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Friday, 21 September 2012

News and Stuff Post

FIRSTLY - thank you so so much to Octa, Pyro, Chan, Ven and Robin for just talking to me and whathaveyou at the book signing. Whether you were sat with me for five minutes or two hours makes no difference to me, so thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Octa wrote an awesome summary here (complete with pictures too) that is better than what I could write for the day, so you should check that out if you want a more in-depth post about it.

Secondly - I got my braces off on Wednesday! I don't know if anyone else has had them or still has them or is going to get them, but I'm sure you can all imagine how happy I was to get them off. (I mean... it's wire. And metal. That is GLUED TO YOUR TEETH TO MAKE THEM MOVE. It's certainly not pleasant). I now have my retainers, which are weird, but they're better than braces. That's for sure.

Thirdly - I AM in the middle of a story! It's not another chapter of Broken Glass* but it IS a prequel type of thing. It's probably going to be very short though, maybe only a one shot (one chapter? one post? *shrug*) but I'm having fun writing and editing it as I go. I don't know when it'll be up though, since I have seven pieces of homework to complete for next week. I also have another fanfic that you would have needed to of read SP: Kingdom of the Wicked for, and due to this, I'll probably post it when I think a majority of people have read it.

*Reason why this fic won't be another chapter of Broken Glass - I'm unsure on what to do. I know where the plot is going, and I know how it's supposed to end, but... okay, let me explain: In that story, most of the characters are based on people in blogland, right? However, some of the people who are friends with one another in my story are now not-friends on the blogs, and I'm not sure how comfortable people would be reading a fic that incorporates them being best friends with someone they don't... um... like that much anymore. It feels weird writing it, too. Because I'm sat there typing it, knowing it's likely that the people whose characters I'm using won't like it, and that makes it more diffcult to write.

Anyway: I hope you're all getting less work than I keep getting given! DFTBA <3

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I really wanted to get back and write a happy post the signing, but I can't right now. So here are some pictures of Derek's signature/drawings instead:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

It All Makes Sense at the End

Random post for you all - you should all go listen to this song.

It's called 'It All Makes Sense at the End' by Hank Green. It's different to some of his other stuff, but I really like it. It's a sort of happy and quirky song that's got a bit of a sad tune.

And if you're fed up of school already (like me) you should listen to 'This Isn't Hogwarts'. :)