy! :)


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    It is AWESOME!
    I can't wait till you get back and write more!

  2. Same! I seriously can't wait!

    Mind-blowing! Just gorram mindblowing!!!

  3. Awesome stuff!

    only criticism, where it says
    "Israel rushed in, tried to seduce her with an injection"

    Seduce should be sedate :D

    But other than that, simply AMAZING!!!! I can, seriously, not wait for more! Please post soon!!!

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