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Saturday, 19 November 2011


Okay. I have A LOT of apologizing to do, don't I?

Firstly I am NOT leaving the blogs. I just haven't been able to find the time that much. I managed to check Derek's blog on my phone from time to time, and got to leave a comment when I was over at my Aunt's, but I had a Science Exam last week, I've had Art Coursework (which holy hell, is a lot of work), and practice History mock exams to prepare us for the end of Year 11. I've even had an end-of-topic business exam, and if you add all of this school work ON TOP of the christmas shopping I've landed myself in, the chemical result is a compund of a very tired and a very stressed out Lenka.


Kallie I am SO SO SO sorry I missed your birthday sweetie D: I logged on today and saw the comments and I can't help but beat myself up over it - I had no idea! I'm so sorry, and you don't have to forgive me, I'm just really upset I missed it :(

But on a happier note... congrats to everyone who won Derek's contests! Especially Thalia! Well done! I saw on my phone and freaked out a little for you all: you're all so wonderful and you all deserve winning the stuff you're going to get! I would have left a comment on Derek's blog sending you all my congradulations in the middle of my revision sessions, but you can't post comments on your phone - or my phone, at least (damn blackberry).

So... writing. I am hopefully going to get started on Part Eighteen of Broken Glass (I had to go back and CHECK what the title of my fanfic was... I had completely forgotten. Dear lord, have I seriously not written anything since December?)soon, but I got an original story idea yesterday! So I'm trying to see how far that will go before I loose it. You know how JK Rowling got the idea for the Harry Potters while she was on a train? My inspiration is kind of like that - it just... kind of hit me. So yeah. *nods*

But still. Sorry sorry sorry sorry to everyone on the blogs for being gone for so long.

*offers you all RedVines in apology*