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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Derek's Book Signing

Oh. My. Golden. God.

That was amazing.

I went to Bluewater (got stuck in traffic... took two hours to get there) and queued for about two and a half hours, but it was so worth it. My Dad kept my little brother and sister entertained while I was in the queue, but he kept asking me things like 'do you want a drink? or food? or something?'
And I just kept saying 'no! I'm not leaving this queue.'
'But I can stand here while you-'
So that was cool. I talked a little to the boy in front of me who had only just started reading it (i was like... come on. I had finished it the day after it came out. Jeeze.) but then his friend came along with his Mom and Sister, and dear lord, I just can't listen to a Mother yell at her child for two hours okay? So I put my earbuds in and re read all the fan-pieces that you guys submitted while I was waiting :D
Ooooookay. Then I was at the front. I had the folder in my hands and the Death Bringer book and I was so freakin' excited. And then it was my turn, the woman (I think it's his agent or manager or something that sticks with him through the signings? I don't know. She was there when I met him last year in MK too)said 'This is Juliet', and ushered me over. When he was in the middle of signing my book, I ended up blurting out 'I'm Lenka,' really quickly, and he just sort of looked at me and smiled and held out his hand to shake. 'I met you last year too.'
And he remembered me! I was so wow-ed. I was just beaming, and then I gave him the folder. I told him I had collected up four fanficitions and one poem to give to him, since I knew that some people from the Blogs lived in America and Austrailia and wouldn't be able to give their work too him this year.
And then he HUGGED ME.
He thanked me for it, and then Derek asked 'Who's work have you got in here?'
'There's mine, Hellboy's Kallista's, Octa's and Thalia's.'
'Do you know what, I actually remember every single one of them from Blogspot.'
(Guuuuuuuys! Derek Landy knows you all!)
But then, the staff were getting very 'hurry up' 'move on' 'shove off' like, so Derek took the folder, I took my book, thanked him again and then let the next person have their turn.
I'm still sat here like 'i got a hug. a HUG.' I mean, the kid in front of me didn't get a hug, or the one before that! It was just perfect. Hopefully you'll all get the chance to meet Derek soon as well! :)

EDIT: sorry! Forgot to mention that yes, I did get a picture taken! Derek got everyone to pose with him where your hand is kind of on your chin like you're halfway through stroking your imaginary beard? Yeah. Like that :P