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Sunday, 31 July 2011


But i swear to god if Fletcher and Valkyrie don't live happily ever after i will write so much fanfiction for them that will give you cavities from the cuteness.
(I'm a Hopeless Romantic. Don't judge me.)


  1. Oh my god...I didn't realize I missed those guys so much! When Skulduggery came into the scene, I laughed hysterically for ten minutes straight.

    And Valkyrie SHOULD be with Fletcher! If they aren't together the whole way through, I'm gonna walk around in a trance for a week, muttering "Why...?".

  2. YES! like, Fletcher and Val are so wonderful together. Especially at the end of Dark Days when Fletcher risked his life to save everyone in the stadium. And at the end of Mortal Coil when they go to Australia for ice cream :3

    If they break up i'll just wonder around like 'that's it... what.. what am i supposed to ship now...' and if Val leaves him for Calean i'll be rushing around like 'NO. NO. FUCK NO. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN LALALALAAAAAAAA'

  3. Even if Fletcher does have weird hair and probably spends a hour or two in the morning gelling it, its sweet, all the things he does for Val.

    And if Valkyrie ever goes to Caelan, I'd go into hysterics and hate vampires for the rest of my life, doodling myself with a wooden steak in the margins of notebooks. But then if Fletcher goes back to Val, I'd laugh and wish that a exotic bird would come and mess up his hair, just for punishment. But I'd think of a much worse punishment for Caelan...oh yes, much worse...heh he he...

    (Hi!, by the way!)

  4. yes! he's actually my favourite character now because of everything he does. like, he may scream like a girl, but he's quite brave and in those first chapters of death bringer the way he wants to make Val safe is adorable :3

    but yeah... i don't want a vampire/girl story thank you very much. we don't need another edward cullen tale ¬_¬ i think i would go round throwing rubber ducks at caelan if he stole val from fletcher ;)

    (Hello! :D)

  5. LOL

    Its an army of rubber duckies! Be afraid! X3

    You know what makes me wonder, though, is what exactly happened when Caelan kiled another vampire? How did it happen? Why did he kill the vampire?
    The more I think about it, the more I'm worried for Fletcher. When if Caelan gets jelous of how Fletcher loves Valkyrie? But if he ever attacks Fletcher, he better watch out. Because Valkyrie Cain will kick his butt.

    I was actually worried that it may turn out a bit like one of those vampire romances. Caelan'll like Valkyrie, and then she realizes she may like him a bit, then risks her life for him, blah blah blah. But hopefully mini Stephanie will see him one day looking through the window and state at him like he has two heads. I bet THAT will freak him out!

  6. WHAT? You actually RESPONDED to someone! How come you don't talk to me?
    *pouts in cold dark corner*

    I'm being forgotten by everyone. MAry Hiashi forgot about me and soon everyone else will too. I'll be some faint ghostly voice in the background that echos of the past.


  7. I do talk to you Kallie! Remember the chat on Hellboy's birthday?

    I haven't forgotten about you i promise, ;) and i read your fanfic! it was derek-tastic ^-^

    *glomps you in a hug*
    You know, I'm not letting go until i see a smile.

  8. @Mar


    exactly! like, what did he do? And Fletcher said his Mum was dead: how did she die? where is his dad? Does he know who his dad is? Does he have any siblings? Are they magical? Are they alive? The questions go on :P AND; China! what's going on with her? 'but China Sorrows led his family into the trap'!?!?!

    asdfghjk yes. that would freak ME out too! but if i have to read mushy chapters about Val/Caelan, I will be sat reading like 'my god girl. there are more interesting things to do that date him. like watching paint dry. scrubbing cars with your toothbrush. and cutting grass with a pair of safety scissors.'

  9. *whispers*
    But in order to be a healthy happy Kal I need to chat with you at least 3 times a week for several hours each. REG!
    Hellboy's birthday was a kazillion YEARS ago!
    *smiles and hugs Lenka but won't let go*

  10. *falls from the sky and flat on her face*


    Tis a beautiful night, no? Ah! Kallista!

    *grabs her and hugs her*

    Regardez ca! Its a blue rubber ducky with a afro! Sitting on the edgo of the sink! I'll call you Greg, little man.

    Ah! Hello! Lots of thoughts have been thought tonight by me, if that makes any sense! You see, I got this Hungarian candy, which either makes me tired, or really really hyper! Its Merveilleux!

    Ah hah! Now I remember! I wante to mock Caelan! Can't remember the specific reason though, but it'll come back to me. I think. HA HAH! I LAUGH AT HIM!

    Now, cutting the grass with safety scissors. Well, you see, we have a millions deer, and they do all the work with keeping our grass short. I could watch them! Yeaaaah!

    Je suis Mars, et je mange une fleur! Tout à fait savoureux! Mmm!

    Google Translate! A good way to speak French until I actually read that book! Same for Japanese!



    *runs off, through the wall, and searches for a rainbow with a fork in hand*

  11. Oh, yes!

    I suspect that Caelan will get beat up by the other vampires again for stalking Valkyrie! What do you think?

    *sprouts pixie wings randomly and flies through the ceiling, still on a search for a rainbow*

  12. LENKA XD

    Omg, I didn't know that about DB...I'm going to read it right now :D

    But, being Derek, I bet he will end up killing off fletcher. Which sucks, cos then she'd like Caelen, and it would just end up being a version of Twilight *shudder*

    It's bad enough already having Caelen even in the story, lol, cos then when you try to explain that the book has got vampires in it, they just laugh and instantly think it's a romance novel about vamps, and won't listen to watever you say -__-

    Lol, I was seriously looking up avpm quotes earlier...

    "Go home, Terrorist!" -Malfoy

    "You'd think that killing people might make them like you, but it doesn' just makes them dead."- Voldemort

    Cracked up at those parts, and just re-reading them makes me smile.

    We have Japanese exchange students at our school, Mar. We had to talk to them the other day and so me and my friends were talking to one called Mikku (I think...). We were just asking basic questions, because they don't know very good English.

    So then we started trying to think of things Japanese, and ended up just asking "Do you like Pokemon?" and "What about Yu-gi-oh?" Sounds racist, but it was about the only level we could all communicate on.

    Then I decided to ask her a question, lol -__-

    I wanted to know if she had seen the anime Bleach. And cos I knew that it was a different word in Japanese, I struggled to find a word to do with the TV show and ended up asking about the main character's name; Ichigo.
    She nodded and smiled and said "I like" (which was basically her answer for all the preivous questions). Then my good friend Tyson leant in and reminded me that in Japanese, 'Ichigo' doesn't straight out translate to the character's name; it means Strawberry.
    We all cracked up, and we must of seemed like a bunch of madmen to the exchange student...But it was fun :)

    I have to go now...fanfiction to write :(

  13. Omg lol...does everyone just stop talking when I comment? This just happened on my blog too...come on... =D

  14. Finished reading those chapters... :O And when they finished I kept hitting the scroll down button for more. Only to find a blank page. >:O

  15. -__- Not cool, guys. I posted a comment on Sunday, and no-one's responded, even though you all talked to each other three days earlier.


    Come on...I check this blog, along with everyone else regularly, and the one week that I forgot to check it, it updates and Lenka responds to people.

    And now you've stopped...just great -__-

  16. *laughs*

    Hah. Funny Hellboy. I was in Florida, getting sun-burnt and growing wings (hopefully).

  17. sorry!
    I was at my Grandmother's for the weekend & monday, and then i had a friend's birthday party on tuesday and i went out yestersay with my parents and brother and sister :)

    and yes! that does sound racist, but it's also very funny too xD

    "You are not permitted to TOUCH!"
    "My name is Draco Malfoy. I am, a racist. I despise gingers, and mudbloods. I hate Griffindor house. And my parents work for the guy that killed your parents - do you want to be my friend?"

    "And this is our sister, sweetheart!" "YO." (that's from starship ;))

    Oh! SPEAKING OF HARRY POTTER; did anyone else manage to get early access into Pottermore?!

  18. Lenka! You did respond! Cheers :)

    Was the b-day party good? And, when IS you're birthday, lol?

    I love that part, especially when Harry responds, out of all the things that Malfoy said that he hated, he picks up on "Hate Gryffindor house? Get out of my face, Malfoy!"
    "Yessssss, shaaaaaake them...."
    "I WANT HERMIONE GRANGER and a rocket ship."

    Two things I loved in Starship were the fact that they kept saying that God had And that Joey Richter still wears the headband, the whole way through xDDD

    "Calculus was tough!"

    As for Pottermore, I'm a bit...confuzzled...I'm not exactly sure how they're going to put you apart of the it, like, a game which displays text? Or just text? Or just a game...? o.O

  19. Apart of the story...I mean... Give you a part in the story...

  20. Yeah! We went out for the day, shopping and things for my friend's party xD

    I've actually already had my birthday this year, mine is March 27th :) so yup: I'm fourteen now! :D


    yesyesyes! "OH THANK DEAD GOD!"
    i loved Taz in Starship so much (she played Draco in AVPM/S) "You listen to me now you little fart! Up, Up is the toughest son of a bitch I've ever met in my life. He eats eagle eggs for breafast. He sleeps on a bed of fire. and when Up cuts an onion - THE ONION IS THE ONE WHO CRIES."

    Pottermore is kind of like a game... when you enter you get sortered into a house, and you get your wand, and then you have to get points for your house. And you can search around different locations to find different pieces of text that JK had to cut from the book and doodles and drafts and things :) but you can still talk with people and play games i think

  21. *makes a choking sound*

    THAT'S what Pottermore is? If I had known that I would've tried for early registration! I WANNA GO TO HOGWARTS!!!!


    I really need to finish watching a very potter musical...I got to like part six...



    ...but seriously, I WANNA GOT TO HOGWARTS!

    I listened to the audio books when I was nine. I re-read them while waiting for Deathly Hallows when I was ten. When I was eleven I was bummed that I didn't find a owl on my windowsill with a letter. That, or Hagrid broke my door down.


    *kicks the door*

    *shrieks and hops away in pain*

  22. We missed your b-day? Omg...LENKA WHY?!

    Happy belated Birthday, Lenka. Hope you had a good one :)

    The unjellify bit is hilarious. "Who looks stupid now? You do."

    And I love that quote, "The onion is the one who cries" hahaha...

    The best part is when Taz is like 'Put your hand on the wall!"
    And the other guy...Krayonder? Yep, Krayonder: Wait please don't throw a knife at my hand!
    Taz: Oh, don't throw it?
    Kray: Yeah, don't.
    Taz: ...oh...Ok. *walks over and stabs him* Oh, did that hurt? *stabs herself heaps lol*

    Oh, cool. So is it out yet then? I want to have a go at Pottermore...

    Mar, I hated that when I turned 11. I was so sad, lol...And I kept thinking, the year after, that maybe it got lost or something, and I'd get extra special hogwarts lessons or something *sigh*

    ...You haven't seen all of AVPM yet, Mar?

    Stop. What. You're. Doing. Right. Now. >:OOOOOO


    And...Lenka, do you still check my blog? Like, read the fanfiction and so on?


    And yes! I've caught up with yours and Kallie's fanfics :D
    and yeah... I don't know. March was kind of a bad month but whatever. PAST IS THE PAST. and ohmydeadgod, Krayonder is amazing. the guy who plays him played Snape in AVPM/S. "w-where did the poster of headmaster Zefron go?" "I don't care for Zac Efron. Tayler Lautner is my man." "WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU HORRID BITCH." ^-^

    and that quote! epica! "WALK IT OFF!" :D

    I feel bad for getting into Pottermore earlyish, because i haven't read all of the books. I actually used to hate the books and the movies, and i only started reading the series after watching AVMP/S this year, but, I'm half way through the Goblet of Fire, and considering i only started reading them about two weeks ago, i'd say that's pretty good ;)

    And Pottermore is open to everyone in october.



  24. *say not said.

    sorry guys. got the quote wrong. *facepalm* ;)

  25. Wow! I hate that I missed a birthday of an EPICA friend!
    *Kal's pic is hung in the Hall of Shame, spray painted and used for a game of darts every Friday by a random gang of smurfs*

    And now I will sit here and pout cause I have to wait till Octobet to get into Pottermore.

    *chair breaks*

    I'm going to be Lizzyless and Skyriless this weekend. Not fun.

    I'm thrilled to find that you have been commenting on here Lenka.
    I'm woring on my next fanfic and a side story.
    Side story will be done 1st. It's just a bit of fun. Not going to feature any oc's. WIll feature US! The SP gang members! YAY
    So anyways. I best be going and do more work.
    *hugs Lenka*
    It does me good to see you around again. :D

  26. Haha, that was an awesome part, you're right. And "I'm sorry sir, she's got the moustache now."

    Kal I can't wait for that mini-fic. And I'm glad you've read up on it Lenka :) Even if half of it doesn't even make any sense right now.

    You haven't read the books? Can't you just watch the movies?

  27. ...okay, tell me if I'm insane or not, but there's this continuous...bleeping outside that I keep hearing. It won't stop!

    The windows are open, the Cicadas are being annoyingly loud as they usually are, I couldn't sleep and was reading a story thats turning out to be a romance, and- "BING...BING...BING..."

    WHAT IS IT?! Is it the...the deer planning an attack on us humans or what?!

    And, I must point out, when the page loaded, it went all clitchy, and I saw the sords "MAR", and "YOU'RE A TOASTER", so I was a little freaked out. But now that I read you guys's comments it makes sense. Sort of.

    *thrashes around*


  28. that mini fic sounds awesome Kal! do you need to know what we look like and stuff to write it though? since some of us don't look like out OCs ;)
    *hugs back*

    The whole Gun thing is awesome. He's always pointing it the wrong way xD and "MY NAME IS TOOTSIE NOODLES. COS YOUR FIRST NAME IS WHAT YA DO, AND YOUR SECOND NAME IS WHAT YOU LIKE."
    I have watched the movies, and I'm trying to get through the books since i'm enjoying them a lot more, so yeah :)

    haha! Mar is it like an alarm or someone's phone? or you might've opened a page that had an advert on it or music traced into the page code but not recognised by your computer ;)
    and Mar, you are much better than a toaster, trust me :P watch Starship on Youtube if you want to understand the joke ^-^



    1st part of my story.

    Thanks for your hugs Lenka. They are always cherished.
    I fyou want to giv eme some vauge details of what you look like that is fine Lenka. I know just a bit about you, not enough it's true. But what I know is beautiful. So that is how you will be potrayed in my stories.
    How are things going for you?

  30. Kal your story is amazing! :D thank you so much for putting me in it :3

    and well in that case... *hugs you again*

    psh. not really. I have brown hair that is cut short in a bob right now (but I'm going to try growing it down to my waist) with a fringe. I have large brown eyes and a round face, and sometimes i wear these lilac glasses (i'm short sighted) and i have a pair of pink sunglasses that i pretty much wear all the time when i can. I'm actually quite short, I'm only like 5"2' so yeah, not really like my OC at all :)

    I'm okay! I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the next SP book - i honestly can not WAIT for it :D How are you Kal? <3

  31. I have returned from Ireland. Twas most epica.

    I love AVPM/AVPS/STARSHIP heaps.

    I still cry whenever I watch Draco's monologue.

    hugs and butterfly kisses to all!

  32. Hey! I'm short sighted too! ('Cept I have purple glasses, however I only wear them in school. Then, or when I have a desire to see the leaves on the trees)

    Well, one mystery was solved anyway. That same night, I later found out that everyone in the house woke up at the same time- 5:00 in the morning. My mom figured out the sound she heard was a freakin animal DYING. What the heck?!


    I went to a carnival yesterday with my cousins in little italy. The Feast. It was fun. We got awesome food. Me and my little cuz ate red velvet cupcakes. But then we went into a two-dimensional fun house...and got freaked out by a possessed clown. It. Was. Absolutely. TERRIFYING!!!


    And to make it worse I thought we went the wrong way, and it was a matinence closet! But NO! My oldest cousin stepped on a button and the clown lit up with evil laughter, and we ran out, screaming our heads off!

  33. *runs around and steals all the butterfly kisses and hugs Octa gave to everyone and hordes them all*

    *growls when someone comes to close*


    *eye twitches*

    I'm doing ok Lenka! I am so happy you liked my story!
    I am waiting anxiously for th enext book too!
    I'm very excited. I don't care that it won't be offered in America. I won't wait! NO!
    I'm going to orger it online. Amazon UK!

  34. Kalify. That's going to be a new word I use. It was the word I had to type in for the word verification thingie.

  35. Lenka ur back!!Please stay!!!

    I've been having a bit of a tough time :L

    Best mates calling me stupid

    My boyfriend stopped liking me cause i got my hair in a reaaaally short pixie crop.
    How cat is that??

    So how are yuh??ur going cum on line more yes??

    And hello to everyone else *wave*

  36. Woaaah everyone arrived... Damn lol...

    Lenka, I love the gun thing. Even when they put the laser effects in his still is flying off behind them xD

    The books are definitely more interesting, yep, I just thought that if you wanted to get through it all quickly and you hadn't already you could watch the movies. But you have, so don't worry.

    The next part of my story is almost up...almost. Just one more epic fight scene to go, and then a quick aftermath kind of thing, and then I'm done, FOREVER! :D

    That means that I can write tonnes of other things that are way cooler :)

    In another note, rather annoyingly, my friends have used the only things they known about my blog to find it. Generally, when someone types in "Hellboy's Blog" next to hundreds of different blogs appear before mine, because of the large Hellboy franchise and so on. But my friends were were smart, you see, because they typed in my full name. (stupid google search...why'd to have to go and let them know it was my blog?)

    Anyway, I got home last night and tried it myself- and was brought to one of my oldest posts. Minecraft, and other items of pointless discussion.

    I got sucked in. There's over 2000 comments there, and I just kept on reading and reading. Back when we all used to chat heaps. I read the part were you helped with my Blackberry (I never did get it working, surprisingly going to try your advice again lol), the part where I was still addicted to minecraft and trying to get Kallie to join all the time... And the guessing of the names. Hahaha...the guessing was FUN :D

    Although, I just want to say that I reserve the right to use the name 'Amy'. I already mentioned it in the fanfic I did in Sydney, and there will be a followup, hells yes there will... Amy Hawkeye will return.

    You really should come to my blog and chat there xD *holds out cake* Heeere, Lenka, Lenka, Lenka! *drags it slowly back to own blog*

    "Well, if you're giving me a choice...then yes, I'd actually rather kick my own arse, thankyou." xD She's just adorable when she says that.

  37. I do that too! I always read old conversations. I'm just addicted to nostalgia. And that conversation is my favourite. It's the one I read over and over.

    That and the day I first joined.