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Saturday, 2 October 2010

so just why IS lenka sweet up past midnight?

Well hello to the other people in the UK who have decided to stay up late tonight. It is now officially the 2nd of october. That's right, time to stop pinching and punching each other and breaking the no returns rule because hey, you aren't really that sad are you?
So just a update really via my dad's friend's girlfriend's house over mobile phone. Cos hey, I'm just cool like that.

No, seriously laugh. Course, I've got a couple of lives (yeah, I spent a while taking people seriously with the whole 'get a life' stuff) but right now I am bored. And when I am bored, I update with random stuff.

So I guess this is for people who are still awake in the uk, and for those waking up in aus. (I ain't gonna even TRY and spell aus. Properly while I'm this tired) and also for everyone else around the world who get up at whatever time I don't know about. This really is just something I thought I'd bring up to see what other people thought, so here we go:

Let's do a interview.

Yeah well, here we are the rules for my interview:
1. You can ask as many questions as you want, but you must accept that not every question will be answered
2. The question : 'what's going/gonna happen in your story' is banned
3. I will not answer questions about personal detail (ie: phone numbers, real names, home addresses ect.) Seriously. It just makes you look like a perv on the internet.
4. I will not post a picture of myself, so don't ask
5. You must use imagination and come up with SOME creative questions
6. You can not comment on the spelling mistakes in this post. I'm doing it via mobile, remember?

So, good morning, evening, and afternoon to the people of the Earth xD night xxx


  1. whats your favorite color? (you UK people spell it "colour" but i think that's odd)

    do you like peanuts?

    best TV show in the world?

    best book after skulduggery?

    XD random!

  2. Just woke up...grumblegrumble.....

    What's your fav. piece of web lingo? eg. Ftw

    Have you ever read "Shiver" by Maggie Stieefvater? If so, do you like it?

    What is the best place you like to take a bus/walk to? eg. city, park, plaza.

    If you could be any of the Skulduggery Pleasant characters, regardless of the gender, who would it be?


    Is 'Lenka Sweet' another OC? Or just your blog name (like mine, Hellboy)? If so, it's a helluva name, Lenka.

    Awesome questions ftw!!!!

    plus i left a comment in the fan-fic as well. Just thought you'd want to know, is all.

    -Hellboy out

  3. lol just reread that and realised how pedo the third question sounds...:P

    its just that i catch buses to the city and get like inspired to write n stuff. I get a feelin like ive got a mission, some destination, and THATs inspiring.

  4. hellboy, i love "Balled" and "Lament" by Maggie Stieefvater! i haven't read "Shiver" yet tho

  5. I'm just waiting for some more people to comment and then i'll answer xD really cool questions btw xDDDDD

    so Hellboy, fancy posting another chapter soon? You know, let me sit back in my seat instead of being hunched over on the edge of it :P

  6. 1st question: Already a talented writer, do you plan on writing a novel someday?
    2nd question: If the answer is yes: What would you write about?
    3rd question: What is your favorite time period?
    (sorry...having trouble being creative....)
    4th question: If you had a choice of living in either a castle, a mansion, cottage, or nice apartment, what would you choose and where would it be located? (Not asking anything specific, only country. For me, I would like to live in either UK for a while and then Japan.)
    I can't think of anything else just now. Sorry if my questions seem weird. :P
    Thanks, Lenka!

  7. Have you ever read The Awakening by Bevan McGuiness?

    What is your favorite book (non-skulduggery of course)?

    Who's fan-fic/story are you enjoying the most?

    What do you plan to do when you are older?

    And thats about it :P kindof ran out of ideas after the first two haha :)

  8. lolz no way lenka. Im way behind in my writing. so ive got a little scheme planned...