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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Part Seventeen and Look! It's half three... in the goddamn morning.

So. It's 03:27am in England, and so i'm sorry if there are spelling mistakes, but i have a serious case of cba (can't be asked) and i need to go to sleep. So, here you are:

It’s easy to scream. Skyril thought to herself. Just scream. Save her.
But Skyril didn’t move. She stayed hidden in a empty cell, the door open a small crack, and she watched the three figures peer through a cell. Worse, she saw the main man smile slightly. They had found her. And Skyril didn’t want to save her.
Did she even have to?
But Skyril kept her mouth shut, and didn’t move. She waited for someone else to save Jodi Harte, she waited and no one came. Simply because no one wanted to save her. Not out of righteousness, not out friendship, not out of family. And that’s when Skyril realised it: Jodi was alone in the world.
Skyril had never thought about that. She just assumed she had some sources, or a good-hearted neighbour. Someone who listened, and heard the truth and the laughter between the words. But who did Skyril have? She didn’t have a partner. Skyril didn’t have her parents, not after she had run away from home. The closest person was Vivacious Fog, and he had been murdered on Skyril’s 25th birthday. And Skyril tried hard not to think about Springheeled Jack – the one who wielded the weapon – because that was Tanith Low’s target. And Skyril knew that it was disrespectful to complete someone else’s task.
What had been Skyril’s task? To capture Jodi, to make her admit to her crimes. And she had already done both; so what was there left to do?
Skyril tossed the thought over in her mind. She could save Jodi, she could kill the people who had come for her...

Skylara shuffled the cards, letting Israel pick a card for the seventeenth time. “Okay, I think I can do it this time.” Skylara whispered checking the way Israel was positioned and her own place on the backseat. Israel swept a card for the pack, nodded and slid it back into the middle. Skylara smiled, shuffled the cards quickly through her figures and then sifted through them. She picked out one, and showed it to Israel.
“No.” Israel muttered. “It was the Jack of spades.”
“No it bloody wasn’t!” Skylara cried. “It was the 7 of hearts! I saw it in the rear-view mirror behind you!”
Israel smiled. “I know that. So why are you showing me the 4 of diamonds?”
Skylara looked down to the card she was holding out. And sure enough, there it was; the 4 of diamonds. Skylara blushed, and bit her lower lip. “I suck at this.”
“No, it’s just that Jodi Harte has had seventy-five years of practice. You’ve given it a week.” Israel muttered, starring at his watch. “I think we should go in now. She hasn’t come out for an hour.”
“Meh, leave her.” Bridget muttered.
“Yeah, if she’s about to be killed, I’m not that fussed.” Skylara said, shuffling the cards again. “Skyril can save herself, I think we can all witness that. Plus she knows that if she comes without Jodi that we can most probably kill her. She just doesn’t know that we won’t.”
“What if she works it out?” Israel protested. “What if she risks it? Knowing that we won’t kill her either way?”
Bridget laughed. “You actually think people on this planet have common sense? The odd thing with that type of sense is that it isn’t that common, Israel. Skyril’s a good little dear, she can easily get past, free Jodi and run out.”
“Then why is it taking so long?”
Skylara frowned. “Maybe Jodi is conning some of the Cleavers and Skyril wants to kick the crap out of her before she saves her. I don’t know. Either way, Jodi will come out of that building in five minutes, I bet you.”

Skyril carefully unlatched the bomb from the strap around her waist beneath her coat. The light on the top wasn’t flickering, and Skyril carefully tested it’s weight. She held her breath and slowly stood, holding the bomb away at arm’s length. The bomb was only meant to be inflicted on one person, within a metre radius. She couldn’t take out all three of the kidnappers with one bomb, and now the decision was clear.
She wouldn’t take out the main one alone, because the other two would easily be able to kill her. And since she had no idea which of the two guards were more powerful, she wouldn’t waste it on either of them, just in case.
They wanted Jodi Harte.
And more importantly, with the way they were carefully tearing apart the locks, the wanted her alive.
Skyril measured the orb in comparison to her hand. It was a small circle, about the size of a bouncy ball, and she could hide it in her palm to make it look like she was only keeping a stern fist. It would easily fit in-between bars or into a pocket. Skyril closed her eyes, and imagined the three figures outside of Jodi’s cell. She took a deep breath, and tried her hardest at her power. When she looked again, the figures were collapsed against the floor, and Skyril knew she only had one chance to get it right.
The pen in pocket was still heavy, and Skyril threw it to the floor, and stepped on it with the edge of her purple boots, until the metal was broken beneath her foot. She had maybe five seconds before Israel Skylara and Bridget all decided to set the bomb off.
She raced down the hall, not even glancing at the figures. She looked into Jodi’s cell, noticing the rainbow clips in her hair. Skyril was still sprinting, and quickly threw the orb through the gaps between the bars of the cell.
Skyril didn’t look back. And as soon as she kept the thought in her mind, she burst out of the doors and into the streets, the waves of leaves and the misty air.

So what did you think?
Plus, if you see any socks on the internet with crazy/cute patterns or cool colours on, post a link!
g'night, or morning to the Brits ;)


  1. EPIC!!!!!!!
    *stands and applaudes*
    One of the best stories on the blog!!!!!

    I'm loving it! You are AWESOME for posting this! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. TOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!! so amazing lenka :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    i honestly cant wait for more of that extravagant writing finesse


  3. AWESOME! i can't wait for more! btw, why do you want pictures of socks?

  4. :DDDDD EPICAA!!!!

    LOL Skyril still thinks the bomb is a real working one. lololololol..........


  5. Hiya here's my O.C i dot hav a clu how to bio rama so i though i'd do it here.U mind?

    Name:Luna Devine
    Age:82 was turned to a vamp when she was 1 so she looks 17
    Hair colour:waist lenght white hair.when she became a vamp somethin went wrong which changed her hair to startlin white.
    wears:Red string top under back leather jacket acompaned by a short black skirt and converse(Black)
    From:Ireland east coast of Dublin
    History:Was a willfull teen and got into continueous fights.She was brought up in magic but didnt have the spark.Late one night after running away afte a large argument
    her sharp tongue got her in a fight with a vamp.She didnt win.
    Weapon:various knifes and guns fav is a silver handgun always with her.
    Other skills:she is a very good thief,can escape from allmost anywhere,has an amazing knack to break anything unbreakable.
    Friends:not many
    Those she comes close too she will protect no matter who wants to hurt her.
    Likes:Blood,Hot chocolate,reading
    Dislikes:Jerks,Bullies,Vaurien Scapegrace.

  6. LENKA!!!!

    Your number one fan is here!

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    Anyhow! I have the 1st part of my Christmas story up and would be GREATLY honored if you would read it. It's not part of the fanfic. Just so you know. :P

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