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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Courage Is

First: Thank You. All of you. The comments and... just everything. I've read them all. I've re read them. I've got some of them typed up on my phone to look at when i'm down. so thank-you <3 Second: There's that saying: Forgive and Forget. But... why? Why should I forgive someone for making me feel like crap, for making me feel like I don't matter? And I honestly don't know. To me, the world isn't about forgetting and forgiving simply because that's the way we want to see the world. You just, well, you just remember everything don't you? You can't forget: it's just not that simple.
But you can have courage. You can have courage to get through it all. And everyone has that song that just makes you feel better and makes you relax a bit. And the song 'Courage Is' (which you can listen to here) is kinda my song for the moment, so... I hope you like it too.


  1. *jaw drops*


    Lenka, my philosophy has just been prooved TRUE! That you're like a smile, like sunlight! Because guess what came out of the Cleveland clouds when I saw you posted?


    And then I started beaming, and a really bouncy song came onto the radio.

    (On my moms IPhone, by the way...[WAAAAAAIT MOTHER! APMOST DONE!])

    Lenka, I'm really glad that the we've been able to help you (err...with words, but still...)

    AND NOW...

    I must say that-

    ...crap. Gotta go. Weird dinner dance. BYE!


  2. LENKA!!!
    *hugs her*

    I really don't like that saying, forgive and forget. If you forget what hurt you then you will be hurt again. It's mean to expect someone not to remember something that hurt you. It's part of our history and part of what shapes us. We also learn form it and can come up with ways to better protect ourselfs in the future.
    I think it's good to forgive. But it's still not an easy thing. I find that I have to forgive certain people everyday just for one action that happened a while ago. It took me time to come to that point in life. Forgiveness should happen when the person hurt is good and ready to forgive. Another human should not force anyone to forgive before they are ready.
    I am so glad yu took the time to give us anothe rpost. Thank you!

  3. Yay, Lenka!! :D
    So glad to see you :3
    And you're most definitely welcome. :D Glad we could help, even a little. :]

    And I know EXACTLY what you mean! You can't just forget. It's not that simple. Forgiving is generally hard enough as it is. Forgetting, on the other hand, nearly impossible.
    Anyway, I'm so glad you're doing a bit better :]

  4. Lenka!


    'Forgive and forget' is not accurate. It's pretty much impossible to do such a thing. BUT....

    You are a great person. Maybe someday you'll be ready to forgive who ever it is that hurt you. Maybe not. If you're not ready now, that's perfectly okay. If you never are, that's perfectly okay too. Forgiving is not easy. It never will be. Forgiveness cannot be forced, only given when its time comes.

    I'm glad that you posted again. I know for sure that I did not help very much at all, as I only posted one comment, but it's great to hear from you.

    And now, a proper introduction.


    My name is Thalia Jane Circe, and it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lenka!

  5. Oh my god. What a meaningful post.

  6. *waves hi to everyone here*

    I could never, ever write something so meaningful. Maybe it's because I'm in an elite school, and two years of intensive studying has brainwashed me to think morales are nothing and grades are everything.

  7. Lenka :]

    I'm glad to hear from you again. Thankyou so much for posting. :D

    You're right, you know. About the forgiving.

    I'm off to listen to that song now. Thanks, once again, for doing this post :)

    I can't think of anything else to say because my mind's a bit of a shambles right now with thoughts flying all over the damned place, but i'll get it worked out.
    Talk to you soon!

  8. Wow. That song is amazing.

    Perfectly written, don't you think?

    And you definitely do have courage, Lenka. Damned straight, you do.

    My favorite lines are:

    "Courage is when you're living in pain, but you keep on living anyway."


    "It's not how many times you've been knocked down, it's how many times you get back up."

    When you have the time, you should listen to this song:

    I really can't piece together the lyrics, but the whole song is just a wonderfully calming one for me.

  9. *Hulas back*

    Wao...weird night.

    Okay. Lenka, the phrase 'Forgive and Forget' is not very well known in my family. In fact, my grandfather has never said 'I'm sorry' or 'I was wrong' in his whole life. So, I don't really have anything...constructive to say about the saying 'Forgive and forget'.

    ...but, you know, maybe like a week from now I'll think of something.

    ...or a couple days, saying that a lack of patience is also in my family.


  10. Lenka thats so lovely and we all miss you.You don't have to forgive and forget but come on Hunny You can do this but You have to help yourself no one else can do it only you no matter what we say.Im not being hard or anything.All i can say is good luck and we miss you
    Don't worry we'll always help,always be there *wink*


  11. Lenka!

    So glad to hear from you again! Thank you for posting.

    As long as we have our friendship I will be there for you in the brightest day and the darkest night.

    I'm sure all our friends will agree with me.

  12. *snaps fingers*

    *opens mouth to say something*


    *stops mid-scentance*

    *brow furrows*


  13. ...

    *points at Octa*

    what he said.

  14. *breaks the pointing line* Pointing's rude! :P

    You should drop by my blog, Lenka, and read the fanfic and talk a bit to the other bloggers. T'would be fun, i swear.

  15. *looks down at her broken point then at Hellboy*


    *points at Hellboy with one hand and takes out her trusty banana gun in the other hand and aims at Hellboy*

    Queens are NEVER rude Hellboy. Our pointing is a sign of high favor and blessing. Same with being shot by a banana gun! Are you ready to be blessed? REG


    Lenka! If you can, check out The Eight Great Immortals blog. Hellboy added a blogger's dictionary! It's EPICA!!!! :D
    *hugs Lenka after shooting Hellboy with 999,999,999 rounds of bananas*

    *looks at the mess*

    Umm...sorry about that Lenka. Yeah......ummm.......MAr will be here shortly to clean it up!

    *dashes madly away from Lenka's blog and calls out to her over her beautiful shoulder*

    *sounding stragly like that Arnold guy*

  16. :D Kallista's right, I did do a Blogger's Epic Dictionary on TEGI. Check it out pls xD

  17. I couldn't point anyway. My pointing hand died last night.

    *shows everyone her stepped on and bruised hand*

    But I shall proverbially point at Octa, for his words are correct.

  18. *looks at mess*



    *laughs meniacally*

  19. *head blinks up*


    *bounds up and down*








  20. Lenka!

    One of your great friends, Kallista, needs help!

    She has been told by her parents that she is no longer allowed on the blogs. One of the main reasons for this is that they thought she was a bad influence on us.

    So it's our job to get her back! We're trying to all write up a post for each of our blogs so that we can show her parents just how helpful and awesome she really is to us all.

    Could you do a post as well, please? We need everyone, and your help would be more than welcome. Just write what come naturally about Kallista.

    Go to The Eight Greats and scroll down for more information.

  21. If you do a post about it, can you then copy the link and post it in the comments section of the Biorama, on the latest post?

  22. Lenka

    I've recently been rereading your wonderful writing and I just want to say how EPICA it is. So no matter what your teachers say, it is worth it. You have such talent, it's truly amazing. Don't ever give up on your dreams because you are truly a wonderful person. I just wanted to say thank you for brightening up my live with your stories.


  23. Lenka. My parents are kicking me off the internet. I am trying to talk reason with them. But just in case you don't hear from me in a while, I want you to know that am thinking of you and praying for you. I will find my way back to the blogs and I will try to be there for you in anyway I can.
    I read what Octa wrote and I wanted to remind you that I too just love your writing. It's wonderful and is always a treat to reread. You don't just have talent Lenka. You have GREAT talent! Beware of those around you who are jelouse. (like that silly teacher) You must continue to develope your gift Lenka! The world needs your writings! Heck! I NEED YOUR WRITINGS! :D
    Gotta go cause parents will be home soon.
    Bye for now. (but not forever)

  24. Hey there, Lenka. I was thinking about you recently, and I got an idea. So I developed that idea... and now I have a poem. A very short poem.... About your OC... I wanted to do something to cheer you up, and this is what I came up with. :]
    I so hope you'll like it!
    ~hopeful smile~
    I posted it on my blog... I hope that's alright xD

    Here's the link directly to it :]

    Turns out that nothing can keep me AWAY!

    *stikes a heroic pose*

    *pants rips*


    *shuffles away quickly*
    It's actually thanks to all our friends on here.
    Now I can still be present to be here for you and hopefully encourage you and help you to laugh and be happy again.
    *hugs Lenka*
    Can't wait for the awesome day you come back Lenka!

  26. Her everyone

    anyone wanna use Luna Devine in their fanfic??

    Feel free!!

    i'm just having a bit of writers block right now :P

  27. Hey Lenka! How're you doing? I hope your doing at least alright. Hopefully better.

    Here, this is something I do when I'm having a really tough time.

    - Go into a room where you can be alone and there are either good memories there, or just neutral memories. Nothing bad.

    - Close your eyes and smile.

    - Count slowly to to twenty.

    - With each number, think of something you care about or that makes you happy. Be it a friend, a place, or even a color, just think of it.

    - Open your eyes and try to hold onto the good feeling you got when you thought of those things.

    I hope that helps. Can't wait until you come back and I can actually meet you! :)

  28. Leeeeeenka!

    When nothing goes right, go left!

  29. *coughs slightly*

    um...yeah. I just...well...that was the only quote I knew that fit in that moment, so...

  30. Lenka. It is I, your Golden God.

    Your presence is required in the comments section of my Blog. Your friends are waiting to chat, dammit.

    That is all.


    Yes Lenka dear. That was our Golden god calling you back home.
    We all join forces and alerted Derek of your distress.
    We could not take anymore days without you. It's becoming desperate for us.

    So keep in mind that Derek remembers your story and loved it.
    Please listen to what he says. Be encouraged and come back and be hunged a million times.
    (I've got a noogie or two saved up for you)

  32. :D Derek posted for you! xDDDDDD Epica :)

    Come back, Lenka. This is the best i could do, getting the Golden God in on this. Please, come back.

  33. LOL
    I just reread my last comment and saw my horrid typo.
    Ummsorry. Pleased don't be hunged but instead be HUGGED!
    And yes! HEllboy is NOT a force to be messed with!
    He gave a strong call to arms and we all answered his call!
    So hurry back my good friend! Can't wait to see you!

  34. *smiles*

    Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember that, you're not alone.

  35. *smiles*

    You see? We're here for you. As is our Golden God. You never have to face life alone for you always have us.

  36. *coughs slightly*

    Um, Octa, it was...kinda creepy, both of us smiling like that. We scared away my dog. She won't come near me now...