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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Here's yourrrrrrrr interview!

No intro, just go with it:

What’s your favourite color? (you UK people spell it "colour" but i think that's odd)
It’s because we’re different like that xD Ultimately? Blue. I can’t stand pink, sorry.

do you like peanuts?
Yes. Yes I do ;)

best TV show in the world?

Glee! Okay, okay, kinda joking kinda not (I’m a total Gleek, sorry). I really liked ‘Tru Calling’ a few years ago before it ended, and then I loved ‘Blackadder’, but I really don’t have a favourite TV show currently on. Because Glee isn’t on here, in the UK (we don’t get it until Jan) but I really like Home and Away if you’re talking soaps. I hate the others, seriously. But i think H&A need to drag in a better storyline soon, because it’s slightly simple (won’t say where UK is up to, because I think there are N.Z. people who are like YEARS behind or whatever).
Erm, TV programme... ooh, ooh, ‘FRINGE’ and ‘HOUSE’, just because the story line is so entertaining throughout the seasons and stuff. (AGAIN, do not mention what bits you like about these because some people get certain TV shows before others

Best book after skulduggery?
My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I’ve cried all four times.

What's your fav. piece of web lingo? eg. Ftw

Have you ever read "Shiver" by Maggie Stieefvater? If so, do you like it?

Yes and YES! Who doesn’t? I’m writing loads of fan fiction for it in my draft books at the mo, hey, maybe I’ll post some...

What is the best place you like to take a bus/walk to? eg. city, park, plaza.
I live in a village where if you catch a bus it won’t come down to the village again for another week or so. I don’t have the opportunity to visit places or sit and write in one main area. I quite like writing in cafés, but I got kicked out of my favourite one once because they needed the table and I hadn’t ordered anything for an hour or so... but I like that café a lot, I rarely have the chance to go in it, and if I do it’s with Family, and I hate it when my Mum or Dad read over my shoulder. It just puts me off.
Also, out village is very small compared to cities and towns, so if I walk somewhere it’s usually to the park. I did it once, but there were all these little children running around screaming... Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve been back there to write since.
So, conclusion? Usually at home, in the garden or while I’m cooking cakes and such in the kitchen 

If you could be any of the Skulduggery Pleasant characters, regardless of the gender, who would it be?
... Tough question or what?
Okay, I love Val and all, and same goes with Tanith, but after Book Five I can’t really look at ANY of the characters the same. So, really I still love the classic: Springheeled-Jack. I think I’d be him, just because he’s kinda mysterious, and fully awesome, the way he kicked the C*** out of Dusk while saving Val was just EPICA xD


Is 'Lenka Sweet' another OC? Or just your blog name (like mine, Hellboy)? If so, it's a helluva name, Lenka.
Okay, Lenka is a lot of things to me. She used to be the main character of a Batman story I wrote (Jesus- I was eight, okay? I was writing a Batman Fanfiction in a purple Hello-Kitty folder, and quite frankly, it’s really good for an eight year old) and then she became something different. I joined, a couple of years ago, using a basic screen name ‘writing_rockz’ and signed a post with ‘Lenka’ by accident on the Blog. I got a really good response, and then I realised why so many people were calling me Lenka. I really liked it, and my Blog was called ‘Sweet Stories: (you just can’t resist)’ and I think you see where this is going. I took out Sweet, and there you had it: Lenka Sweet. A blog name I’m always using, every now and again.

Already a talented writer, do you plan on writing a novel someday?

If the answer is yes: What would you write about?
Depends. I obviously wouldn’t be able to do Fanfiction due to copyrights and other stuff, but I really love the realistic-fiction Jodi Picoult does- I ADORE her stories. Never ever get sick of them, but problem is that they are mainly focused to a women’s audience – and I’m not kidding. I like the ‘women’ type books, just because lately the Teen-Section in Waterstones has been swarmed over with vampire novels *shudders*
Oh wait, I’ve gone slightly off the bases of the question. Sorry. At the moment, I’m planning on doing some Detective books for Teens (cos there is a stunning lack of them around) and when I say Detective I don’t mean there will be any Skulduggery or Magic, just action and adventure. Theeeeeeeeen I think I’ll do a trilogy of them (yes. I have this planned out. This is what a fancy Paperchase draft book contains on my book shelf... irony, huh?) with different settings and victims and Murders.
Okay, I actually have a draft of a Con Artist styled book, and it would be going better if, as my sister would say, I let myself allow the people to have a love interest. I don’t like doing that in most stories, I don’t like building a plot on flexible emotions that break or bend during the middle: it’s just odd. I have a couple of stories about teen suicide – shut up, I’m not suicidal, I just think the problem is overlooked in most stories or newspaper reports – and one about Religion between a brother and sister: One is Jewish (or a Christian, depending on how much information I find that fits into the story), the other just isn’t any religion. Any wayyyy, so you see, I have a lot that I want to write about.

What is your favourite time period?
(sorry...having trouble being creative....)

The present xD Okay, I know I know, you mean like the Tutors or the Victorian times, but they are just parts that make you go ick in all of them... I really don’t know. Seriously, I’d hate to live in all of them. I need my blackberry!

If you had a choice of living in either a castle, a mansion, cottage, or nice apartment, what would you choose and where would it be located?
Cottage on the beach, or a Apartment in a large city (I’m just the best of both, really xD). Both would have to be in Australia.

Have you ever read The Awakening by Bevan McGuiness?
No, sorry. It’s now on my list though!

What is your favourite book (non-skulduggery of course)?
My Sister’s Keeper. I’m sure I’ve answered something like this earlier: do you people not read each other’s comments? :)

Who's fan-fic/story are you enjoying the most?
Don’t make me! Seriously, don’t.
Okay, my favourite way that someone else has portrayed me would lead you to
AKA: Hellboy’s Blog. Which yeah, is Bridget Whiplash’s piece, but I’m in it, and I love it. I guess this might, or might not, change, depending how my piece *flutters eyelashes* goes. ;)

What do you plan to do when you are older?
Write. Move to Australia, go to a Uni in Aus, get an agent, publisher and editor soon after, and I don’t know, rub it in that I’m famous afterwards? Oh, and I might as well meet Jodi Picoult at some point too, instead of just e-mailing her (she replies ridiculously quick!).

Extra-Question from Sis:
Seriously, are you going to leave a towel in the bathroom next time or what?
...Maybe. Weather permitting of course.

xD i'll probably update later, and maybe i'll get some new questions too :P


  1. :D this made me lol so much, Lenka.

    I'm so glad that you loved my piece, and that you might come to Australia. It's just as good as it sounds, I swear...

    XD the story about your name is so cool! The story about my name is just a blind love of Hellboy....and even i dont love that anymore....

    btw, at the end of you answer for where you like to walk/catch a bus to (great answer btw) there's this little symbol thingy. It has like letters/ numbers in it. I think it says FO 4A or something. Anyone else see it?

    EPICA :D

  2. OOH OOH! I just thought of another question!

    When was your earliest memory of writing a story/poem?

  3. I have another one!

    Have you got any ideas for villains in my story, or would you mind being a villain in it?

  4. LOL Hellboy on my screen in looks like a square box thing, it's because i wrote this up on word first, and put a ':)' in which when i copied and pasted it looks like a box or some random numbers xD stupid technology.

    My First Memory of writing a story? ooooooh, good question: i did a remake of 'the sun and the wind' story, where they fight to take his coat of and stuff, but i never finished it because i left it in the hire car when we finished our holiday...
    If you re-frase the question to 'first completed writing piece?' the answer, in a way, is just as shocking. I loved Batman when i was little, (my Mum says i stopped caring about dolls really quickly) and i wrote a story called 'Joker's Face'. It was basically about everything that led up to why the Joker became the Joker in the end, because i don't think that it was totally fair how he fell into a pot of goo and just like that and became a villian afterwards.
    *Okay, i understand that he killed Bruce's parents in the fist BM film and it may have been Karma kicking in late but go with it*
    Which I guess is why The Dark Knight movie was just phenomenal to me,(excuse my french) because there was no crap in it, you know?

    Have you got any ideas for villains in my story, or would you mind being a villain in it?
    I have plenty of ideas! And no, i wouldn't mind being a villain in your story really, because i'm still planning on showing everyone WHY she's like that. I actually think it's cool that my character is seen as a villain! But feel free to use her like that xD
    Villain for you... okay, tip for the future: think about your hero type character. Think about the frame of their body, expressions, sayings. Eye colour, hair colour just picture all of it in your head. Now take every single aspect of that character, and there are two options:
    Change everything. Just go with ever opposite to make a striking villain or:
    Only change one thing, the personality, and make the appearance similar to fool characters into thinking the guy or gal is innocent. That way, you have a badass dude like your hero, which will maybe even trick readers at some stages xD

    Of course, still USE my character as a villain, Alexzz, because i still think that's Epica xDxD

    Hellboy i have ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia! Seriously, i have friends that want to go to New York, but i prefer the beach xD

  5. Wow, that comment was long xD

    Oh, i have a question for everyone else, what would you engrave into an iPod? I might get a new one for Xmas, so i'll probably have it engraved too.
    (nooooo, just don't give me that rubbish that you can't sell it afterwards. I'm not going to get it just to sell it on ebay. And i'm pretty good with ipods, my iPod Nano model is so old, they don't sell it anymore :P)

  6. :D Epcia :D

    Nice answers there, Lenka. The first memory i ever had of writing a story was in grade 1/2.

    I remember it was a story about me trying to tell my teacher why i was late to school, and the story goes that i woke up to look outside my front door and find an heaps of people out there. The army, navy, romans, indians, even gorram BIONICLES were sitting outside of my house, just waiting to attack. A bionicle goes up to my door and is all like talking in bionicle language. And i was all like "just let me get my bionicle magazine" but before i could, a roman soldier grabs me and shoves me in a catapault. i go flying towards a volcano and then a terrordatcyl (i know thats not right...) saves me. But then it drops me onto the plate of a t-rex. I remember it was about to eat me with a knife or fork. Somehow, magically, i got out, and got to school. Somehow.....

    pretty darn random....yeah...

    Louis was reading over my shoulder, and because he's a major Mac Lover, he thinks you should engrave it with the words "Think Differently", cos that's the slogan for Apple. Meh, all i could think up was maybe derek's name. Or you could ask him to make up a quote about writing and engrave THAT. I dont know. Its your choice.

  7. the beaches are pretty cool, btw. A really good place to go is Moonta, near Adelaide. And when i say near, i mean a 4 hour drive.


    Its got really bad waves, in fact it has next to none. Awesome if you're going fishing tho, and our family has this GREAT spot with the best view of the sea and the sunset. We even have got this little 'lawn' out the front. XD

  8. yep, i just realised how bad that beach sounds. In retrospect....yeah, i guess it kinda is...

  9. Lenka! Thank you for giving such a great interview! Some of the answers I already guessed. Such as: Are you going to write a novel someday? Well, the answer was of course, yes! I can tell right now that your success as a writer is a sure thing!!!!!
    Would you write under your name or or a made up name?
    I think if I were to write, I would be anonymous. But being a writer seems as unlikely as being the next Queen of England!!!!! :P
    Sorry for asking other question! Lol You might have to do another interview!
    Oh! One last thing. That was an awesome question, Alexzz! That one about villians. I'm glad you asked that because I have trouble making up villians too!
    You answer was awesome, Lenka! I'm amazed at your insight in these matters.
    Sorry to go on and on. I'll shut up now! *hears people cheering in background* :P
    But I think I'm a fan of you and severel others who are fanfic writers.........I think that would make me a minion of a minion.......

  10. -_- i dont have trouble making up villains, i just am too tired to... :S

  11. I'd write under my real name, because i'd want to do book signings and ect, so i'd want people to know who i am instead of the FBI walking around with a two identical photos, one under Lenka the other under my real name, going 'OMG they look the same!' :P (okay, unlikely, but hey the answer is the same)


    and to conclude:

    ...a minion of a minion of a minion of a minion................

  12. LOL, Lenka!
    If the miricle ever happened that I was to have a book published, I would not want anyone to know who I was. But I'm just weird that way. Could never stand any attention, whether it's good ar bad.......really hate the bad though....:P
    Will we be graced with another one of your fine stories soon?

  13. PLEASE LENKA!!!!

    Write more! I really need you too! I seriously cannot write without other people writing. So, i need some fan-fic!

    Here;s the deal: You write your story and then i will write mine. We keep going until we finally finish.

    Oh, and btw....

    ....a minion of a minion of a minion....

  14. I've written it, just finishing it up. It happens kinda fast, so i'm trying to round off the edges, if you get my point.
    And Kallista! Why not? I'd kind of love to know that people like my stories, so i'd want people to be able to know who i am ect.

    But Hellboy, you better get writing, because my bet is that i would've probably posted by the time you read this xD

  15. ... okay, strike that. My laptop has gone stupid, and won't open word. I need to copy it from a file, so at best, expect the next piece tomorrow! Night! (or morning, i don't care) xD

  16. :D saved by the laptop....thank god....

    ah, well, you see, i didn't think that you would get the deal so soon. Cos to tell you the truth i havent even finished writing the draft....

    btw, i think i will ditch the draft book, because most of my procrastination comes out of the fact that i have to write up the draft, looking down to check the next word and so on. So instead im just going to write it straight up. I will still keep teh book so that i can write something up when i dont have the computer on though.

    So that's how im going to do the next part. the only problem is that i fear that it is terribly short, giving Skyril a really crappy part. I am trying to fix it, but its not really easy....

    SO i will probably give Skyril another small part later to compensate for that...

    Speaking about small parts...

    LENKA!!!! I just realised that in my story you have not actually had a proper part! Or drawing!

    Now, my brother has drawn you (with all three of your clothing styles on tracing paper, so that when he scans it he can just go " alrite, this is her conning suit *places tracing paper over orginal drawing of Jodi's figure*"

    Not like barbie dolls tho, were they're all naked and you have to choose the best clothes. No, Louis has drawn like a basic shape with a face, then placed tracing paper over that shape and drawn the clothes, then put another piece of tracing paper on and drawn more clothes.

    The only reason why he did this is because you were the only one that said specifically that Jodi has three main sets of clothes.


    ALSO, there is another small part with you in it in the next section, and from there you rejoin the story. :D can't wait for your next part, btw...

    -Hellboy out

  17. Do you have any idea what i just did when i read that?


    Lol, i just realised how girly i sound there, sorry. But i was smiling the whole way through. And SERIOUSLY? i'm in the next part TOO? REALLY?

    And i'm sure Skyril will love it anyway, because heck, i would xD having your own piece is special because it YOURS so it's just like a amazing feeling really xxxxxxxxxxxxxD

    And say thank-you to your brother! And give him a high-five! I can not wait to see it!
    Epica! FTW!!



    *Louis reaches into computer and hi-fives Lenka himself*

    Seriously, he said for me to write that. XD

    *sigh* remember our deal? Please, i need you to write the next part so that i can hurry up and do mine. Rulz r rulz.