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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Now don't get excited...

Before i update, i thought i'd do a bit of an odd-bobs post.

But first, let me tell you about Harry Potter.

Now, I'm not a fan of the books, nor the movies really. But i AM a fan of Darren Criss, and what was that you just said? Did i hear you say you've never heard of Darren Criss? Are you telling me that you're life is just a empty pit of despair with no real point or joy to it?
Because if you don't know who Darren Criss is, then you must be living under a rock for the past few years. Because Darren Criss is MY Harry Potter, he is the only Harry i can really say managed to practically take the piss out of himself while being 'Totally Awesome'
~God, if you don't get why that bit was around quotation marks, then i'm gonna send you in the right direction~

Now, let's say you go to Youtube.
You now type A Very Potter Musical into the search box.
You press enter.
You click the first video.
You watch it.
You laugh at it.
You click on the first suggestion, which will be the next bit.
Before you know it, you've spent the last 2-3 hours watching Darren Criss.
And you loved it.

If you didn't love it, then i am legally allowed to kill you.

Because Darren Criss is HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER! the boy who lived. Duh!

Now go! Go finish watching, i promise you you'll be singing 'Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts', and you're gonna LOVE it.

Darren Criss/Harry Potter <3 <3 <3

p.s: I'm doing a side on Webby about random stuff.


Saturday, 6 November 2010

BG: Part Sixteeeeeeeen! xD

Double posting! Anyway, here you are:

Skyril walked into the London Sanctuary. She greeted the Administrator, who congratulated her on her completed task. Skyril kept a tight smile on her face, and readjusted her coat, knowing that underneath the fabric was a bomb. Bridget Whiplash, who made sure that the explosion would only be so minor that it would only inflict damage on Skyril, and no one else, had modified the bomb. Skyril sighed, knowing that the pen in her pocket was also being used as a tracking device and identity marker, checking the heat levels to match and check that it was still attached to Skyril. Somewhere, the three culprits where in a nearby pub with a load of computers set up, watching Skyril’s every move. Skyril could imagine that Skylara would be hunched over a red button, ready for any excuse to destroy Skyril for betraying them all.

Israel sat in a squished rental car with Skylara and Bridget in the back seat, while he sat at the wheel, drumming his fingers on the handbrake. Bridget was searching through the sides of the seats, determined to grab the twenty pound note that she was sure she had kept in her pocket. Skylara had Jodi’s pack of cards, and tried to do a trick.
“Remind me again why we didn’t make the bomb a real bomb?” Bridget said, trying to push her hand down further between the seats.
Israel just shrugged. “Because if she toyed with it too much, she could set it off.”
“No she wouldn’t have. I would have made a radio signal so I could just flip a switch and boom!”
“I doubt it would’ve been a rather loud boom.” Skylara muttered, trying to keep a card up her sleeve. “And if it hadn’t been, she- oh shit-” She paused as she dropped the Ace of hearts on to the floor as it slipped out of her coat sleeve. She picked it off the floor, and tried again. “-anyway, if it wasn’t a really loud boom, how would we have known that it had gone off? The pen is just a normal frickin’ pen. Aw, hell!” Skylara cried, as the cards slipped from her grip and fell across the leather car seats. She started to pick them up again.

In the distance, a man with shadows dancing around his shoes began to walk towards the London Sanctuary. Two others followed, under his control, and their abilities were crucial to this. This is what they had been planning for years. They had watched her, and they had watched the girl with black hair and purple streaks. If they couldn’t have the girl with rainbow clips, then no one could. They needed her, and they had want she wanted.
There was a red car in the area nearby. Three figures sat inside, one at the wheel, two in the back. The man did not see this as a threat, one of the girls in the back was focused of completing a card game of some sort, and the other two didn’t seem to react or turn to look at him.
He stopped, just before he entered the old Church building, abandoned and used as a cover up for the London Sanctuary. Some thought it contained History. Others within the magical realm knew that it had contained rats before an exterminator was called in. His two accomplices stepped in front of him and continued to walk on. Only four had survived his tests, his Science. His first two successes were with him, the third was being given different substances to give his body natural defences against Elementals at his creator’s home. The fourth had been killed, reason unknown, but the man had no time to care, and if he had, he wouldn’t have bothered to anyway. A fifth man who had been used as a assassin was found dead in America. And the man didn’t hold a grudge.
His first success was a girl with wispy blonde hair and green eyes that were a pea-green shade. She was a Necromancer, with her shadows linked within her Longbow and arrows. Each arrow fired would instantly kill anyone, the darkness succumbing them, swallowing them and eating them from the inside out. Her name was Amber, and the man had not even tried to remember any one’s last name, except those he thought were important. Amber was no exception.
His second success was called Matt, a boy with dark black hair and his Necromancer powers wielded within his thin black staff with a glowing black orb on the top. He staff gave off waves of shadows that knocked out everyone within a room. If they were hit with the staff in a close range, their minds would shatter, and they would elapse into eternal pain. There was no way to cure them, they could either live always screaming, or kill them to keep them quiet. His eyes had originally been green like Amber’s, but after all of the tests and nutrition’s and chemicals had been pumped into his body, his eyes were a light hazel that looked as if the tops were made of fragile glass. The man who had made them both didn’t care about eye colour, he just wanted the girl with blue eyes.
His creations looked at each other and nodded, both gripping their weapons tightly, shoulders back and relaxed. Amber and Matt burst into the Sanctuary, the door slamming shut behind them. The man stayed back, and waited for them both to return. He didn’t even hear a scream. Amber and Matt returned, bowing their heads slightly and opening the doors wide to let their leader in. He looked over the scene, and saw how each person was dead: the cleavers were all lying unconscious, limp and immobile, the administrator was folded over her desk, a arrow sticking out of her neck, and Mages and Sorcerers were scattered across the grounds trying hard to tear limbs off; they were going insane.
The man smiled, but Amber spoke up. “There was one, the purple girl, who darted off and distracted us for a split second. She used her power and she blinded us. We are sorry, we have failed you.” Matt hung his head, and Amber did the same, but the man just smiled.
“We’re here for the dark haired girl. Don’t worry about Skyril Oblivion: she will not be a problem for you two.”
They continued to walk down the halls, and watched all of the villains in these cells as they walked past, trying to find their target. One villain lashed out and gripped his hand around Amber’s neck. Matt quickly smashed him around the head with his staff, as he stepped back, trying to pull himself apart.
And that’s when the man saw her.
Noah Monetti had found his target, and she was waiting...

:L Cliffhanger or WHAT! Comment! And everyone update your fanfiction sites! I need inspiration <3 xxx

BG: Part FIFTHTEEN! i bet you love me!

Hi! Here's the thing, i felt guilty for leaving you on edge for weeks, so i thought i'd update with...


yes, so if you are utterly sad and keep refreshing this page every second of the day, then in a sec you'll see the next part up after you read this ;)

Skyril walked slowly to the bus stop. Her bus was already there, and she smiled as the driver turned the gas off, and slumped in his seat. She wouldn’t have to hurry tonight.
It was barely 7am, and Skyril was still thinking about the girl that she had crossed paths with earlier. She tried not to. The girl obviously was young, a beginner if she thought it was clever to shape shift in an area where anyone could’ve seen her. Skyril frowned because the eagle form reminded her of Skylara. And she didn’t want to think about Skylara then. She didn’t want to think about Jodi: a con artist she had spent her life trying to track, and now that she was captured, Skyril had no clue what to do next. What was she supposed to do?
The bus wasn’t far away now. Skyril could see that the driver was sleeping with his hat pulled low. She could see-
It hit her quickly, a fist around the face and a kick to the ribs. Skyril clutched her chest in pain, keeping her eyes shut to stop the tears from showing.
“Night night.” A gentle female voice whispered in her ear. Skyril opened her eyes, noticing Skylara and Israel both standing above her. Skyril looked over to the bus in desperation, but the driver’s head was turned away, and it seemed as if he was ready to set off. She would not go out helpless. She would not let people ruin her.
Skylara bent down to Skyril’s level, and sprayed a black mist over Skyril’s face. Skyril felt her eyes sting and her throat burn like fire. She couldn’t feel the pain in her chest: she wasn’t sure if she could still breathe.
All she knew was that somewhere out there Jodi was locked up in a bound cell. Alone. The thought made Skyril smile, as she closed herself from the world.

“Okay Miss Oblivion,” Skylara said, smiling widely. “We’re going to free Jodi Harte.”
“What!” Skyril yelled. She would’ve sprung for Skylara, but the shackles were tied to the back of her chair, and her feet were tied to the two front legs of the chair. “Impossible, you can’t just let her go.”
“Sorry, but by ‘we’, we meant you.”
Skyril licked her lips in frustration. She closed her eyes, thinking about that vision she had seen, and realising she was really in no position to fight; Skyril just sighed. “God Damn it! This isn’t fair; why should she be allowed to roam free when so many others don’t? Those people she conned deserve justice-”
“And right now, Jodi deserves fairness. Be a realist Skyril. We got a note about someone wanting to kill Jodi less than a month ago. Our Sanctuaries suck. There’s no way she’ll be safe in there.”
Israel Elysium watched as Skyril’s expression dropped. “I know you don’t agree.” Israel muttered. “But we were given orders to protect her. Right now, she is the victim. In addition, we are supposed to save that character, at least in this chapter. So what do you say?”
Skyril shifted slightly in her seat. “How do I know I can trust you? Why should I?”
“Because you literally,” Skylara muttered, leaning back on her chair opposite Skyril. “Have no other choice.”

“Hey Bridget!” Israel greeted down the phone. “You bored? Would you like to become a fugitive with me?”
Bridget grumbled down the phone line, mumbling something that sounded like ‘what trouble have you got yourself in’ through the shaky reception.
“You still got that lump of metal? Good. Okay, you in London? Come down to Baker’s Street. I’ll walk up and down the street and I’ll wave if I see you. Why am I whispering? Do you know Skyril Oblivion? No? Well, surely you’ve heard something, right? No? You don’t get out much, do you? Hey, no that wasn’t a joke, just... wait, you’re in London already? Well, I guess I’ll see you in about half an hour then. Good. Fine. Bye. You know what, just hang up the damn- Hello?”

Jodi Harte lay back in her cell. After trying to convince a cleaver to play a game I Spy with her, she had decided to just think, about everything, and about nothing, all at once. And then she could get it all over with, and then maybe, she wouldn’t have to think about it again.
The doctor she had been given was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and blonde high lights. She took one look at Jodi and said ‘Hell, who’s cheerio’s did you pee in?’ laughed at her own joke, and quickly put Jodi under. When Jodi woke back up, she had been in her cell, eyes still burning. She thought about her car. She wanted her damn car back. She wanted her life back. She wanted what she had been looking for her whole life.
Her eyes opened in a flash, as she sat bolt upright. She quickly slid down again, then smashed her head against the tiles before she could even think, and that was the idea. She could not think about this, of what she simply needed, because if she thought about it, then it would only peel back the Jodi Harte everyone knew. It would unravel her and break her. She slammed her head down once more, wondering whether or not this made her crazy, or stupid. Jodi saw the blood, and began to panic. She held her hand to her forehead, eyes still ablaze, and now her head was throbbing.
She was guilty of making herself her own victim. Jodi Harte knew that. She also knew that now nothing hurt her underneath the skin, beneath the heart. And just because this time Jodi had lost, it didn’t mean Skyril’s victory would be replaced by someone else’s...
Because someone was coming for Jodi Harte.
And Jodi knew it too.

Sorry Skyril, you seem to keep ending up as the misunderstood character :/ anyway, i'm going to give you your own story after i've finished, so you've got a kind of balanced view of your character. plus, Luna Devine, if you'd like your own piece, could you please post your OC to Bio Rama (message Lizzy, she's following me on this - and then she'll add you as a writer of Bio Rama and then you can post you Original Character there) or if it's quicker, just post it in the comment section xD

Also, Kallista i already have you down, if anyone else wants their own piece, LET ME KNOW! :P

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gah, sorry.

Well, here's the thing. It's currently Thursday the 4th, 21:08 in the year 2010, and in one week tomorrow i will be sat in my school hall at 1pm, sitting my first ever GCSE Science exam. There are 24 questions, all multiple choice, and all based on Environment and Genes. And i have to do revision. And i mean A LOT of revision.

The thing that bugs me the most is that the score margins between an A* and a A are so small. Two marks. Two friggin' marks.

So yes. I'll update with Marks on my first test (i think we have 3 or 4. I'm not sure. Anyway, they sum up the average of all those marks and then we'll have our final result - for the clever people, you've probably realised that there's only a 6 to 8 mark gap between each grade: so i'm screwed) so i haven't updated because we've been doing practice tests and a heck of a lot of revision.

I MIGHT update this weekend, when i get a break, but if i don't come on Blogger again this week, don't panic, I'll update probably next weekend at the ABSOLUTE LATEST, even if it is just to tell you that i think i did rubbish on the test :( Either way, wish me luck!

Ta for now!
Love Lenka xxx

p.s: Hellboy, go to your design page elements, and click edit on your blog post view at the bottom right hand corner of the box. Scroll down the new page that should open, and you can see a part about 'Reactions'. Click on the edit link next to it, and delete your current reaction selection, and re-type what new reactions you have selected for your site, spaced out and seperated with a comma and space between each option. xD
Now dammit! Update! ^_^