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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Your Christmas prezzies are NOTHING compared to mine!

Okay, it's official. I am the Best Big Sis EVER!

Last night, i brought the ultimate Christmas present for my Little Brother *Hang on a sec, Lenka never mentioned having a little brother! We're only aware of the little sis!* WELL my brother is the youngest of my family - my family is massive, i still haven't met most of my Dad's Hungarian relatives yet! - and is adorable. Besides, he's four and i need to steer him in the right direction when it comes to books, so this Christmas is the perfect time to do it. I've already educated my sister in Music (although, somehow she loves JLS, and i have no idea where i went wrong with her there...) but she likes Laura Jansen tracks and Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are (which i can not get out of my head right now!) so she's getting better!

Ah, let's get back on track.

Christmas Presents. And mine to my little brother is a gagillion times better than any prezzie YOU can buy (just deal with it. Seriously) So, here it is:

i THINK that worked. It's just a mass of letters and numbers on my screen while your posting. But, we'll find out won't we?

Sooooo this is why i am utterly excited for christmas. It's the favourite one i've brought, and i paid for it myself! (which, if you have little brothers or sisters, you'll understand how amazing it feels to watch them smile as they open it)

So, some more pictures:

Aw! He kinda looks cute!

^^^ The master of drawing and his name up on a book cover. i am spellbound ^^^

Well, merry Christmas everyone!


p.s: Nooooo, i haven't read it a thousand times already so that i already have voices planned out in my head on how i'll read it to him when it's his bed time o.O
why, don't cha believe me? xD


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......your brother sounds so cute!
    He is lucky to have a cool older sis like you to look after him and give him awesome gifts!!!!
    He will treasure it forever. I'll become a family hierloom to be passed down through generations......

  2. D: now i have to fulfill my end of the bargain...damn....

    Well, that is one awesome present. Man, i wish that book was around when i was 10 yrs old...

    BTW! Your story is progressing greatly! And, yet again, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART!

    *grinning* i noticed something. We never really give Skyril a chance, do we? In the story i was writing on my Blackberry, she was working for the sanctuary as well, and she's always the misunderstood, Davina Marr-like character, y'know?

    I reckon we should do like a story where she's the main character, or she is like totally bad-ass, or you feel like you really start to connect with her.

    And when I say WE, i mean YOU, Lenka Sweet.

    Now, even tho i've been procrastinating heaps using every moment of my time reading Hellboy comics (Mike Mignola-look him up!) and playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, i will finally be writing up my story.

    So if you don't hear from me in a while, it's cos im probably dead...just a precaution! XD


    I can't find my draft book! *Yes!*

    I'll just have to do it TOMORROW...*evil laugh*....

  4. Okay okay okay!

    I can do a Skyril based Story! te he he xD

    I can dooooooooooooooooooooooo this....

    First: Let me finish my Broken Glass story (i have loads to go yet!) And then I'll write Jodi and Skyril stories (i talked about doing a Jodi one earlier, remember?) and i'll see which one makes more sense to put up first :D

    And noooooooooooooo way! You must must must update!!!!!!!!

    And thank you Kallista and Lizzy! He is mega cute (that's not me exaggerating) he just *is*. xD

  5. :D he sure is a lucky kid with a sister like you...all my little sister ever does is play netball and sing...*grumble grumble*

    But i do love her, i swear.

    Wow, i have got a loooonnggg list of stuff to write as well.

    So, first on the list is my newly christened "Endgame" story, because if i don't post soon, you guys will probably hunt me down and cut my arms off...*shudder* ill never write again....

    Second is the Leo Sparks: Origins story, which is currently stored on my Blackberry, which i haven't been able to use on account of me not being able to find a new trackpad on ebay (they had some on 'Amazon' but i don't really trust that site and also i can't find someone selling my trackpad who is in Aus...damn...) :/

    Third is a secret story that i'm working on, which doesn't have anything to do with my fan-fic. But when i finally reveal it (a long, LONG time into the future) you lot will have exploded brains everywhere.

    I'd buy an umbrella and a trolley full of paper towel....

    FOURTH is an idea i had, which deagle_pickle asked if he could be in. It;s some sort of war, but a recent one. And Israel is smack bang in the middle of it.

    FIFTH is, well, i don't really know. I'll get that far and probably have a hundred more ideas in my head. So, yeah. ;D EAT MORE LAMINGTONS!!!!