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Friday, 1 October 2010

BG:part NINEEEE! yeah, it's totally a number now

Okay, we best make this quick because i'm supposed to be on the way to a Dad's Friend's Girlfriend's house at the mo, and according to texts i'm 'on my way there'... do NOT give me that look, i'm only doing this to save you from a cliffhanger.
Well, here we go people:

Jodi Harte sat bolt upright on the sofa. Her eyes were wide with suspicion, and she stayed still, frozen to the spot.
“Hey,” Skylara said, now in her own form, as she walked over to see Jodi. “You okay?”
Jodi didn’t hear. She just looked up at Skylara and Israel, both staring, and she lashed out, kicking, yelling, and squealing. Israel ran over, and pushed a tablet into Jodi’s mouth, who tried hard to spit it out. Skylara grabbed the glass of water on the coffee table, while Israel kept Jodi’s mouth open. Skylara poured the water into Jodi’s mouth, and Israel push her lips together so she had to swallow. When she did, Jodi just glared at them until her eyes closed again, and Israel let out a sigh of relief as she lay back down on the couch, disconnected with her body.
“That’s the fifth time.” Israel yelled. “What the hell are we supposed to do, wait until remembers how not to be such a psychopath?”
“That makes no sense.” Skylara muttered. “She doesn’t even remember doing it the first time. By the third time, she was crying when you gave her an injection. A slim green tablet seems to do just fine.”
Israel took the cup out of Skylara’s hands, and walked over to the sink to refill it. “I just don’t see what her problems with injections are. She collapsed because she watched us give Skyril one, for God’s sake. She’d kill herself if she took one look into a Hospital.”
“What do you think Skyril saw anyway?”
“Probably herself getting killed by Cleavers after she killed Jodi. I don’t know. And it probably won’t come true now. Let’s just drop it.”
Skylara and Israel walked into the bedroom, and watched Skyril closely. After a few hours, Skylara could’ve sworn she saw Skyril’s eyes flutter slightly but instead they heard a knock on the bedroom door, and Jodi Harte –now conscious – poked her head around the door. She was pale. And she looked stick thin compared to herself a couple of days ago. “How long was I gone for?”
“Thirteen days. And you kept waking up, screaming.” Israel muttered, keeping his tone low.
Jodi nodded. “What about Skyril?”
“She woke up, and didn’t remember anything. Stayed awake for a couple of days, ate some stuff and whatever. And then it all hit her at once.” Skylara glanced at Jodi, wondering whether to continue. “She was dead for three minutes.”
Jodi shivered slightly, and grabbed her woolly teal short-sleeved turtleneck jumper with a wooden button at the top of it. She pulled it around her so it was layered over her long sleeved grey t-shirt. “I took your jumper off earlier; your temperature went past eighty degrees. That was after the second injection.” Jodi flinched, and Skylara opened her mouth to apologise, when Skyril opened her eyes.
Skyril’s hair was wild across the pillows, electric streaks of purple flashed across the blackness. She was still wearing her black jacket and trousers with purple boots and bangles. Her eyes met Jodi’s, Purple vs. Blue, and Skylara was ready to jump between them to stop them killing each other.
“Skyril,” Israel whispered. “You fell. But you’re alright. You’re fine, now.”
All Skyril heard was the word fell. Like Jodi had fell. As if it were that clear.
“You’re okay.”
Skyril sat up slowly, as her phone rang. She answered it, her voice shaky. “Hello?”
“Skyril,” Skulduggery Pleasant said through the crackly phone line. “What’s going on with that note? Valkyrie hasn’t said anything about it.”
Jodi just kept looking at Skyril, daydreaming. Her jumper and t-shirt were too big, her face much thinner and weak. Even her skinny-jeans had a belt wrapped around, and Skyril could see that they must have had to make another hole to thread the leather through to make a purpose for it. Jodi looked sick.
“Just prank mail.” Skyril said. “Nothing, nothing at all.”
“Okay, well if you’re sure.” Skulduggery muttered something that sounded like goodbye and hung up.
Everyone was slightly shocked. Skyril could’ve come clean. She had no reason to spare Jodi of what she’d done. “I still hate you,” Skyril muttered, as Jodi stood. Her clothes hung off her; it was a miracle she was still on the ground.
“Likewise,” Jodi whispered dryly, holding out her hand. Skyril took it, and she caught a glimpse of Jodi’s arms. Stick thin - and her hands were like delicate paper. Skyril shook her head.
“You should eat something.” She recommended.
Jodi looked slightly tearful, wincing at the sunlight. “Maybe.” And that was all she said before leaving the room.
“Maybe?” Skylara repeated. “Thirteen days, and we’ve only been able to get her to drink water by forcing it into her mouth.”
“Jesus, Thirteen days?” Skyril muttered. “I remember waking up once, but-” She looked round the room, and didn’t try to finish her sentence.
“Do you remember what you saw?” Israel asked innocently.
Skyril paused. “No.” With one swift movement, Skyril quickly got up, and pulled her hair behind her ears. She stared at her face in the mirror.
She was getting better at lying.

Sooooooooooooooo. What do you think? Now, i'm aware Necros is supposed to jump in by Part Ten, but i have no idea how'll i'll squeeze him into the next part. He might come in between part 10 and the climax, K? Just so you know he will come in! Keep a look out!


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