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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Update Post

It's been 33days since I've been on Blogger. That's just: wow. Don't even get me started, how did I fo that?
Well on the 24th of Dec, I got a call from my biological/blood father. In a few weeks, I wouldn't have spoken to him for a year, so 33 days ago he tried to fix the problem.
I didn't pick up the phone, I didn't want to speak to him. Instead on the voicemail he said he wanted repair the damage he had done.
But I know there are some things you just can't fix.
Which is why 33 days ago I stopped.

I basically started acting differently: I brought new clothes, I practically live in the Glee Fandom, and I tried to change everything. So I stopped going on blogger, I stopped writing and reading, I literally didn't want to have to write again. It was my dad who I first told that I wanted to be a writer. It was him who brought me notpads and binders and paper and glitter pens. He encouraged me to write: he sometimes reminded me of the first time I told him: he would tell me about the gleam I had in my eye that day. The blooming of a dream and a future.
So, as I said in a few weeks it will have been a whole year sine I've seen him/talked to him. And I'm scared of him: and that's what hurts more, because I shouldn't have to be scared, and I don't want to be.
What I'm trying to say is that at home: it's pretty crap. I'll try to update, but I have another early GCSE coming up (I got an A in my first one), and I have to pick my options soon and I have three assessment pieces due next week, so I have no idea when I'll be on again.

Don't worry though, I'm fine, honestly. I mean, Derek Landy has read my work: how couldd I not be happy about that?!?!?

PS: sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I'm on my blaclberry and I have school tomorrow... It's nearly midnight on the 26th here xxx Night