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Saturday, 19 November 2011


Okay. I have A LOT of apologizing to do, don't I?

Firstly I am NOT leaving the blogs. I just haven't been able to find the time that much. I managed to check Derek's blog on my phone from time to time, and got to leave a comment when I was over at my Aunt's, but I had a Science Exam last week, I've had Art Coursework (which holy hell, is a lot of work), and practice History mock exams to prepare us for the end of Year 11. I've even had an end-of-topic business exam, and if you add all of this school work ON TOP of the christmas shopping I've landed myself in, the chemical result is a compund of a very tired and a very stressed out Lenka.


Kallie I am SO SO SO sorry I missed your birthday sweetie D: I logged on today and saw the comments and I can't help but beat myself up over it - I had no idea! I'm so sorry, and you don't have to forgive me, I'm just really upset I missed it :(

But on a happier note... congrats to everyone who won Derek's contests! Especially Thalia! Well done! I saw on my phone and freaked out a little for you all: you're all so wonderful and you all deserve winning the stuff you're going to get! I would have left a comment on Derek's blog sending you all my congradulations in the middle of my revision sessions, but you can't post comments on your phone - or my phone, at least (damn blackberry).

So... writing. I am hopefully going to get started on Part Eighteen of Broken Glass (I had to go back and CHECK what the title of my fanfic was... I had completely forgotten. Dear lord, have I seriously not written anything since December?)soon, but I got an original story idea yesterday! So I'm trying to see how far that will go before I loose it. You know how JK Rowling got the idea for the Harry Potters while she was on a train? My inspiration is kind of like that - it just... kind of hit me. So yeah. *nods*

But still. Sorry sorry sorry sorry to everyone on the blogs for being gone for so long.

*offers you all RedVines in apology*


  1. *hugs Lenka*

    It's great to hear from you again! I hope that everything chills out for you. I hate being stressed and hate my friends being stressed.

    It'd be great if you were able to write some more soon. You're very, very good at it!

    *hugs again*

  2. *hugs a million trillion thousand and one times*


    Hi! Hello! Bonjour! I completely understand that you haven't been able to comment, because we've all been there at one point or another.

    It's absolutely Brilliant that you're going to start writing again! You were fantastic!


    *waves cake around*

  3. *hugs Lenka*

    I totally understand. I took my GCSE's last May. And I've heard about Art. I'm just so glad you're back!

    And more Lenka writing too!


    *steals the cake from Mar*

  4. Lenka, I'm sorry -___- I jump to conclusions a lot of the time, as you probably noticed last time I did this, and people around here drop like flies sometimes.
    I just...I feel like a lot of the time I'm out of the loop, and no-one bothers to share with me everything that's going on... That normally leads to outrageous conclusions and a lot of apologies...sorry...

    Maybe if you told us that, say, you were going to be away for so and so weeks, studying and working, but you'd be back after those weeks to chat for a while. Then I wouldn't get worried that people are leaving, then pissed, and then write a stupid poem.
    It's just so infuriating to not know what's going on xD

    I really shouldn't have wrote it...sorry -.-

    Just so I know...when are/will you be back? After school this year? After Chistmas? :/

    I can't wait to read part 18, and for your return. Plus, I literally missed you by seven minutes on my blog. Seven...minutes >.< there has to be a record for this stuff, I swear...

  5. *hugs Lenka*
    It's always lovely to hear from you Lenka! :D It's ok that you did not make it on my birthday. I did not give you much notice. I do have an idea of how busy you were. :D I know that you make it here whenyou can. It's nice to know you are doing ok.
    Can't wait to read your story Lenka!

  6. *group hug*
    LENKA!!!Awh here,Start writing girl!!Im so gad your back.
    I met Derek last year.He's such a ledgend isnt he?Our Golden God. :D
    Stroke the beard baby!

    Reply Hon or i'll get annoyed and send Kallista and Hellboy after you with scarecrows. :D :D

    Hah,Love you

    Luna :D

  7. Merry Christmas, Lenka! *hugs*

    Btw, Kallista+Octa's wedding is on the 27th, I think...t'would be good to go, heaps of people will be there xD

    Hope you can make it,


    *hugs for a long time*
    After having much computer trouble then other situations besides I can now focus on catching up with everything again.
    Did you have a good Christmas? I hope you did!
    How is your writing coming along?

    HAving a blog wedding with Octa Dec 28th at 1 pm you rtime on this blog.

    I really hope to see yo uthere sweetie. *hugs tightly*

  9. Oooh. I feel guilty that I didn't post here on Christmas.



    I'll definitely say hello New Years. SQUE NEW YEARS!

  10. How weird. I left you a comment on Christmas because I remember putting the wedding times in it but it seems I didn't post it.



  11. Oh god... I'm so sorry I missed your wedding D: well, Congrats anyway Kallie & Octa! Even if it is a little late...

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! And:

    *stretches arms out and hugs you all*


  12. I'm a bit late :P had to go on camp n stuffs. Happy New Year! *hugs*

  13. Well, it's 1:21 in the morning.


    And I find myself not being able to sleep, praying about various things, and not being able to sleep some more.

    I feel like quoting scripture. Like hugging someone. Like sitting at the middle of the end and beginning of the world and raising my arms to the nightsky, admiring things.

    Yet I'm not. I'm here. In my bed. While everyone's asleep. In a creaky house -__-

    And on a deserted blog. Last comment by someone other than me was twenty one days or so ago.

    Is this rambling? Might be classed as it. The kind where you've stayed up for the last hour, rereading every post of a dear friend, tearing at some and smiling greatly at others. The kind where you're praying, every chance you get, for that girl in th UK to be alright this day, and every other. The kind where you realize that it's been just over a year since things drifted :)
    It's the kind of ramble where I feel like toppling mountains for no reason, and saying whatever I want, whenever. That terribly-mad-idea kind of ramble. The "Wonders what happens if I look into the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger" kind. But with confetti. And unisquids.

    I might just do these rambles a lot more...I encourage people to read them, but not respond.... Just more insanity would ensue.

    Good luck, Lenka.

  14. *hugs Lenka* Hello my dear! It's been a crazy month into the new year. I have had lots of trouble with computers and such which put me behind in writing stories.
    I hope you are happy and doing well. I know youwill come back to us when you get a chance. Just please don't forget us. We don't forget you. That would be impossible. :D
    Love ya Lenka! *hugs tightly*

  15. Hey Lenka! :D

    It's been a while, huh? How've you been? I hope that you are doing well.

    ...damn. I want to say more. I want to say so much more, but I just can't find the words.

    *hugs Lenka*

    Best wishes.

  16. Okay, another comment for you! Maybe this will have something that makes sense in it. Maybe.

    The confirmation word for my last comment was "factors". Rather simple, really, not at all hard to figure out. But it got me thinking. Life is really all about factors, isn't it? Just like with math. We go around every day, adding and subtracting people in our lives, dividing our care and time and multiplying our knowledge. It probably doesn't make much sense now that I'm putting it down into words, but I have a feeling that there are a lot of things that CAN'T be considered factors in life too. Things we can't add, subtract, divide, or multiply. I don't know.

    Just a thought.

    *does an amazing tap dance for her ontop of a jar of jelly*

    *stands posed with arms in the TA-DAA position and a wide cheesy smile on her face*

    * a cricket chirps in the background*

  18. Haha... Thalia, that's actually quite genius...heheh

    Excited for the Hunger Games movie, Lenka? :)