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Friday, 26 August 2011


okay. okayokayokayokayokaaaaaaay.
8th of September guys, is the very last day you can send me fanfictions and fanarts for me to print out to give to Derek.
I'm going to see him on the 10th, which is only FITHTEEN DAYS away. Less than that actually, if you could the hours. I've chosen the 8th, because if I tell you all the 9th, with timezones and all that shiz, you might end up sending it when it's the 10th in my time, on which day i won't be able to print anything out because I'll be getting ready to go to the book signing. I would prefer it if you could send me you fics and things before this date, because that'll make it easier for me to sort through everything and put it in a folder etc.

So, with Fanarts - NO full colour copies of work. I can't print out even ONE A4 sized picture which is fully coloured. That'll waste ink, which will mean less ink i can use to point out other pieces of work. For example, with the pictures Hellboy's brother drew (everyone remember? they were seriously super freaking awesome? remember now? good.) i would be able to print out things like that as long as there wasn't a background colour to them. Just the character.
With Fanfictions, I'm NOT going to give you a limit. Because I know that someone might write 1,000 words and someone else could write 9,000, which would even out the hypothetical 5,000 word limit (it's just an example of a limit guys! i haven't set one!), so as long as it's reasonable, just post it, send me the link and I'll copy and paste it into word to check myself. But if you are currently writing a fanfic and it's multi chapter and quite long, i'd suggest trying to write a one shot piece for me to give to Derek.

I promise: I'm not here to steal anyone's work. I'm going to be putting everyone's fanfics/artworks into seperate plastic wallets and labelling each one with the person's blogger name (if you want your real name included tell me on the post with what your name is. i remember some of yours, but not how you spell them. ie: if someone's name of here is molly, they might spell it mollie etc) so that YOU get full credit for the work YOU made.
I'll also accept and print out letters to give for Derek (like... if you really fancy sending him technically-fanmail then that's fine. if it's short though, you can also post it in your author's/artist's notes on you work if you'd prefer).
So just comment with a link to your work and I'll print it off as quick as I can! :D

If you ever find someone commenting on Derek's blog about wanting to give him something but they are unable to, send them here if you catch them online! The more the better right? Plus, it would be nice if Derek could see just how many people appricate his books enough to write stories and draw for his pieces of fiction, wouldn't it? ;)

Lenka xox


  1. *pokes TV screen*


    Yay! You get to go! Lucky lucky lucky Lenka!

    *strokes immaginary beard as she thinks*


    ...I'll get back to you on that. I will. I'm just distracted by the Doctor. I'm currently at a friends house (she lives across the street), and last night we stayed up until countless hours in the morning watching Doctor Who, and talking about it...and talking about how we think River Song will...ah, nevermind. I may want to keep that a secret, in case that doesn't happen. (Coughcoughthedoctorwhodiedisthegangercoughcough)


  2. Hey Lenka

    Thank you so much for doing this.


  3. Hey Lenka.

    You may or not remember from our conversation at Hellboy's blog in December but I write poems. And I had a list of people on the blog to write poems for.

    Well I've finally written one for you.

  4. I still think this is great, a really selfless act. I'm still debating whether I should send over something. If I decide to, then i'll definitely get it in by the 8th.


  5. Octa I am printing off your work now!

    And the poem is stunning :') Thank you so much. I'm thinking about writing it out and sticking it on my wall somewhere <3

    You should Hellboy! Your writing is absolutely amazing, and I would be honoured to take it with me to give to Derek ;) He would love it!

  6. Thanks :D

    I started a quick story two days ago, and I'm working my way through it pretty fast...Is maybe 2000 words ok? (roughly four pages printed out)

    Have you been around the blogs, by the way? Just checking :)

  7. Absolutely! You can go over that though if you want, i think i'll be printing out maybe 6 or 7 :P

    I haven't checked everyone's i'm afraid! So far I've looked at Derek's updates tho :D Have you brought the new SP book yet? I'm on page 217, but... yeah. I'll talk about it properly once I believe a majority of people have read it :P

  8. Awww, what? I haven't even seen it yet! *grumble grumble* sum things up....

    Dragona ended the marriage between Kal and him, whic hurt her a lot, and then, less than a week later, he proposed to Aquila. So then I was outraged and wrote a large comment explaining my opinion, and he responded, then Aquila got into it, and things got from bad to kinda weird, and then I was still angry at Dragona for his actions, and then I talked to him and hopefully he's going to treat Kal especially awesome now.

    Of course, a happy ending wasn't meant to be, because I got back this morning and it turns out that Kal's feeling crap -____________-

    It would help if maybe you went down to my blog on talked to her, or Derek's, or chat. Anywhere that you can find her.

  9. :/

    I've talked to Kal today on Derek's blog, and it was nice: Kal was her lovely and adorable self, and I asked her how she was and she said she was fine. I read her poems too (have you checked them out? if you haven't - you've got to. they're epic).

    Not trying to be rude to anyone on here or kick up a fuss, but can I ask why do people do the online wedding thing? I know it's not serious or offical or anything, and I get that it's nice to be asked and such but... I just don't understand. I mean, I have a friend in the Glee fandom who i refer to as 'my lady' or 'my mrs', but neither of us said anything like 'will you marry me?'. Because like, dude. I'm fourteen ;)

  10. Hey LEnka. The wedding thing was strange for me at first. But kind of fun too. It was like being a kid again when we playacted many things. I went along with it for several reasons beyond this. I liked the idea of doing something fun, different, and entertaining.
    I also did it because it seemed to be a good distraction for Dragona who was sad at a friend leaving. I cared deeply for him and when he asked I went alond with it fo rthose reasons.
    During the time afterwards Dragona was very kind to m e. He was protectieve, enthusiastic for his affection for me, and attentive to me.
    Eve n though this all only happend on teh blogs, it's more kindness then I had ever recieved from anyone.
    I tried to be there for Dragona through all his hard times and his good times. He was there for me too. It was a good friendship. I won't say all that accured that let me know of Dragona's changing feelings. I was not worried though. He promised me he would always be true to me. I guess I took it seriously. More seriously then I should have.
    There is more I could say but I won't.
    The end is here. I was told suddenly that Dragona felt we should no longer be married. He would not even announce to anyone himself. He left so I told everyone. I tried to make it so everyone knew it was a mutual choice.
    A week later I found out Dragona was going to marry Aquila. It was a blow yet it should not have been as I knew he loved her all along.
    I am just sad for I had suddenly lost a friendship as I described above.

    This is as simple as an account as I can make it.
    Perhaps it was a silly thing to do in the 1st place and silly to become so close an d now be so sad.
    But these things were real to me and really helped me through a hard time in my life. It also helped me to write.

  11. Thank you Kal. I can understand that a whole lot better now <3

    You know that if there's anything wrong you can talk to me okay? and if you don't want it all over the blogs, you can just click on my icon and go on 'send message' and it should go straight through to my personal e-mail :) And there are a lot of people on here that care about you and love you. I know it's an odd thing to think about, but it's true.

    Last year, I was wrong. When I had an issue at home, I tried to figure it out for myself and I didn't bring it up on here because I didn't want people thinking I was weird or different or bad luck or a number of things really. The problem happens when you finally believe yourself when you say you can do something on your own. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's more of a struggle, and it hurts you more that way. On here, we understand whatever the situation - i worked that out a few months ago. You might actually be shocked when you find out someone else can relate.

    I'm not saying you have to tell us. You don't have to tell us anything - you don't owe us anything of any amount nor information. But so long as you know that we're all here for you then... I just hope it makes you smile when you think about this fandom, these blogs and these people that are part of it all with you xxx

  12. *hugs Lenka*
    We can get really weird and random I guess. :P
    It should never had gone so far.
    Anyhow, I want to thank you for being an awesome friend!
    I can't tell you how happy I was to see you today! :D
    I've gotta go get some chocolate ice cream now!
    *dashes off madly in the wrong firsction*

    *ends up in Antartica surrounded by polar bears*

    Niiiiice wittle powar beah!

    *reaches out to pet one*

  13. *direction

    *looks shiftily around and ducks into the shadows as the typo police come*

  14. *waves typo police onwards* Nope, nothing to see here. Don't worry now. Yep, she corrected it. U-huh. Well of course she's got identification...*whispers to Kal* Please tell me you brought a passport or something...

    I have read her poems, and damned right they're epic. I'm really glad that a lot of people have an poetic flair as well as a great writing skill. That being said, I suck at poetry ;)

    Kal, you explain things much better than I xD

  15. Lenka dear!
    *waves franticly trying to get her attention*
    I had a request from a random blogger. They came to me for help to get thier fanfic some
    I will give you the link. I believe he called it the Grimm Brothers. attention from Derek.

    I will read it myself and see what it's all about. :D

  16. OK Lenka. I just sort of skimmed over Reginald's story. It seems he has writen quite a bit! YAY REGGIE! ANyhow, I have the correct link that will take you directly to his story instead of having to search for it.

    Also, don't know how much if it you might want to print off. Not sure if it's a SP fanfic really. Have not read much of it.Still, like to help a fellow blogger when I can. Not doing much like you are, but well. I do what I can. :D
    You are awesome Lenka. I hope you know that!


  17. Lenka!

    I've finished writing my story, and I only need a couple more hours to fine-tune it and so on.

    But is there an email I can send it too, please? I don't really want to post it and break the big 50 posts on my blog, not yet, anyway. I'm planning to put my last piece of my SP fanfic there, hit two birds with one stone kind of thing.

    It's around about 4500 words. (so close to that hypothetical limit...But I reckon I got it all in xD)

  18. Oh crap I passed the hypothetical limit -___- But only by, like, 240 words! ;D

    Please respond quickly...I can only stay on for about another 4 hours, at most.

  19. Lenka, I'm going to have to get off soon...But I'll be on my ipod, and I've attached the story already to a draft on my email:

    Send me an email or post yours here, and I'll respond by sending the story off to you.

  20. This link is for you Lenks. I know you ar busy but I hope you can read it.

    Now I guess I will just link you to my regulare fanfic for Derek to see. It's his world I'm useing. But his characters are really not in it. HEre is the link to th e 1st part. If you think more of it should be given to him, go ahead and print out what you feel is best.
    I wish I had some way of repaying you for all that you are doing! *hugs her*

  21. hey guys!

    thank you for your links and fics, i will print everything off tomorrow night to give other people one last chance of submitting stuff and i will read through Reginal's story to see if it's obviously related to the universe style of SP or not <3

    Hellboy i sent you an e-mail, and don't worry! just send it to me soon and i'll print it out before saturday :D x

  22. Lenka!

    There is my short little story for Derek! Again, thank you so much for doing this!


  23. thank you for sending me your fic Thalia! and it's no problem, really :)

  24. Lenka :) I sent off the email. Have an awesome time XD

  25. I've got your e-mail Hellboy! :D I will print it off along with everything else tomorrow since it's half eleven here right now and i have school tomorrow :P

    i will also make a post on all the fics i have tomorrow and a picture of the folder and all the plastic wallets your fanfics will be in so you know for sure that you are getting 100% credit for your work :)

    I love you all! I hope you'll all be able to go to one of Derek's signings yourselves soon!

  26. sorry guys, couldn't post tonight, camera isn't working :/ but, i have printed out Hellboy's, Thalia's, Kallista's and Octa's work. And I'm in the middle of printing off my own right now :D