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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Update Post

It's been 33days since I've been on Blogger. That's just: wow. Don't even get me started, how did I fo that?
Well on the 24th of Dec, I got a call from my biological/blood father. In a few weeks, I wouldn't have spoken to him for a year, so 33 days ago he tried to fix the problem.
I didn't pick up the phone, I didn't want to speak to him. Instead on the voicemail he said he wanted repair the damage he had done.
But I know there are some things you just can't fix.
Which is why 33 days ago I stopped.

I basically started acting differently: I brought new clothes, I practically live in the Glee Fandom, and I tried to change everything. So I stopped going on blogger, I stopped writing and reading, I literally didn't want to have to write again. It was my dad who I first told that I wanted to be a writer. It was him who brought me notpads and binders and paper and glitter pens. He encouraged me to write: he sometimes reminded me of the first time I told him: he would tell me about the gleam I had in my eye that day. The blooming of a dream and a future.
So, as I said in a few weeks it will have been a whole year sine I've seen him/talked to him. And I'm scared of him: and that's what hurts more, because I shouldn't have to be scared, and I don't want to be.
What I'm trying to say is that at home: it's pretty crap. I'll try to update, but I have another early GCSE coming up (I got an A in my first one), and I have to pick my options soon and I have three assessment pieces due next week, so I have no idea when I'll be on again.

Don't worry though, I'm fine, honestly. I mean, Derek Landy has read my work: how couldd I not be happy about that?!?!?

PS: sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I'm on my blaclberry and I have school tomorrow... It's nearly midnight on the 26th here xxx Night


  1. *crying*
    Who bloody cares if you have spelling errors. You posted! You are ok! FOr the most part!
    *hugs Lenka*
    Don't ever walk away from us dear. I haven't been able to be inspired due to your absence.
    I wish I could be there now and give you extra strength and courage for what you have to face.
    All I can say is, HANG IN THERE, and hope and pray that you do so.
    I'm so very glad you saw that Derek read your awesome work!
    Good luck with the GCSE and assessments! Come back when you can. We'll be waiting with open arms!

    *gives Lenka another hug*

  2. Lenka! You're back!

    Wow, it looks like you have had it tough. I am glad that you are here tho, back again. So glad.

    We missed you. I missed you.

    It;s cool that Derek read all of our work tho, huh? I've been waiting for that for weeks.

    Man, you can't believe how happy i am that you chose to post again. Just knowing you are ok is amazing.

    Good luck with your GCSE! I hope you ace it like the other one.

    Seeya soon!


  3. Now all that's left is for Leo to post again :P

  4. *glomps Lenka*

    I missed you Lenka!

    Good luck with the GCSE. Mine are looming on the horizon. Derek is proud of us all! He read your awesome work!

    See you around the blog

  5. Thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. :)
    It's not the same without you.

  6. I don't know if you have been reading these comments, Lenka, or even if you've visited this blog (let alone mine-it's got awesome stuff :P), but every spare moment i have been checking over here to see if you have replied to us, or if you have posted something else, or ANYTHING like that. And i swear that because of that i have boosted the pageviews by a good couple of hundred over the last two-three weeks. :P

    But we really are missing you! And the fact that you post, bringing this news to us and then suddenly going again, not even answering our comments, that just makes me feel even worse. I seriously want you back. You are an awesome friend. We NEED you here, Lenka. It is good on the blogs, yeah. But with you back? It would be awesome. Bliss.

    I would love it if you came back. I would be thrilled, in awe, smote, and all.

    Please, pleeeeaaasssseee come back. Just one incy wincy comment. THat's all. *hides lasso behind back* I won't tie you up so you have to listen to us all talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and TALK all day long. *grin* Promise.

    I hope to see you soon,


  7. I'll tie you up! I'll tie you BOTH up!
    *laughs insanely*
    But yeah....What he said!

    *all the smurfs around her gibble excitedly and echo her earnest plea and hold up tiny white signs begging Lenka to come back*

    See. NOW you HAVE to come back. Even the smurfs are in on it! :P

  8. *puts Hellboy in a smurf costume and whispers for him to do the smurf dance and song*

    I'm sure she will come back once you have done this.

    *nods what she hopes is a convincing nod as Hellboy glares at her*

    *reluctantly Hellboy does the Smurf song and dance*

  9. LOL *trips and falls, covered in a mountain of angry smurfs*

    *muffled voice* glelp bhe, GHlallizzcha!

    (translation: Help me, Kallista!)

  10. *panics and dives in after Hellboy*

    *pulls him out in a mighty heave and flips him over her shoulder*

    *runs away like the dickens with a hord of smurfs after them*

    *comes to a ravine and grabs the vine.....swngs to othre side leaving angry smurfs behind her shaking thier fists at her*

    *sticks magical tulips in Hellboys ears which revive him*

    *greatfully he looks up at her knowing she is a HERO*

    *once recovere they both sit around a campfire and tell Lenka stories and try to come up with some other schemes to get Lenka back to the blog*

  11. *watches Lord of the Rings: Return of the King*

    *cries whenever an orc/goblin/enemy dies*

    *sob* He probably had a family! *sob*

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. *comes pedaling in furiously on her trusty tricycle and rides past Hellboy*

    *tosses him a hanke and while he is busy wiping his nose she ties him up with her daisy chains and ties histo her handle bars*

    *quickly she squeaks away kiddnapping Hellboy*


  14. *high pitched scream* No! Not the NOOGIE!

    o_o m-must...c-c-contact...l-Lenka! Quickly!

  15. *a couple talent scouts for opera hear Hellboy and come running in*

    *thrilled to find their next soprano diva they whisk him away to the theater*

    *Kallista just stands there for a moment stunned* really need to come back to the blogs!

  16. Ih lenka we're all here 4 u!!Take ur time *sniff*

    Don't worry u'll prob get more A's i only have an entrance test!!!

    Please update soon! *waves*


    Hun ur a genius! *wink*