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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Courage Is

First: Thank You. All of you. The comments and... just everything. I've read them all. I've re read them. I've got some of them typed up on my phone to look at when i'm down. so thank-you <3 Second: There's that saying: Forgive and Forget. But... why? Why should I forgive someone for making me feel like crap, for making me feel like I don't matter? And I honestly don't know. To me, the world isn't about forgetting and forgiving simply because that's the way we want to see the world. You just, well, you just remember everything don't you? You can't forget: it's just not that simple.
But you can have courage. You can have courage to get through it all. And everyone has that song that just makes you feel better and makes you relax a bit. And the song 'Courage Is' (which you can listen to here) is kinda my song for the moment, so... I hope you like it too.