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Friday, 26 August 2011


okay. okayokayokayokayokaaaaaaay.
8th of September guys, is the very last day you can send me fanfictions and fanarts for me to print out to give to Derek.
I'm going to see him on the 10th, which is only FITHTEEN DAYS away. Less than that actually, if you could the hours. I've chosen the 8th, because if I tell you all the 9th, with timezones and all that shiz, you might end up sending it when it's the 10th in my time, on which day i won't be able to print anything out because I'll be getting ready to go to the book signing. I would prefer it if you could send me you fics and things before this date, because that'll make it easier for me to sort through everything and put it in a folder etc.

So, with Fanarts - NO full colour copies of work. I can't print out even ONE A4 sized picture which is fully coloured. That'll waste ink, which will mean less ink i can use to point out other pieces of work. For example, with the pictures Hellboy's brother drew (everyone remember? they were seriously super freaking awesome? remember now? good.) i would be able to print out things like that as long as there wasn't a background colour to them. Just the character.
With Fanfictions, I'm NOT going to give you a limit. Because I know that someone might write 1,000 words and someone else could write 9,000, which would even out the hypothetical 5,000 word limit (it's just an example of a limit guys! i haven't set one!), so as long as it's reasonable, just post it, send me the link and I'll copy and paste it into word to check myself. But if you are currently writing a fanfic and it's multi chapter and quite long, i'd suggest trying to write a one shot piece for me to give to Derek.

I promise: I'm not here to steal anyone's work. I'm going to be putting everyone's fanfics/artworks into seperate plastic wallets and labelling each one with the person's blogger name (if you want your real name included tell me on the post with what your name is. i remember some of yours, but not how you spell them. ie: if someone's name of here is molly, they might spell it mollie etc) so that YOU get full credit for the work YOU made.
I'll also accept and print out letters to give for Derek (like... if you really fancy sending him technically-fanmail then that's fine. if it's short though, you can also post it in your author's/artist's notes on you work if you'd prefer).
So just comment with a link to your work and I'll print it off as quick as I can! :D

If you ever find someone commenting on Derek's blog about wanting to give him something but they are unable to, send them here if you catch them online! The more the better right? Plus, it would be nice if Derek could see just how many people appricate his books enough to write stories and draw for his pieces of fiction, wouldn't it? ;)

Lenka xox

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Derek Landy's Book Signing

Okay, so... I think i've convinced my parents to take me to one of the book signings.

It depends if my Dad will be at work or not, but the plan is to go to one of the signings on the 9th or 10th of September.

Now I know a lot of you are from places that are no where near to where Derek is signing so... I have an idea.
I'm planning on taking a new SP fanfic I'm in the middle of along with drawings to give to Derek. But I was thinking that if you want to give him some things too (but can't because of location) then you could post fanfics/fan-art to your blog and link me to it, then I can print it out and give it to him.
It's not for certain though, so don't get too excited. But, when I know for sure if i'm going and on what date, I'll make a post to tell you, when I need your links and stuff sent to me by ect. ect.

Does that sound like a good idea or...?
EDIT: if this happens, you need to remember that your fanfictions need to be a suitible length. I can't print out 20 pages of work for each person :)