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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Updates on my progress with Broken Glass

You know when you write a chapter and you can't help but re read it over and over again - still finding a smile reaching your eyes when you're reminded of those jokes you wrote, feeling your heart ache for a character, having to remind yourself to breathe when you get to an action scene?
I felt all of that when writing the next chapter of Broken Glass.
I was thrilled. I had never been so excited to publish a chapter, it all flowed together well and I knew exactly what would happen next, and I thought 'This is perfect. This is going to work. My friends are going to love this.'
And then my computer got a virus.
And it had to be taken in to get serviced.
And then I lost that chapter. That chapter I worked so hard to get perfect, that chapter that I editted and fell in love with and couldn't help but smile over. I lost it, and my own original story (which was just reaching 50,000 words in the rewrite, but I still have the first original draft which is about 100,000 words on a memory stick (thank fucking god)), along with various projects for extra credit at school.
I have a new laptop now, and it's okay... but I'm still dissapointed that I lost so much. My Dad has brought me a hard drive to put my work onto now so that it doesn't happen again, but even as I try to rewrite the chapter of Broken Glass, I can feel that it's not the same. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's like when you have to rephrase a famous quote. You can never get it to sound as good or better, it's always just that original work mixed up into a mess on paper.
But there is some good stuff coming up for me - like Hellboy said, the Hunger Games movie is coming out in March! I'm really excited; it comes out four days before my birthday here I think, so I might go with some of my friends or family to celebrate. AND the trailer for Chris Colfer's movie 'STRUCK BY LIGHTNING' was released last night! It looks so brilliant - it's going to be one of those movies that I'll never get sick of watching I think.
I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to update again and finish off the next chapter of Broken Glass, but I'm trying. I have mocks next week, and then the week after a GCSE exam, and then prep for my GCSE exams in June for a few weeks. Sigh.
Anyway, I love you all and I hope you've had a lovely 2012 so far! :D


    *hugs her happily*
    I had the same experience as you have had. I lost some stories too. I do hope that you can get the magic that was in your 1st story back again. I have no doubt that you will. You are so incredibly brilliant!
    My 2012 is much better because you are in it Lenka. You and Hellboy and Octa <3 <3 <3
    And so many more people!
    Good luck on your mocks and the GCSE. I KNOW you will do well!
    YAY! You got a new laptop! EPICA!
    SOmeday I will get one too! :D
    I've written some new pieces since you last where on. A couple of Purple Roses stories. 1 Twisted Christmas story. SOme crazy poems. 1 new SP fanfic chapter and 3 short SP side stories.
    *hugs some more*
    Good to hear from you Lenka!
    We love you too!
    *whispers* (I'm your favorite, right?)
    *looks about shirftily hoping no one heard her whisper*

  2. Oh Lenka!
    So good to hear from you again! Such a terrible loss to lose a story like that. I hope that you can be happy with the new version of Broken Glass. You know that we'll still love it.
    Because you are an extremely talented writer!
    My 2012 is indeed a lovely one. Especially since being married to Kal. And meeting up with a few bloggers. That was very awesome. And buying some books and stuff.

  3. Lenkkaaaa


    Sorry about your stories being lost :/ That sucks. A lot. Hopefully you'll love the new one too. It'll still be brilliant!

    Good luck on your GCSE's!

    My 2012 has been pretty good so far, which is...well, good. I made some new friends! And they're nerdy like me! :D Huzzah!

  4. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKA!! *hugs tightly* It's been a while! Time to UPDATE US! XD
    Hellboy, Octa and some others have posted some excellent stories. Hellboy's in original! You will LOVE IT!
    The rest are fanfics. :D One is a Harry Potter one and it is BRILLIANT! It is done by Bryony and Quinn.
    There is a DOctor Who one and then there are these fantastic brilliant poems so cleverly done and WONDERFUL to read by Octa. :D
    Speaking of brilliant, I long for the day (we all do) when we can be treated to another Lenka story! XD
    I know you are busy so reading and writing are prolly way down your list. It u nderstandable .But I do hope if you get a break that you will take time to read some of these sotries. It's FUN!
    Many others have been busy too with all sorts of dreadful hw and tests and exams. *shudders* It will be the same soon for the younger ones of chat/blogland.
    But it's nice when I get to see you all. :D Please never forget us Lenka. We can never forget you! *hugs tight*

  5. Hey Lenka :) *hugs*

    I read this when you first posted it. I never commented because I didn't really know what to say. Losing that story must have really sucked.

    Around the same time, I lost a ff piece I had been working on for a while, too xD Exactly how you described it. I just didn't even want to attempt to rewrite it.
    I gave up on that, but I wrote a lot of other stories after it, one of which I'm incredibly proud of (My Private Eye one ;)

    I've been listening to a couple of really good songs recently, in case you're interested. I've just been giving them out to everyone :P No links, unfortunately- I'm on my iPod. But the names and artists are:

    Regina Spektor- Samson

    Brooke Fraser- Scarlet

    And possibly my favourite,

    The Irrepressibles- In This Shirt

    Not forcing you to listen to them, just...putting them here...and casting meaningful glances in their direction...

    It's almost June, so I suspect you're getting ready for those G...uh...gscesecs...exam things ;D You know what I mean. It's just that I can't be bothered writing it properly. Goodluck with them.

    *hugs again* I don't know when you'll get this. I hope you're ok, Lenka.

  6. SHE WILL GET THIS HELLBOY! *hugs them both* YAY! Lenka! It would be a real treat to chat with you again!
    I also encourage you to read Hellboy's amazing stories. I think they are all pretty epica! His one is original and not a ff though. I hope he develops it and gets it published one day! Would love to read more about Jody Hart and anything else you have written and want to share.
    Several others from the chat/blogs are taking those horrible exams and I hope that they and you pass it all with flying colors (especially PURPLE) Then I hope you all can just relax and have FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
    *hugs tight*
    Hope yo umake it on soon sweetie!
    Miss ou and hope every day that perhaps this will be the day me lovely friend Lenka comes on! XD

  7. ALmost forgot. :P I wrote a couple differnt FF aside from SP. There is a Harry Potter one and a Doctor Who one. Both light reading. (both ridiculous) :P But if you ever get to it, I hope you enjoy reading them!

  8. Hi guys!

    Yeah, it does suck a lot. I'm struggling to find the time to write now, since I've got coursework and I've done some GCSE (I think that's what you meant Hellboy? :P) exams I'm considering applying for a job at Waterstones soon, so everything is all very much up in the air.

    I'll go and listen to those songs in a second!!! (Has anyone listened to "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees? I love that song, just a hint...)

    Kallie, I'm going to try and read everyone's stories over the Summer! I'm certain that they're all phenomenal, but if I start now, I want get any of the work done that I need to do before I start my "Controlled Assessments" in English and Business Studies!

    Questions: Anyone else excited for the release of "The Land Of Stories" by Chris Colfer? It's aimed at young children since it's a fairytale book, but shhhhh. I don't think I've grown up quite that much. And is anyone else a fan of John Green???

    *hugs everyone tightly and gives you all REDVINES!!!*

  9. LENKA! *hugs*

    I'm a bit late :/ Yes, 'GCSE' is what I was trying to say. It's good that you've done a bit of them. Tell us when you've finished!

    I'm afraid I don't know a Chris Colfer :/ But, I do know the Vlogbrothers, and no, I haven't read TFIOS yet :P

    I'll go have a listen to that song now :)

    1. I've finished this year's GCSE exams, but I have more next year :)

      YOU SHOULD READ IT! It's really good, in that awesome-hilarious-yet-sad way that makes you want to smile and cry at the same time. It is a truly beautiful book.

      ALSO: I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! I only just checked back on with this site a few minutes ago. I hope you had a wonderful time though!!! *throws confetti everywhere*


    How come I never commented on here? Well, I...

    *looks left and right* *sees no angry red ginger storming at her* *grins and waves*

    Hiya! Again!

    1. *waves back*

      Hi! Haha, don't worry about it! Wow, it feels like I haven't typed to you in forever - how are you doing, Mar? ^-^

  11. LEnka. I did see your post and am sorry not to leave a hug sooner. *hugs tightly and never lets go*
    I comeby here often and read what youwrote. SOmetimes I am jsut so tired I don't leave a comment. I am sorry about that. I care for youdeeply and should let yo know more. I hope yo repost it. It gives me something to hold onto. MAye that you are coming back and certainly that you are doing well.
    It's been tough for me in many ways. Ihave been struggling with an illness among other things. I don't really share with anyone else about my illness. :P It's just a part of life and really no imprtance to me other then it makes me so tired I can't do any writing including writing comments.
    I do want t write more though. We will see. :)
    Hope to here fromyou again LEnka. Someo the peopel we bothknow who have also been away for a while seem to be coming back. :D I am hopeful to renew wonderful friendships wiht epica people.

    1. *hugs back just as tightly*

      And it's okay if you don't want to talk about your illness*, because it's personal to you, so you don't have to share anything about it with anyone if you do not want to. Though if you do ever want to talk, then I'm right here if something's wrong, or if you just want to chat about random things. That's cool too :) *sends you hugs and kisses to make you feel better*

  12. OK. I'm so tired. *shakes head* I realise now you never wrote another post but left a comment. :P
    SOmeone get me a doctor.

    1. Kallie, it's fine :) Trust me, I get tired a lot too. Like right now - my Dad just walked in, told me something, and I can't remember what he said at all. (It was probably something really important, but... yeah. TIRED)

      Anywaaaaay ~ hello! Hi! I love you, so don't you dare forget that ;) x

    Our little boy is growing up!

    *gets weird looks*


    *tired to look and act dignified (something that has never happened before)*

    (which means when it's July 8 for us it's his birthday)
    Hoep to see you Lenka. It would really be a gift to all of us!

    *hugs her*

  14. Hey Lenka! Good to hear from you again! Hope the GCSE's went well :) Yes I love John Green. I've read all five of his books. *eats the redvine happily*


    1. I've only read TFIOS right now, but I'm going to read the rest over the Summer! Just need to finish reading The Book Thief first :)


  15. Lenka Derek has posted this years tour dates! I'm so excited! Which one do you think you're going to? Hopefully we can meet up with some of the other UK minions and have an awesome signing event party uhh thing.

    Yeah, anyways let me know :)

    1. I might be able to go to the Bluewater event on the 9th, or the Birmingham one on the 14th... but I'll need to check with my parents first. I keep forgetting you're in the UK as well! That would be AMAZING if I could meet you, and would definitely make it the best Skulduggery booksigning yet :D

      Do you have any idea which one you may be able to go to?

    2. Umm... I think I'm free to go to any of the UK booksignings. Obviously it would be easier to go to a London one but since I got my student railcard then trains have been significantly cheaper. So I'm able to travel.

  16. Replies
    1. It's looking extremely likely that I can go to that one! I live in a village, and there are very few transport options around, so I'm relying on my Dad to get me there xD But he says he doesn't mind, so fingers crossed! I'll confirm if I'm going to that one or not by the end of this week, I promise!


  17. Hey Lenka!

    *hugs tight*

    Sorry I haven't left you a comment in a while. How have you been?

  18. Wow that comment sounds really insincere :( Sorry. I didn't mean it to. I'm just shy and awkward.

    *sits awkwardly in the corner and munches on food*

    Food, anyone?

    1. I didn't think it sounded insincere at all! And trust me, we are extremely similar in that respect, so it's quite all right :D

      *hugs back*

      I'm okay! School ended today, so that was AWESOME!!! How are you? x

  19. *gratefully accepts a pretzel* I'm starving!

    Nice corner you have here:)

    Yeah I'm pretty certain that I can make it to Bluewater. THIS IS GONNA BE SO EPIC.