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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

BG:Part Ten! and failed homework...

BWAHAHAHAHA totally just completely FAILED my African Arts Facts homework for my Art class xD I just made up seven random facts all for YOU. yes, you, the reader of this blog, because i spent most of my time yesterday and today writing up part ten from some notes i have jotted down. So yes, I'd like to point out that HERE it explains why this story is called Broken Glass, and that there is a sort of twist here too:

Jodi did eat something, eventually. Skylara shoved a plate of Pasta in front of her with (typeofspice) sauce drizzled over in front of Jodi while she indulged herself in Midsummer Night’s Dream. “Eat.” Skylara had ordered.
“Or what?” Jodi said; eyes glued to the book. Skylara snatched the book out of her grasp, and threw it at Israel, who made a clumsy catch but still kept it out of Jodi’s reach while she lunged for it. “Give it back!” Jodi yelled, trying to push Israel over, but she had no strength or energy left of her to do it.
Skylara smiled, handing Jodi a fork. “Eat,” She said again, this time more gentle.
Skyril and Jodi now both sat on the couch. Leaning on each other, back to back. Jodi kicked her legs up, onto the armrest, and Skyril kept her tucked beneath her chin while she flicked through the internet on her mobile. Israel was trying to get hold of the Sanctuary to send more Cleavers for better protection, even after Jodi had refused.
“For God’s sake,” Jodi had muttered. “It’s been two weeks now, I think we can all agree that nobody wants to kill me.” But as it all turned out, not everyone did agree, so Israel still tried to call them.
Jodi stood, wearing her jeans and grey cardigan with a white vest top. She was also wearing a pair of grey low-top converses to match. She walked into the bathroom, grabbed a hairbrush and tried to tame her fringe, while the layers from the bob tried to get into her eyes. Jodi, for a moment, lost herself. She stared at her reflection, noticing the scabbed scars around her eyes. Each one self-inflicted by her own hands.
“You did that,” Skylara said, leaning on the doorframe. “One time you woke up, and screamed before we even realised. You were clawing at your face while Israel brought out the needle. You said you were trying to pluck out your eyes: that if we could dare put you through that hell then you surely you should not have to watch.”
“Then why did you make me?” Jodi said quietly, pushing past Skylara and stepping out into the grasp of a Cleaver.
Israel pushed past them, to the front. “You’re supposed to protect her.” Israel pointed out, yet the grip didn’t loosen. “Didn’t you get my messages?” Jodi kicked her leg upwards so it hit the Cleaver in the jaw, but the Helmet covered up the blow. “Who did call you?”
Jodi tried to fight the Cleaver off, but gave up when he made no show to move. “Skyril,” Skylara said. “Fancy helping out?”
Skyril stood from her position, staring at Jodi who’s hands where now covered in shackles, her powers bounded in front of her. “Don’t bother, Skylara.” Jodi whispered. “If she wanted to help me she wouldn’t have called them.”
Betrayed, Skylara shifted in rage. Her wolf form was beautiful, with yellow eyes the shade of the sun, like diamonds with the sharp scent of agony printed behind the pupils. Skylara snarled, and instead changed course, knocking into the cleaver, pushing him off balance. Jodi took advantage, and kicked the next Cleaver as he tried to advance. She still had her hands locked behind her back, so when Skyril ran for her and pushed her to the ground, Jodi could not soften the fall. Israel grabbed Skyril, pinning her hands behind her back.
“Don’t any of you understand?” Skyril yelled in agony as Israel twisted her wrist. “She has to be stopped; she has to be sto-”
The window Jodi had been standing next to shattered into glitter pieces that flew into her eyes. Jodi’s hands pressed against them as Skylara watched, blood dripping down her cheeks. And Skulduggery Pleasant stood in the room, the culprit for the smashed window. “You have the right to remain silent,” He said, grabbing Jodi’s wrists and tugging her out of the window. Jodi began to scream as the London air hit her face. I can’t see, I can’t see! The thought looped in Jodi’s mind. Jodi reached out for Israel, who held out his hand for her to tug on, but she didn’t know it was there. She missed it, as her eyes finally opened.
Israel stepped back, horrified. Jodi’s eyes had a layer of blood over the tops, and pieces of glass were still in her pupils. She saw the world in a red haze, as each piece of the world brushed by her as the Skeleton Detective pulled her out of reach, and into the sky.
Jodi could feel the air brush past her finger tips, as if she could touch the sky. She felt like she was pulling into her own orbit. She felt something prick her shoulder, and she stared as she watched the Detective pull the needle out of her. The felling of numbness overcame her, and she smiled at Israel who was watching in horror. And then-
Skylara leaped out of the window.
Her transformation was beautiful. A wave of energy wrapped around her as she tore of her old body. In a flash, her wings took form, and she gripped the sky like the conductor of the air. The eagle raced past Skulduggery, sticking her claws into Jodi’s shoulders. Jodi just laughed. Skulduggery knocked her, out of the sky, releasing Jodi from her grip. Skulduggery snatched Jodi upwards, and Skylara transformed again.
Fletcher Renn was Skylara’s new copy. She grinned, and disappeared. Then reappeared on Skulduggery’s back. “Let her go!” Skylara yelled in Fletcher’s voice.
“That was a very odd choice of words.” Skulduggery Pleasant murmured, letting go of Jodi. While Skylara gasped, Skulduggery smacked her over the head. Skylara was knocked out, changing into her own form, tumbling down to the Earth...

Update on the Interview: I need more questions. My sis has given me three A4 sheets of questions to answer here on the blog... which hey, is great, i just don't think 'Will you leave a towel in the bathroom next time i have a shower?' is something you really want to desperately know.
So comment on the last post for more questions! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! Even if you've already commented, i don't care, just pretty pretty pretty please???


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  2. Awesome story, Lenka! very exciting. I must know what happens next! Post quickly! Please!

  3. EPICA! (<<new word)


    awesome! epic! too many words to say what it truly is, Lenka! :D :D :D :D !

    i love it! and yes, now i understand why its called broken glass. Poor Jodi!

    wow i go crazy for this story, Lenka. I really do. Once again, GREAT WORK!

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  5. Brilliant does not even BEGIN to describe it